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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good News: Early Bird Rates Extended to April 7

During our Board Meeting last Monday, March 29, the birthday of IPCAP President Dr. Rosa Maria I. Llanes, the Board decided to extend the Early Bird Rates for the upcoming IPCAP 2nd National Convention. RGCs, whether they have been IPCAP members since the 1st National Convention, or simply are licensed, only pay P2,500 + P200 for their membership ID fee (ID is good for three years). RGCs are then to submit the following: accomplished IPCAP membership Form, your PRC license xeroxed front and back copy (hope you have paid your PTRs already), 1x1 or 2x2 ID picture to be placed in the ID, and their signature. Please have them scanned and emailed to me: so I can prepare them for ID printing which will begin on April 12, 2010. Remember to look for your Official Receipts for Convention participation, IPCAP membership and ID fee in your kit when you come on the 14th of April, the 1st day of the 2nd National Convention. Non-RGCs pay P3,000. Since the IPCAP membership is reserved for RGCs, we cannot charge ID fee nor give the certificate of membership to non RGCs.

We very much understand that there were those who waited for the IPCAP to be accredited as a CPE Provider before they decided to act on the invitation. I know of those who called or texted me so they could reach today's 1st early bird deadline. There were those who availed of the modified Pre-Registration, allowing them to pre-register via fax or email (to me or to any of the other ones mentioned in the invitation letter: Dr. Julian Montano, Mr. Cesar Cong, or Ms. Nila Urrea) due to the fact that there is no BDO branch in their place. Still others mentioned their difficulty at their fund's release, hence their paying onsite. Hence, we decided to provide as much benefit to the RGCs in particular. I'm sorry though if I failed to input this information earlier. I got so entangled with other matters in my present placement.

In view of the increasing number of pre-registrants, we have prepared more than the present number of workshops so every one gets to attend for their growth as well as their CPE credit units.

Pre-Registration is highly encouraged for this event because we will have to ready so many documents in time for the Convention. Besides, please realize that there is only ONE HOUR for the Registration Period. The Keynote Speaker will be going somewhere and thus we need to start on time. Besides, the counting of credit units is based on the actual Convention itself. Hence, for the good of all, Pre-register! You have until April 7 to avail of the 2nd Early Bird rates mentioned above.

As regards the CPE Provider Certificate of Accreditation, we shall be showing it on the Convention Opening Day. Plus, we have added one hour for a presentation and discussion of the CPE Policy of the PRC and the requirements for renewal. This may not be done again. Many have been inquiring about this matter, and I think as a CPE Provider, we will disseminate information to those who attend this ground-breaking CPE Program. Dr. Rosales, the former 2nd Chair of the Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance Counseling (the first was the late Dr. Rhodora L. Gabriel, and the third is Dr. Luz Guzman, who just newly took her oath taking last March 26) strongly agreed to this new feature of the Convention. Let's do this for the good of the Guidance and Counseling profession and its practitioners.

God bless and take care

Free 1st Day Participation for ONLY ONE

I got an email from a colleague who can only attend the workshops of the 2nd National Convention. That leaves the 1st day free for anyone to attend the day the colleague can "transfer" participation to.

What do I mean by this? Remember that the fees for the Convention are "NONREFUNDABLE BUT TRANSFERRABLE," meaning once you pay the prescribed fees, IPCAP cannot refund anymore. However, in cases like this one cited, with the participant's permission, someone may use the day that the colleague failed to attend. TRANSFERRABLE may also mean that if you fail to attend the event you have paid for, those fees can be used for the next program or event of IPCAP (as long as the fees are the same, or just add the balance for the fees of the next event!) IPCAP is not interested in your money. We care about your professional development. I remember having participants in our 1st National Convention who had paid another organization but was not allowed anymore - were those participants late in coming, despite paying the bank already?

Here is the message of the payee (I cannot reveal the name unless I get permission [lest the reward in heaven be forfeited] hehe). "Father. Actually, i am not yet desperate for points as my license is good for another two years. If you know of anyone who can benefit from the first day that I will miss, you may just give the first day's points to whoever that will be."

