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Monday, December 15, 2008

An INVITE This December 2008

Discover your Family Spirituality…

Be inspired and Encourage With the gifts of your lineage…

Take responsibility in creating your desired family…now & in the future…

In the Spirit & Celebration of the Holy Family…

Join the RCWFI Christmas Pro bono Workshop


Understanding Family System & Spirituality

(Lecture & Workshop)



· My Home Experience\Family System

· Birth Order

· Genogram Story

· Identifying my Family spirituality


December 20, 2008 (Saturday) 8:30a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


59 C. Salvador St. Varsity Hills Subdivision, Loyola Heights, Q.C.

For reservation and inquiries, you may call Mae of RCW Foundation at

436-0710; 426-6832 or 09216332587;;

Please bring your own meals & drinks and/or a little something to share.

Mister Donut will provide some snacks.

RCW Foundation Inc.
59 C. Salvador Street
Varsity Hills Subdivision
Loyola Heights, Q.C.
Tel no. (632) 436-0710 or 426-6832
Fax no. (632) 436-0710
Mobile no.: c/o Mae Sotacio - 0921-6332587, 0919-2444503

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pacquiao, Mobile Phone & IPCAP in Dumaguete


While there were not yet many who came, Ninoy, VP Rodil & Sr. Mary Assumpta Lim came and signed the IPCAP Membership Book. Here in this book is the list of paying and active members of the organization. I never did this in any organization duly registered in SEC.

While the rest were on a break, see how they immediately posed: Ms Jo Casiño, Dr. Barrera and Cesar Cong flashing their smiles, and thanking the participants who came.

This was a welcome celebration after two days of the IPCAP Convention. We ate at the Blue Bay Resto in Manila Bay. Thank God we made it in the 1st. Now forward to Dumaguete.


Last Dec. 7, 2008, a Sunday, a quorum of the IPCAP Board of Trustees met at Mary Ridge in Tagaytay for planning and recreation. Thanks to the generosity of the RGS nuns, we had the grace of enjoying the cool winds as we arrived Mary Ridge at about 10AM (not breeze! because the winds were gusty, and anyone so "patpatin" can be easily blown by those winds that can pass for a typhoon!). Since then, with Dr. Llanes of PGCA, Dr. Julian Montano of PACERS, Dr. Elvi Ramos of CDAP, Ms. Maureen Sandejas of FPCAP, and Cesar Cong of PACC, our Assistant Secretary Ms. Jo Casiño, and Ms. Nila Urrea of UE, Manila and myself, we sat and talked about the profession and how we at IPCAP can be of help. Of course on top of the agenda was our Dumaguete holding of the IPCAP 1st National Convention. Hence, we came up with the Program of Activities which is now ready and has been emailed to participants. We were all happy when we were updated beat by beat the boxing of Pacquiao vs. the Golden Boy. The Sisters almost came out to see what was the noise from our side when we shouted YEHEEY! PANALO SI PACQUIAO! Umayaw ba naman si Golden Boy! The immediate utterance of some of us was this: would that our detractors also do a Golden Boy act: stop keeping people from attending the IPCAP which is an organization for Licensed/Registered Guidance Counselors! Haha. A prayer said in a matter of laughter.


If you have been texting me through my GLOBE number 0927-3842739, and might have felt bad I have not been responding, my apologies. This TV Mobile made in China mobile unit has not been that efficient lately. Last night, I texted a message to it and to my dismay, my message did not arrive, and to think that the SMART unit was just an inch away! Please pardon this human imperfection.

Hence, from this time on, if you have any message by text, do send it to my SMART mobile number 0919-6236605. I have always received and replied from that because if I don't get anything in my Globe unit, how can I reply? I think I will just use this Globe unit to make calls rather than for texting. It has been performing rather erratically, and I am afraid I am starting to lose confidence in its efficiency. So, there you are, text me through my SMART mobile number.


