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Thursday, September 04, 2008

FPCAP Oath Taking

The Family and Pastoral Counseling Association of the Philippines (FPCAP) held the oath taking of its officers last Aug. 26, 2008. I was on retreat then, but am so happy to have been furnished copies of the pictures for blogging here. This is a budding organization (SEC-registered only in March 12, 2008) to give due honor and credit to as well as help develop those doing this ministry and profession in family, marital and pastoral-community counseling.

I was doubly happy to see Mr. Cesar Cong gracing the event (please see the pic). Mr. Cong is our current IPCAP Treasurer and President of the Philippine Association for Christian Counseling (PACC). His group is known for its strong pastoral counseling work. I met my brother in law's brother who is a pastor in Florida and a member of this organization of Christian Counselors doing Christian Counseling.

Hence, with the Ateneo de Manila alumni-led FPCAP, together with PACC, the area of family, marital and pastoral-community counseling should have its advocates. This would be an area for greater knowledge and understanding. The De La Salle University has a curriculum in Community Counseling under its Masters Program. Once they get their degrees, their professional license, and practice the profession, they can help make this field grow with their membership.