There you are. If anyone is interested, just email or text any of the following numbers - 09196236605 (SMART) / 09273842739 (GLOBE) / 09324459810 (SUN).

This has implications however to the credit units earned. The colleague above knows her CPE talaga. Only those who really attend gain the credit units of the day. Even if one has paid but one did not attend, no credit units will be given or gained. Hence, the person who gets to attend this free first day of the Convention gets the credit units of the day. The person who paid but gave away free the first day will then gain the credit units of the later days attended. I hope this is clear?

So hurry! Text or email me now as soon as you read this.

Nakakatuwa ito kasi may isa namang participant who said that s/he can only participate for the 1st day. If that person pays, there will be two workshop days free "to transfer". Anyway, either that participant pays or gets this 1st day free offer. God really knows how to match us in our conditions.

Friday, March 26, 2010


As mentioned in the previous blog, I went to the PRC Standards and Inspection Division this afternoon to receive the Accreditation Certificate of IPCAP as a PRC-accredited CPE Provider (professional organization). IPCAP's Accreditation Number 2010-005 is valid for the next three years, from today March 26, 2010 until March 26, 2013. Everyone will see this certificate during the Convention. It's not just an announcement. It's a signed document, complete with documentary stamps and the PRC dry seal.

We also got our accreditation of the 2nd National Convention as a CPE Event. I will just have to provide a revision of the program due to a technical matter which is relatively easy to resolve (the CPE Council noticed the breaks were quite long!) We were given seven days to correct that, and on Monday or Tuesday, March 29 or 30, we hope to resolve it through a resubmission of our revised program. What we have made sure is that the Keynote, plenary discussions, and workshops are all tops in the field and really CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION activities that further enhance the knowledge, skills and competencies, and attitudes of our participants, both RGC and non-RGC alike. I would like to believe that even the CPE Council members will get continuing education through these workshops!

Thanks to the concern of our pre-registrants who texted me about whether by April 14 the IPCAP will be a CPE Provider. We wanted to ensure that participants who need the credit units for license renewal starting next year shall not be wasting their money on nothing. Besides, this concern has always been tackled during our regular IPCAP Board Meetings. In fact, our decision to delay our application to be accredited as a CPE Provider was due to the fact that there were NO GUIDELINES SPECIFIC to the Guidance and Counseling Profession. Yes, there was this PRC Board Resolution 2008-466 Series of 2008 and we complied by whatever was stated in there.

As soon as we submitted the required documents, we were required a certification from the SEC. This was not required in the PRC Resolution. We complied immediately. Another requirement was a descriptive mechanism to measure program quality. We complied immediately. We complied by all the criteria specified in there but our 1st application was deferred for a reason NEVER MENTIONED in the said PRC Board Resolution! One cannot but question if there is a different yardstick or criteria for IPCAP and another for others. The criterion we were required was not imposed on other applicants who were given accreditation, in at least one organization which is now a CPE Provider.

But we never make any contention on the matter anymore. We just want to record these here because these were the obstacles we had to overcome before we got this graciousness of becoming a CPE Provider. In this way, we can have a standard to look forward to because these were the ones required of us. Thanks to the CPE Council, particularly to the signatory of the accreditation certificate, outgoing PRBGC Chair and CPE Council Chair Dr. Lily Rosqueta-Rosales.

God bless and take care

IPCAP gets accredited as CPE Provider

This is really good news! I just called up the PRC Standards and Investigation Division to follow up on our accreditation as CPE Provider. Thank God! I will go this afternoon to receive the certificate of accreditation as a CPE Provider. Hence, from hereon, we will even be more persistent in doing what is good for the profession.