Oh yes, one of the outputs of the meeting is the plan to come up with an IPCAP newsletter. Hence if you, especially Ninoy Carranza, this blog's latest follower, have any news or events in your place to share, do email me so we can include the article in our 1st simple newsletter. We will definitely include in there some pictures of our 1st IPCAP National Convention in the University of the East, Manila. Deadline for submission is Jan. 15, 2009. We will release the newsletter during our 1st National Convention in Dumaguete on January 23-24, 2009.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Keynote Speech of Chancellor Antonieta Fortuna-Ibe at IPCAP 1st National Convention

The following is the Keynote Address of former PRC Chair and current University of the East, Manila Chancellor Antonieta Fortuna-Ibe. She has mentioned so many challenges for us Guidance Counselors for our day and age. And let's do our best to meet the challenge.

"The advent of globalization is a reality that has brought about a lot of changes in the lives of people. The world seems to have been transformed into a global village where culture appears to be shared. We talk of global persons and global professionals. In addition, information and communication technology has modified our knowledge, skills and attitudes. Regional alliances like the ASEAN have been established in order to hasten the upgrading of skills of the human resources, standardization of the quality of products and services. In Europe, the Euromoney is an answer to linkages of countries that are geographically near each other. The concept of the ISO (international standards organization) is now in place in order to attain similarity of quality standards of both products and human resources.Cognizant of these factors, the Philippines has taken bold steps to address the demands of quality and excellence, to be at par with other countries.

"One significant impact of globailization on the Filipinos is labor migration which is consistent with our being adventurous. The Filipino migrants are found in the US, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Hongkong, Singapore, China etc. The lack of jobs in the country and the lure of a greener pasture have motivated the professionals and skilled workers to migrate. The attainment of quality standards has to be met, for us to have a fair competition for jobs in other countries.The Filipinos who go abroad need to have some sort of certification of their qualifications. Among the professionals the government agencies charged with this certification are the the Department of Labor and Employment and the Professional Regulation Commission. Many courses and careers have undergone transformation to meet the demands for migrant workers. There is now recognition of these migrant workers and they are called "Bagong Bayani" as they bring in the needed dollars to boost our economy. With 43 professions now under the jurisdiction of the Professional Regulation Commission, with guidance and counseling as the latest, there is acceptance that quality and excellence have to be attained. It does not mean that when we meet international standards for our human resources that we will migrate. It should also be imprinted in our hearts, that the country is also in great need of professionals who meet international standards who will contribute to nation building. Those who temporarily work abroad have families to return to and they also wish that through their contribution, our country can have citizens who have quality lives.

"Your profession is now recognized by our country and soon your reciprocity with other countries can prove that you are at par with the rest of the world. Your dream to have the license is now a reality. I understand it took you about 30 years to get the Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004 enacted. What a long wait, however, your patience paid off. To celebrate this, you are all gathered as the first group of licensed guidance counselors for the first convention of the Integrated Professional Counselors Association of the Philippines, which is the only organization endorsed to the Securities and Exchange Commission by the Professional Regulation Commission and the only professional organization of guidance counselors, that is integrated being composed of the seven professional organizations in guidance and counseling. What a memorable and symbolic celebration, being first in some way makes this occasion one that we can call historical.

"Your profession came to be recognized at a time when a lot of people need your services badly. The inflow of products and human resources from the outside seem to have seriously affected our culture and has created confusion among us. There is a need to address this situation.. The physical separation of family members brought about by labor migration lead to dysfunctional families. Other concerns that make your profession significant and necessary are the many concerns that confront us. Some of these are economic crisis causing poor nutrition, increase in student dropouts, social, political concerns, substance abuse, gender orientation issues, decline in the quality of education, environmental and sanitation problems, limited jobs, juvenile delinquency, moral degradation, technology and techno stress, health problems, violence against women and children, knowledge explosion, proliferation of religions and overpopulation are some of the major issues. The guidance counselor's skills, knowledge and attitudes have to be transformed to be able to respond to all these new concerns. A child today is already beset with problems which are sometimes beyond his/her capacity to solve. There are already laws enacted to protect the child and women, anti-sexual harassment law, etc, and the guidance counselor has to be always updated in techniques and strategies. Thus, I hope that IPCAP can seriously address this pressing need.

