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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Registration Process

I thought of blogging this for those who have not yet registered for the oath-taking. I went there about 8:30AM, and I finished before 10AM. Bilis ha? Maybe the secret was GO EARLY! Expect an EDSA Revolution there: super dami ng tao talaga! Be friendly in order to keep the process worth your efforts.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the 3rd floor where you submitted your application papers for the Grandfather's Clause. Present your claim stub. The person in there shall give you the Oath of a Professional Form (Panunumpa ng Propesyonal). Fill it up. Yes, bring a PASTE along for your ID - the 2x2 picture is to be placed on the box in the Oath of a Professional Form.

2. Go to the second floor for notarization. Tell the guard you're going for notarization. P50 yan. Don't ask for a receipt. They don't give any. Yes, ready your cedula in case they ask for it.

3. Get metered stamp: 2 of P21 = P42. That was Window J where I got it. I think that was about 15 minutes cueing time. I got word that the Maritime Profession in the 4th floor of the Old Building has the metered stamps. However, this morning, there was none. So I went to Window J in the first floor.

4. Cashier: pay P1,050: P600 + P450.

5. Window 28 for registration: you will fill up the log file where you will put in your 1x1 ID, right thumb mark, and of course signature. Remember the year you graduated from your school, and of course the name of the school where you graduated.

6. Your small brown envelope is where you will put 1 2x2 ID picture, and the metered stamp receipt. Write your name in the upper left corner of the envelope, like the return address in an envelope when you write a letter to someone special or not so special.

7. After that, go to the Nipa Hut near the exit. Pay P1,500 for the Oath taking Ticket. If you have a guest with you, add P1,000. Don't forget to claim your stub.

Haay salamat. I was given #505. I think that will be the license number I will get because I filled up the 505th slot in the log sheet.

Okey. All the best and see you at the oath taking. Email me ( for an IPCAP application. The IPCAP membership form is P500 only. God bless and take care