In the meantime, please await for the accreditation of the Program. Thanks and God bless!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

IPCAP 2nd National Convention Abstracts and Workshop Descriptions

Just a little introduction: As we have written in our invitation for participation in our 2nd National Convention on April 14-16, 2010, the Integrated Professional Counselors Association of the Philippines (IPCAP), Inc. has applied to be an accredited continuing professional education (CPE) provider on March 1, 2010. In fact, to make that statement true in fact, I only released our invitation here in this blog, and later through email after our application was received by the PRC Standards and Inspection Division. The ball is in the hands of the CPE Council composed in accordance to the PRC Board Resolution No. 466 Series of 2008. I had the whole document published here in toto so that everyone will have a view into the documents which guide our actions. We have sought application months ago, but decided to file our application only after we had the Program ready. We very much understand that the economy is not that good but we also would not like Guidance Counselors to lose the chance to grow simply because we are in difficulty. Hence, when you pre-register, you pre-register for a READY PROGRAM at a very affordable price. We are not here to make money because IPCAP is a NON-PROFIT NON-STOCK SEC-certified PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION. That has always been the battlecry of IPCAP since we were formed by the organization representatives that came together since Feb. 4, 2006, way before the Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance and Counseling (PRBGC) was formed. Making IPCAP an organization only for the Registered Guidance Counselors has always been due to Republic Act. No. 9258 or the Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004. We are thus apologetic to those who would like to be our members but could not yet qualify because they simply have no PRC ID yet as a licensed or registered Guidance Counselors. We thus have strongly encouraged them to go and take the Board Exam and having passed the licensure exams in Guidance and Counseling, they will definitely be entitled membership in this organization. Hence, the reduced fees of RGCs in our events.

So much for that, herein are the abstracts of the Plenary Discussions and Workshop Descriptions. Happy Reading, and welcome to the Convention. God bless

There will be two sessions, and we have applied for a total of 3 hours for these presentations. An hour of participation = 1 credit unit (1 c.u.) for CPE. An hour for the presentors/speakers/facilitators = 5 credit units (5 c.u) for CPE. Speakers may only have 20 minutes presentation, but they are required to stay until the session is over. The interchange of ideas constitutes here a very lively process, one that will hopefully stimulate participants to learn about something they can apply in their lives and practice.

Plenary Session 1: April 14, 2010 1030AM - 1200nn
I. Topic: The Counselor as Educator

Abstract: This 20 minute talk is an attempt to characterize the counselor as educator. It seeks to appreciate and challenge the counselor as a catalyst for growth in whatever role he plays in life and society while discussing a few important points on self-awareness and integration.

1. The Counselor in terms of teaching content:
a. Integrates the psychological, spiritual, cognitive and behavioral aspects of human functioning;
b. Maintains integrative skills in all areas of life.
c. Every written and unwritten syllabus educates toward wholeness and character.

2. The Counselor in terms of conduct:
a. Is bound by moral and ethical standards;
b. Is aware of his/her own strengths, limitations and is therefore aware of his/her own character flaws that need change. Knowledge and skills without character can hurt others.

3. The counselor in terms of vision:
a. The counselor sees him/herself as a catalyst for growth;
b. The counselor educates for higher functionality and therefore effects positive change in society through the lives he/she touches as counselor and educator.

Not many of you should presume to be teachers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. ( James 3:1)

II. Topic: The Guidance Counselor as Research Practitioner

Abstract: Guidance and counseling, being a profession, has the responsibility of keeping the practice at a high standard of service. The measure of quality standards is through the conduct of research and the dissemination of results to the field.The research findings have to be scrutinized and those that are useful may be explored in terms of applicability to our own settings. With the wide array of topics and issues confronting the practitioners, there will be no reason to look for solutions. After the focus on research and the consolidation of findings, then, theory generation in our own settings may ensue. With the wealth of data collected, we can use these for practical purposes. The benchmarking that comes as a result of research sharing hopefully may encourage encourage everyone to conduct simple research until expertise is attained. The cooperation of everyone is needed.The ultimate purpose is to upgrade the competencies of the practitioners so that quality delivery of guidance services is assured in whatever settings. The beauty of group research is the team-approach which competitiveness. Those who prefer quantitative research can do their part while those prefer the qualitative approach can proceed. The aptitude and interest will come in handy in the choice.

III. Topic: The Guidance Counselor as Manager of Guidance Services

Abstract: Learning the art of managing guidance services is a topic not oftentimes, if not at all, discussed and shared among colleagues. The speaker shall be sharing her own experience of how she handled her managerial skills in terms of the guidance programs and services she has developed and implemented in her school. Listeners should be able to find sparks of wisdom and knowledge to use in one’s practice as a guidance director or future manager of these services.