"Having played a role in the enactment of the Guidance and Counseling Act, when I was Chair of the Professional Regulation Commission, I was in Senate with some of you when the law was finally approved. I was also a speaker at a public forum on your law at UP Diliman when Dr. Rose Llanes was the president of the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association. Your profession will never fade away, in fact, there will be more demand for your services as the world undergoes re-eengineering and transformation. As an avid advocate for professional excellence, I urge you to commit to your Code of Ethics and Standards of Good Practice. I also want to congratulate the officers of IPCAP for the hard work and the meaningful vision they have crafted that made IPCAP a reality. Everyone's support is needed and let us unite to elevate guidance and counseling so it can be worthy of a true profession.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Preparing for IPCAP in Dumaguete Jan 23-24, 2009

Our IPCAP member in Dumaguete who is our Asst. Convention Chair has sent us just today a list of the places for lodging in Dumaguete for the upcoming IPCAP 1st National Convention on Jan. 23-24, 2009 at the Silliman University. The prices and contact numbers are included below. If you have any questions, you may contact the place directly or contact us about your intention to attend so we can contact them. They might yet give us some discounts.

On the other hand, this early we can save for our budget to spend for this 2nd holding of the 1st IPCAP National Convention in Dumaguete in 2009. Yes, IPCAP is the only SEC-registered professional organization of Registered Guidance Counselors (RGCs) or Licensed Guidance Counselors (LGCs) whichever one feels like. Hence, all Registered or Licensed Guidance Counselors are welcome to attend this event in Dumaguete. The Registration/participation fee is only P2,000.00, and the IPCAP membership fee is P500. Email me or any of the IPCAP Board of Trustees for the IPCAP Application Form which I can attach in my reply to you. There will still be one holding of this Convention in Zamboanga at the Ateneo de Zamboanga on February 2009 the final date of which we are negotiating for a shift to the following week from the previous schedule. I shall blog on that in the coming weeks.

Here are the lodging sites:

Tel. No.: (035) 225-8000; 225-8001

Aircon Rooms
Single (1 person) P 495.00
Double (2 person/matrimonial bed) P 605.00
Twin (2 person/2 single bed) P 715.00
Family (3 person/ 1 big bed & single bed or 2 double beds) P 825.00
Suite (Queen size bed, Fridge) P 1,025.00

Fan Rooms
Single (1 person) P 300.00
Double (2 person/matrimonial bed) P 385.00
Twin (2 person/2 single bed) P 495.00
Family (3 person/ 1 matrimonial & single bed or 2 mat beds) P 608.00
Dorm type P 250.00

All room rates plus 10% gov’t tax.

Tel. No. (035) 225-2000; (035) 422-8000
Fax No. (035) 225-1374

Rates(Inclusive of VAT)
Studio rooms P 850.00
Double rooms :
Matrimonial P 1,000.00
Sea view P 2,000.00
Twin rooms P 1,200.00
Family rooms P 1,800.00
Family De Luxe P 2,000.00
Family Suite P 3,500.00
Villa Suite P 4,000.00
Extra bed/person P 200.00

Telefax: (035) 442-8995, 226-2775, 422-9595

Room Rate:
Single (1 Pax) (Free breakfast for 1) P 749.00
Matrimonial (2 Pax) (Free breakfast for 2) P 949.00
Twin (2 Pax) (Free breakfast for 2) P 949.00
Family (4 Pax w/ Ref) (Free breakfast for 2) P 1,699.00
Extra Bed/Person P 200.00

Tel. No. : (035) 225-0833

Room rates:
Executive Room P 1,100
Superior Room P 1,320
Executive special P 1,430
Family Executive P 1,650
Family Superior P 2,100
Studio Rom (Maximum of 3) P 1,000
Studio Rom (Maximum of 10 beds) P 5,000
Presidential Suite P 5,500
Extra Person P 350

Tel. No.: (035) 422 9000

Room rates:
Single Deluxe (2 single bed) P 850.00
Matrimonial (1 big bed) P 850.00
Junior Deluxe (3 persons) P 1,500.00
Superior Deluxe (5 persons) P 1,800.00

Tel No.: (035) 2253267

Room Rates:
Single P 800
Double P 950-1500

Tel #: (035) 225-4111 or 4112

Rates: (With free breakfast)
Single Deluxe P 620.00
Matrimonial P 780.00
Twin P 850.00
Family Deluxe P 1,200.00
Superior Deluxe P 1,200.00

10% service charge for room and laundry service
Extra Bed P 170.00