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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PACERS Activities for Year 2007-2008

I had this blogged after our PACERS 2007 Planning Workshop in Tala, Rizal, Laguna. I want to put it here again so as to keep us always in sync with what is coming.

The PACERS Midyear Workshops (at least 4) will be held in Davao City on September 6-7, 2007. The site might be Hotel Minseng (I hope my spelling is correct). The invitation letter is already on its final stage before we release it for everyone. You shall definitely be sent, and it shall be blogged here for everyone to read. Let us know where and how we can send you the invite.

The PACERS 32nd Annual Convention next year is scheduled on Feb. 20-22, 2008. We will still deliberate on the site and the theme. We usually start at 11AM for registration and have the Opening in the afternoon of the 1st day (Feb.20), and it will last until Friday afternoon, capped by the workshops on the third day. We are still to deliberate on the theme, and the site. We shall immediately inform you once we have laid down the theme and then the site. Keep updated.

If you have suggested themes and workshop topics, please feel free to suggest so we can prepare them for you. My email addresses you can write to are: & .

We have monthly Board meetings every 4th Friday of the month. You may submit your applications for membership on the first week of the month so we can evaluate and deliberate on them the monthly meeting. We should find it fast to contact you after the decision shall have been made on your application. It's our joy to be of service to you and the profession.

And lastly, please pray for our Counselors. Many of them may be adversely affected by RA9258 especially since some may not have the requirements for the Board exams, the passing of which allows them the right to practice Counseling. I got word that some of them may be out for some drastic efforts that may only sabotage their own interests, a boomerang of sorts, if that were a more apt image. I really suggest we simply comply by every requirement at this stage of the professionalization of Counseling, and then correct ourselves and our practice including the law as we move ahead. Stalling it at this stage may no longer be appropriate. I'd like to believe that every effort has been done to disseminate the necessary information for everyone.

God bless us all. Take care

Saturday, June 09, 2007

New PGCA Board Elected!

In a phone conversation with PGCA President Dr. Rosa Maria Llanes this morning, she mentioned the possibility of announcing here in my blog the following PGCA-elected Board Members who elected among themselves to their new positions yesterday June 8, 2007:

President : Dr. Rosa Maria I. Llanes
Vice-President : Dr. Imelda Virginia G. Villar
Secretary : Ms. Maria Lourdes L. Chavez, M.A.
Treasurer : Dr. Lucy Bance
Business Manager : Dr. Carmencita H. Salonga
Auditor : Dr. Alexa P. Abrenica
P.R.O. : Dr. Alda Perlita S. Polestico

Members of the Board:
Dr. Benedicta O. Lascano
Sr. Dr. Alegria Z. Avellaneda, SPS
Dr. Ligaya S. De Guzman
Dr. Leticia PeƱano-Ho

I wish for this new Board to work as hard as they used to, primarily for the professionalization of Guidance & Counseling in the Philippines. In my previous blog, I wrote about those who came for IPCAP last March 17, 2007 and the request that the current and newly-elected President be given by the PGCA a chance to serve again since she seems to be the best for the process we're all into now. Thanks for heeding that request (if ever you did). I think PGCA did because the whole Board ran again and won! Congratulations! You can rest assured that I shall keep you all in my Masses, especially now that I am too a member of the PGCA, even if only an Affiliate. God bless your efforts. If I may quote St. Peter (1 Ptr 3:13, 7 [New Jerusalem Bible, 1985]) here: "No one can hurt you if you are determined to do only what is right; and blessed are you if you have to suffer for being upright...And if it is by the will of God that you should suffer, it is better to suffer for doing what is right than for doing wrong." All the best then.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

CDAP Learning Session

Here is an event CDAP wants to make prior to the Annual Convention Workshop in Sept. Just click on the image and it will be enlarged so everyone can read it. You may share the blog to others who may want to grow as Counselors primarily in the area of Career Counseling & Development. It's a pleasure to serve our fellow Counselors. God bless

Really Amazing Service!!!

After posting the CDAP Annual Convention Workshop Invite, I checked the blog. I felt a little disappointed because it seemed unreadable. But when I placed the mouse over the jpeg-format letter, I clicked it and PRESTO! The letter was shown even bigger in a new window. Hope this new development can help in helping everyone understand what it says. TRY IT and see for yourself.

All the best then to CDAP. God bless

CDAP Annual Convention Workshop Invite

In response to Dr. Vangie Aguilan's text message requesting for a copy of the CDAP Annual Convention Workshop invitation, I texted Ms Ces Regaya, one of CDAP's representatives to IPCAP, (and it was only after I saw the following invitation did I realize she is the current President of Career Development Association of the Philippines), and in the quickest time she had the following emailed to me. Here it is:

I got the reply slip as well. But the format it has is not compatible with this blogging system. However, if you would like to personally receive the invitation letter, please email the President Ces Regaya at her email address
God bless