Plenary Session 2: April 14, 2010, 130-300PM
IV. Topic: The Guidance Counselor as Community Builder

Abstract: The speaker hopes to explore the role of community based counselors within the context of Basic Ecclesial Communities (religious) and Self-Help groups (secular/ecumenical). The stages of group development (forming, storming, strengthening, commitment, transforming) will be presented to enable counselors to empower communities and beyond. The integrity, focused listening and coaching skills of counselors will be shown as determinants of the impact or extent of influence counselors play in journeying with communities.

V. Topic: The Guidance Counselor as Legal Advocate

Abstract: The speaker hopes to tackle what Counselors need to know about the legal consequences related to clients entangled with cases of attempts at abortion, suicide, rape, addiction, women’s issues and difficulties in family and marital relationships. As a lawyer, he hopes to tie with up providers of helping services like the Guidance Counselors in both pre-legal and post-legal assessment and counseling periods in the client’s life. Counselors may yet learn how to handle such types of clients who oftentimes have to confront themselves with legal implications in their counseling concerns. It is thus best that Counselors are aware of their own legal responsibilities and accountabilities in handling such types of clients.

VI. Topic: The Guidance Counselor as Agent of Counselor Wellness

Abstract: Wellness focuses on the whole person. It is a holistic, expansive approach to happiness, peace, balance, and well-being. As counselors called to the helping profession there is a need to focus our vital role as an agent of wellness. However, we need to give attention first to our own well-being. Imbalance in one of these areas affects the balance of your whole system. As a wellness advocate counselors should seek to address what it means to live a happy and productive life as the balance of a whole life is sometimes disrupted by anxiety, stress, worry, or even fear.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS (April 15 & 16, 2010)
(These are concurrent, and offered also for the second day; hence, participants are entitled to attend at least two of them. Unless otherwise stated (there are two workshops that each offers only 4 hours), each workshop gives us 8 hours of participation = 8 credit units (8 c.u.) for CPE. Facilitators have 5 credit units per hour, hence, 8 x 5 = 40 credit units (40 c.u) for CPE, enough for a year's CPE requirements. If the interpretation is right, and there is seriousness in implementing the CPE provisions, 60 credit units are required for renewal (giving us 20 credit units per year since renewal is done once every 3 years). Excess units are not counted for the next renewal. I don't think facilitators can share their extra credit units with others hehe.

I. Workshop Title: Games as career metaphors: application of the chaos theory of career in counseling

Workshop Description: Games simultaneously illustrate the closed and open systems aspects of human endeavors and therefore can be a useful way of encouraging clients to appreciate the contingent and uncertain nature of their career development. It is argued, therefore, that metaphors provide an example of analogical reasoning that is useful for dealing with the modern counseling realities of complexity, connectedness, systems, changeability and chance. In this workshop the potential of game as a career metaphor for use in counseling would be explored. This metaphor will be linked with the Chaos Theory approach to careers as a framework for conceptualizing career development challenges and strategies for career counseling.

Workshop Title
: Emotionally Focused Approach to Family Life Cycle Transitions

Workshop Description: Change can cause stress and anxiety. Transitions in the Family Life Cycle are no exception. This workshop will illustrate how the principles of EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED COUPLE THERAPY can be applied to each stage in family life to avoid or minimize the accompanying stress. A short introduction to EFT will be given with particular attention to the role of Attachment Theory in this method. A description of each stage in the Family Life Cycle will be included and relevant cases showing how EFT can be applied. Participants will be able to identify their own particular needs through activities designed to reinforce learning.

• Review of the Developmental Stages (Erikson) and the Stages of the Family Life Cycle
• Brief description of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
• Importance of emotion and emotional responses
• Brief description of Attachment Theory

• Description of each stage of the family life cycle
• Case studies for each stage showing how EFT can be successfully applied


III. Workshop Title: The Social Constructivist Model in the Counselor’s Ethical Decision-Making

Workshop Description: Ethical decision-making is an integral part in Counseling. Every Counselor ought to be aware of one’s self, their clients and the ethical foundations of one’s practice. Fitting the Filipino counselor’s world view, the Social-constructivist perspective will be presented, its tenets and essential aspects, followed by vignettes for the participants to apply their learnings. This workshop aims to help Counselors get more deeply in touch with their self, their views about the client and the ethical foundations of their practice, as well as gain some confidence in their practice using this model.

IV. Workshop Title: Dealing with Infidelity: A Counseling Intervention (This is a 4-hour workshop held in the afternoons only.)

Workshop Description: Statistics show that marital problems are the most common issues brought to counseling. Infidelity is one of its top reasons. This workshop presents an empirically proven approach to working on the personal yet intertwined issues of two individuals whose worlds have been shattered by betrayals. Ultimately, it will answer two integral questions: “When do we talk about forgiveness?” and “What happens to the marriage?”

V. Workshop Title: Cyber Addiction: Assessment & Initial Counseling (This is also a 4-hour workshop to be held in the mornings only.)

Workshop Description: The world today teems with technologies that capture almost everyone who has access to them. The use of the internet, while aiding human communications, has however become disruptive of everyday functioning among a growing population of its users, particularly the youth. When is one addicted to the internet? How does a counselor approach such clients? What are the assessment measures to be to diagnose such addiction? How are these data to be used in initial counseling? What competencies and skills must counselors have in properly handling such types of clientele? Is there a way out of this “addiction”?

VI. Workshop Title: Trauma Counseling for Disaster Survivors

Workshop Description: A review of literature on trauma defined this phenomenon as a psychological wound that results from an emotionally-demanding circumstance or incident. Effects of trauma indicate the inability of the person to cope adequately with what they have experienced and/or witnessed. A key feature of whether an event or circumstance is likely to be experienced as traumatic is whether it is perceived by the person as a threat to their physical or psychological integrity. People involved in overwhelming disasters and incidents often report typical reactions. Knowing how to deal with traumatized disaster survivors often provide a major challenge for those counselors called to address the situation. In this workshop, the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) will be introduced as a tool in counseling traumatized disaster survivors. EMDR has been “strongly recommended” for the treatment of trauma and has been placed in the “A” category as a very effective tool in acute distress disorder and PTSD cases.

VII. Workshop Title: Program Development for Guidance Services in the Educational Setting

Workshop Description: The successful delivery of guidance services in the educational setting marks the hallway for the school’s success as shown in the academic performance, appropriate behavioral indicators, and career directions and placement of its students. The Guidance Counselor is thus challenged to provide programs and services that aim to develop each and every student and other clientele specific to each school and its policies. Participants will start developing their own programs and services, as well as appreciate the roles they play in achieving the school’s vision, mission and goals.

These are really topics beyond entry point in our life as Registered Guidance Counselors. Everyone is welcome to attend. We only want the best for the practitioner.

DepEd Endorsement Released

The DepEd has endorsed our upcoming IPCAP 2nd National Convention. Upload it by clicking their website for your own copy. We understand that many of the participants are required that document for their participation in our Convention. Now that is resolved. Thank God.

I have been following this up since last week. I emailed the IPCAP members about the status. Until last night, I couldn't find it despite the reply from DepEd that it has been uploaded. DepEd Advisory #66 Advisory was not there while #68 was. This morning (today is March 25) I called up the DepEd again because its endorsement of IPCAP could not be found. Before 9AM, there was only #68; I checked again their website and it was already Advisory #72, but Advisory #67 was still empty. Sa kakukulit (persistence, a trait I will always keep), I tried to see if the problem is still there. Ganoon pa din. I pressed all others, and realized only IPCAP's was not found. Until I clicked #66 and realized it had 3 pages in it for #s 66, 67 (IPCAP's) and #68. I called up the DepEd and gave them the observation. In a few minutes, DepEd's endorsement of our 2nd IPCAP National Convention was uploaded the normal way. Thanks for the quick service of Ms Rhea at the DepEd. May God bless you and your comrades there. A reward awaits for you (in heaven? hehe). Talagang madrama ito hehe

I shall be posting the Abstracts and Workshop Descriptions next because indeed our upcoming 2nd National Convention is something that can definitely add to our knowledge, skills and aptitudes, and attitudes, a truly continuing professional education (CPE) event. Please feel free to come and attend it. We have made it responsive to the conditions of the participants (read: not expensive). Pre-registration is for a ready program and not a promise on its way. Pray we have a good number of participants. God bless and take care

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CHED Endorsement for IPCAP 2nd National Convention


Herein is the CHED endorsement for the IPCAP 2nd National Convention. Thanks to Dr. Emmanuel Angeles for giving us this endorsement. Things are falling in place. And this is all for the good of Counseling, for love of Counseling.

One may notice the difference in the fees. One will notice that RGCs are charged lower. This is in line with the IPCAP Constitution where we have agreed that RGCs be given benefits like discounted fees for Conventions and other activities. I myself am for this because of the times we have. In fact, one will notice that the Pre-registration is for a prepared and ready program. We would not like to collect pre-registrations when we have nothing yet in line. I bet this is a quality true among professional activities. It's high time we set benchmarks so that standards can be raised. It's the profession we would like to raise in this process.

For the pre-registrants, please fax your Pre-Registration forms to this number: (02)735-9037. This number is now included in our invitation letter. Thanks for those who have emailed me or faxed their pre-registrations. God bless and take care

Monday, March 01, 2010

IPCAP 2nd National Convention Invitation

Finally, with everything more or less ready, herein attached is the invitation letter to IPCAP 2nd National Convention. Everyone is welcome. You may email any of the three persons mentioned including other IPCAP members you know.

March 01, 2010

Dear Colleagues,


We are all aware that counseling professionals assume varied functions in different settings which require appropriate competencies. In this context, each counselor is
challenged to hone one’s competencies and skills to function effectively in one’s area of specialization. Hence, IPCAP is sponsoring its 2nd National Convention with the theme “Serving Humanity through the Counseling Profession” to: (1) highlight the
multiple roles of guidance counselors; (2) to strengthen our competencies and skills; (3) to uphold ethical and legal responsibilities and accountabilities; and (4) to appreciate the changing roles of guidance counselors in our world today. It will be held at the Conference Hall of the University of the East, C.M. Recto Ave.,
Manila on April 14-16, 2010. There will be at least six (6) workshops, two (2)
of which every participant is entitled to attend. IPCAP has applied to be a PRC-accredited CPE-provider, hence we hope our participation in this affair will be
granted at least 22 credit units. While a General Membership Meeting of all IPCAP
members (RGCs) is on schedule, participation in the Plenary Sessions and workshops is open to non-RGCs and others for professional updating.

Fees for this 3-day National Convention are as follows:
RGC* / Non-Member
EARLY BIRD (until March 31, 2010) P2,500.00 / P3,000.00
REGULAR FEES (April 1-14, 2010) P3,000.00 / P3,500.00

The fees (non-refundable but transferrable) will cover certificates, 3 lunches & 6 snacks, convention kits, facilitators’ fees, and handouts. For IPCAP members (RGCs), fees include your membership fee (renewal or entry); the membership ID
good for three years separately costs only P200.00.

A Pre-registration form is attached herein for early bird registrants. Deposit your
payments in any of the BDOs nationwide to our BDO E. Rodriguez, Quezon City
branch Current Account No. 220-084-661. For inquiries, please contact any of the
following IPCAP Officers: Dr. Julian Montano ( or 0917-5026992 / 09228990130), Fr. Bernardo R. Collera, SVD ( or 0919-6236605 / 0917-3842739 / 0932-4459810), Mr. Cesar S. Cong ( or 0917-6078427) or Nila V. Urrea (UE-Manila)( or [02] 7358537 or 09163212579). CHED, DepEd & other endorsement letters are available on request. We look forward to having you in this growth-promoting professional Convention. God bless

Sincerely yours,

Sgd. Fr. Bernardo R. Collera, SVD
Program Coordinator

Sgd. Dr. Rosa Maria I. Llanes

The Schedule is the above, while the Pre-registration form is here below: