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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some PICS in the US

I am blogging in here some pics of my stay here in the US, particularly since the time my email address was used by the scammer. Kakahiya talaga siya.

It was on this day of my Ordination Anniversary as a priest this year 2007 Dec. 16 when I naively gave away my gmail account password. Look at me happily posing with Rodel and Charisse, both DWU Senior HS Batch 81 batchmates.

I was able to attend the prayer service for Judge Serrano who died a few days before this moment I posed with my fellow Warays in California.

How can I miss Vegas? Las Vegas!!! I didn't owe the hotel anything because my friend booked us all in. Thanks to God and my friend indeed.

We were on the staircase instead of on the escalator so we could pose well.

Hope these will suffice for the moment. Hanggang sa muli! God bless and take care

Some PICS in the US.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Replies to the Scammer and the Scammer's replies

I'd like to post here the running conversation between the scammer and those who were written to. I feel very grateful for their support and encouragement, much more for the fact that they didn't give in to the scam's lure. At least I can say from this experience that there are people who care, and not easily swayed. There are 43 that I was able to copy. I did not write the dates of the conversation but the exchange between the scammer and those written to was between 18 December and 25. I was able to get back my email on Dec. 25 midnight here (half of Dec. 25 was finished in the Philippines since the US is a few hours late.) Besides, I decided to change my password only on the 26th since it was still celebrative mood. This should be a case to study so we can understand the wiles of the seducer scammer. In my next blog, I shall place the pics I have from my trip while still here in the US, just to show the scammer that s/he is a fake!!!!!!!!

The first five (5) below are the latest emails to me after I recovered my gmail account. The conversation between the scammer and those written to starts on the 6th.

1. Hello Father Have a blessed Christmas to you and your family. Father hindi kasi ako naniwala sa letter na ikaw yon kasi alam kong marami kang kaibigan na sobrang close para hingi-an nag tulong. I also tried to search scam letters and i found the same content sa net kaya na confirm ko na your email add mo ginamit na. I emailed Frater Feil about it kasi sa kanyang blog ko nakita ang name mo. Thank GOD you are safe and not in trouble. May God bless you more with many more good friends, good health, strength and preseverance to carry your mission. i remain your friend

2. sabi ko na nga e. i emailed the guy in tagalog and he stopped. jane, cesar and joy were asking about it. we will have a pacc meeting tomorrow so i will let them read your lates mail na galing sa yo. and of course, we will eat the chocolates you will bring home. ipcap meeting is moved to jan. 12, 2pm coz manang rosa arrives jan 8. see you soon. Haapy new year!!

3. Wow that was quite a story. ANother friend of mine from Perth Australia experienced the was I think through her gmail too. these Nigerian scams are getting bolder and better in their hacking. Thanks for the warning too. Do I have your permission to copy your post and post in my Multiply blog that more people maybe warned?
Always: Edzz, Paul and kiddos

4. Padre,Thanks be to God a hindi totoo. Nag-alala kaya kami lalo na ako dahil nawala ang pambili mo ng pasalubong sa akin (joke ha ha ha). Anyway grabe alaga ang scam na yon. Musta ang pasko mo?nagkita ba kayo ni azell? Abou us, were been busy atending parties and invitations with the sarnelli kids. Nakakapagod bu full filling naman Sige, enjoy ka pa dyan

5. hi fr.glad to hear from you. scam naman talaga yun.ano siya? sinuswerte? basic rule - no one shouldever ask for your password and never give yourpassword. kahit na mukhang legitimate ung paghinging password. it's a good thing this had nothingto do with bank accounts.

6. Fr. Bernard
im so sorry, i just arrived from laguna, just read your message, so how are you now? pls update me of your condition and ill try to help you. Merry Christmas po!
(mayaman ka yata? Thanks ha? God bless - mine na 'to)

7. hi father,
just saw this email now...
how r u ?
have you received any help na?

8. fr bernard already knows what you are doing. please stop cause you are causing too much problem to all of his friends that had received your message. they already know about the scam you are sending to them. just restore all details back. (Tapang mo 'day! Sige, ipagpatuloy mo ang laban ni Gabriela!!!)

9. Dear Fr Bernie
Just got to Pennsylvania yesterday afternoon and leaving for Maryland tomorrow. Am on a limited budget as am under the care of my daughter and my cousin. So sorry that I can help you at this time. Hope you get out of that mess soonest. That's an expensive lesson for you. Hope others can assist you. Hoping Santa Claus can rescue you soonest.

10. Fr. Bernie
I am so sorry I don't have that much money, I can't help you when it comes to monitary things I only live daily by faith. I suggest you try to ask help from your Order. Maybe they can help you through their connections.

11. father, i really would like to help you with your problem. but still do not have yet my allowans dis month. but dont you worry, as soon as i reciv it, maybe i could send you some. and i will pray for you. just take good care of your self.

12. Fr. Bernard,
Is this true? Can't believe it. How can I be sure that this is authentic,will you please site some instances. Hope to hear from you soon.

13. Fr. ihope makatulong po ako.. anu puh b ung ibang details?

14. oh... father! i just thought you were only kidding. But as I went through the lines, oh my God, I can feel you out there. Terrible! Father, what can I only do is prayer. By now, I am taking the way to find my fare trip back to the seminary. Father I'm sorry. I have nothing here in my pocket. I'll pray that Superior General will hear your unlucky times out there. Hope you'll be back as early as possible. Worry not. Mama Mary Loves us.

15. Father, I can see how big your problem is, if only I can send you something, I'll definitely would... I am very sorry, coz' I dont even have enough money to bring myself home...I really wish I could help you out there... Maybe I'll think of other ways to help you..May be I can tell some priest here about your situation there..I am still in the seminary, coz' my parents did not send me yet my fair home..I'll offer my prayers for your safety tonight...I'll also tell the others, maybe they can offer you a little help..I'll also tell some priest here...Take good care of your things next time...hope you'll be out there soon. At least we know God will provide...Take care and hope to see you next year.

16. Dear Father,
It is very sad about what happened to you but I do not have the money to help you. while I 'am replying to yo, I' am using my last twenty pesos. I 'am very sorry. I hope that you could somehow get through this mess. but if there are other things I can do to help you please say it to me. I think I will have the money in Christmas. Take care father.

17. Fr. Bern, SVD
i can only help thru prayers...pls accept my prayers...(Thanks a lot for those prayers. They helped a lot so I could get back my email address and this blog and the other...)

18. HACKER!!!
Somebody had better inform Fr. Bernie about this...(Wow, shocked ako talaga. Nagkaroon ako ng tagapagtanggol, someone who's willing to fight for me. Thanks a lot ulit, and God bless)

19. Father, do you want us to inform the sommunity here in CKMS?where can we contact you?

20. this is a scam, aint it?well, you can't fool me...(i didn't fool you sir, someone did it without telling me while s/he had my email in the days between Dec. 16-23?)

21. Hi father, Greetings! I read the email. Hpwever, it was addressed to another person it came to me. Is that so you are in trouble still? Where are you now and how are you managing? God bless!

22. Hey You Algerian Criminal,
You make your country's reputation bad & known as such around the world. You're busted: you are not Father Bernard, a priest. You're the devil online preying on people and you even stole the email of a holy man, you evil. (Thanks Chuck.)

23. Father Bernard, I do not know if this is part of our previous psychology class last semester. I find it difficult to believe in the situation where you are in now. But I don't mind if this is true or not, still I am willing to help you in your situation. However, not in your financial problem, perhaps I could help you in a way of sending your letter to your congregation and in my prayer. This is all I can do Father Bernard, be brave father, have faith, and don't loss hope. (Opo kamahalan. Salamat po. God bless)

24. Padre, i is only now ha i open my email grabe busy and besides nasa ospital ang nanay ko. i would suggets to email bro. joel para sya mag sabi kay fr. joey. (Naloko kaya talaga ito siya ano? Grabe talaga kayo, scammer. Whoever you are, God bless you still!!!)

25. Dear Father,
I sent your message to Dr. Villar and Ms. de Chavez. Did they reply to you?
Are you really Fr. Bernie? Will I inform also Christ the King Seminary ? I am confuse if you are telling the truth. If you are telling the truth I can only sent through Western Union php 1,000. only on 26th. I am also short of money especially now. (Ma'am, you can keep that P1K until I see you again. I would love your Christmas gift. Di naman napapanis yan e. Hehe God bless)

26. merry christmas po father... may you find joy, peace and serenity this christmas season.. have a blessed christmas.... take care always,,,, we miss you (me din...thanks. God bless)

27. hi father,
just saw this email now...
how r u ?
have you received any help na? (Basta hindi utang ha? Di ko ugali yan no? God bless)

28. Dear Fr. Gu,
I tried to contact fratier Fiel about this matter already. Please hold on and do not worry, somebody from SVD will help you. Please indicate which hotel you are in right now and how can your fellow SVDs contact you easily. If you may please send to us your address right now. The hotel you are in and contact numbers of where to find you. How will money be sent to you? I also do not know where to find such big amount you are needing that is why i tried to ask the help of SVDs.
im praying for you (Gracias senyorita at di ka nagpaloko, pero malapit na po talaga. Remember not to be charmed by the seduction of this scammer, whoever s/he is...)

The scammer replied with this letter:

Thank you so much for your response and i am very much greatful for your concern. well i still have a little problem rigth here,which is due to the absence of my ID and some other things in my bag. i will be unable to pick the money at the bank. but i have spoken with my hotel manager concerning the issue of the transfer he did advice to help me in which he later agreed to use his ID and help me get the money. but i gave him a condition that the question and ans of the transaction will be arranged by me. so now i only have the ? and ans. and below is the wire info HOTEL TOURIST PARK HOTELNAME DAVID BENSONADDRESS 65 CATHOLIC MISSION STREET CITY MUSHIN.STATE LAGOS.TEXT QUESTION TO WHOMANSWER FATHER BERNAND please note that after the tranaction you will have to send me the 10 digits MTCN tracking number and the name you used for the transaction. Thank you and God bless. i will be wating to read from you please do it as early as possible and i will pay you back as soon as i get back home.

29. o sige paki ulit ng address, wala ka naman ibinigay kung saan ko ipapadala. ingat!

30. hi bro,
just wondering if you are really in africa? by the way, we are moving the ipcap meeting to jan. 12, saturday, 2pm down at your place. hope it's ok with you. Merry Christmas!
linda (Sorry di kita nasagot agad kasi nasa scammer pa ang email ko when you replied to him/her. Pero, ngayong nandito na ulit, sige, will reserve pagdating ko jan. God bless)

The scammer replied:

thank you so much Linda for your response and i am very much greatful.please kindly asssist me on the issue of my situation here.but to be sincere it's legitimate. you doubt me ?

Linda replied to that scammer:
that's because there are many victims of hoax messages these days. paano ka napadpad diyan? the last time i talked to you, you did not mention africa. sabi mo sa US ka lang with family and then attend a seminar still in the US. how could i not doubt you? pakitext nga, please. if this is not a hoax, i would receive a text or call from you. fr. bernie knows my cell phone number. by the way you are writing, fr. bernie always ends with a note i am very familiar with. :) this note did not end that way. linda (O di nabuking ka rin! say mo? Good observation, Linda. You're really a counselor, keen observer of hermeneutical matters!!! 3 Cheers! God bless)

31. father did you go to any cngration or phil embassy? (Patay, Naloko na - my response na here in this blog!)

32. Hi Bernand!
Just opened my email. Hope the Society will act on your request immediately. How can we send the amount you need? Give us the details how to do it.
How are you now?
In the meantime, rest assured of our prayers for you. God bless.

The scammer replied:

Thank you so much for your response and i am very much greatful for your concern. well i still have a little problem rigth here,which is due to the absence of my ID and some other things in my bag. i will be unable to pick the money at the bank. but i have spoken with my hotel manager concerning the issue of the transfer he did advice to help me in which he later agreed to use his ID and help me get the money. but i gave him a condition that the question and ans of the transaction will be arranged by me. so now i only have the ? and ans. and below is the wire info
please note that after the tranaction you will have to send me the 10 digits MTCN tracking number and the name you used for the transaction. Thank you and God bless. i will be wating to read from you please do it as early as possible and i will pay you back as soon as i get back home.

33. BELOW IS A LETTER, I GUESS, CIRCULATING AROUND. I RECEIVED ONE, CUT AND PASTED HERE. AYOS ITO HA! RESTI (The scammer must have blushed with shame! Good for him!)

34. here crazy guy. one day you'll get caught with this scam and maybe you'll trully be sent to gana and look like one of them and really starve like them you fool!!!!!! ashhh shit!!!!!!! damn u!!!!!! scammer!!!!! get scared because you're fooling a priest and that is one big mistake. u better stop this because I warned u !!!!! get ready to be in jail. I work for western union and I can get a hold of the transactions going thru in his name or emails fool!!!! (There goes my own sis! Thanks a lot for fighting for me. God bless)

Initially, she replied with this:
hoy!!!! keep watch!!! this stupid person is using your email. . . . . stupid asssss!!!! I'll call u tommorow.!!!

She did call me and told me about what was happening. She scolded me for giving my password out. Lesson for life talaga.

35. i was disturbed by the letter and was supposed to report it to our of my friends told be to verify if its is true. i asked noman if he received same letter and he said yes.i google the title of the program written in the letter and found out that it was a scam. (Wise guy you are. Good investigator. Keep it up!)

36. dear fr bernard,
i received an email coming from your email add. i justwant to confirm if you sent this message. i do hopeyou're ok.

The scammer replied:
Dear Haidee,
Thank you for your reply and i am very much greatful,well the email was sent by's just that it's not every body i informed while going.but please try andhelp me out of it.waiting to read from you soonest.

37. From my yahoo account I wrote the guy myself:
Hi there!I have been trying to access my gmail account, but after I gave away my password (am truly sorry for doing so!!!) to whoever asked for it last Sunday in the name of gmail, I have not been successful. PLEASE, RESTORE MY ACCOUNT. I need to access that account since my students' requirements (these are reflections about our classes) are all in there! Please be considerate. I know you have been sending letters to people in my contact address in there, and am sorry that they have not been responding to you because they know me very well. I am not into what you have just been doing - EXTORTING money! If you don't, then you just have to deal with God about what you are doing. I am therefore giving you up to the Most High Who can avenge for me. God bless and take care. Hope you can reconsider what you have been doing. It's not yet too late. (See, natakot siguro kasi parang na-exorcise siya. Thanks God talaga, and of course to the Google Team.)

38. Good morning Fr. Bernie (sorry i don't know if it is morning in US)
i just opened your email (through research method 1 mailing list), thattold us that you are in Nigeria and was robbed there. i am afraid someone has use your mail account to sent this email toevery body in your contacts.

39. This is a scam.This was exposed in The Manila Standard Today column of Austero.Do not take the bite.

40. SVD-AFRICA Contact Info:
Society of the Divine Word, PO Box 209, Francistown, Botswanatel. (00267) 241-63-90; 724-066-44, fax (00267) 240-36-96
United Nations Nigeria Country Office, Abuja, Nigeria
For further information, please contact:
The Resident Coordinator?s OfficeAnthony Ngororano
MAILING ADDRESS:United Nations HousePlot 617/618, Diplomatic Zone,Central Area District,P.M.B. 2851, Garki,Abuja, Nigeria.
EMERGENCY SERVICES American citizens needing emergency services after hours, on weekends or onholidays, can contact the following numbers and ask for the duty officer:Abuja: 0803-408-6000 (cell phone)Lagos: (234)-1-2610195 or (234)-1-2611414 (Mabubuking talaga siya if the scammer did that!)

41. ay, ano ang nangyari father?
I do not have such big amount of money. Do you want me to inform at least the DFA about your situation. So they can do something Father. I can send youP10,000 that is 200 US dollars only. It's 12 in the morning here right now.

The scammer replied:
Thank you so much for your response and i am very much greatful for your concern. and also sorry for not responding to your mail which is due to lack of access to the net and also trying to sort things about my p/port well i still have a little problem rigth here,which is due to the absence of my ID and some other things in my bag. i will be unable to pick the money at the bank. but i have spoken with my hotel manager concerning the issue of the transfer he did advice to help me in which he later agreed to use his ID and help me get the money. but i gave him a condition that the question and ans of the transaction will be arranged by me. so now i only have the ? and ans. and below is the wire info
ANSWER FR. BERNAND. SVD (See? Nabuking ka din! I AM NOT FR. BERNAND!!! Scammer!!!

42. Hi to all,
It's better to inform Fr. Bernard directly about this, preferrably not through email to confirm if this is true or not. For the mean time we should'nt be bothered. Goodnight and have a nice sleep.

The person who wrote in #42 was part of a running email conversation which started with this:
Hi All,
What do you make of this? Shouldn't the SVD be informed ASAP?

One answered:
hi andy,
i also received this same email andi informed fr collera that it seems thatour email addresses have been compromised.
ano siya, masaya? sinuswerte?
a lot of this type of scam originate fromnigeria. what, they expect us to part witha couple of thousand dollars? in the firstplace, i don't have that kind of dough.second, i will give him my credit cardnumber?
sira talaga ito.
fr collera,paki pray over na lang this guy.

43. hi fr. collera,
look at this. i received it in mymail box and it appears that youremail address and mine have beencompromised. i'm really amazed howpeople can really try all sorts of methods to deceive others.
anyway, hope all is well with youand have a nice christmas out there.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I am posting here an account of what happened to me in relation to an internet scam so that others may know and learn something about. I emailed this already to those who replied to the scam letter (I saw them when I got full control of my email again, and THANKS anyway to whoever s/he was for not erasing the emails in the inbox). Happy reading! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Dear Everyone who was written to (by i don't know who - the scammer) last Dec. 18,

Peace be with you!

First I'd like to greet you Merry Christmas! I was at Holy Hills, Wisconsin this morning and concelebrated at the 1130(?) AM Mass. At the communion time, one guy said "Father, tagalugin nyo po kasi ang tagal ko nang wala sa Pilipinas. Namimiss ko na ang Pilipinas." It gave me the inspiration to ask the main celebrant (I forgot his name, he's a Carmelite priest though) to give me the chance to greet everyone in Tagalog, and Chinese before everyone leaves the place. I did, and realized that indeed we may be far away from home and feel so lonesome, but the birth of Christ on Christmas day has made me realize He is family to us and wherever we are, we are home! May you be with those whom you love and love you this Christmas! Christ does love you, and wants you to feel at home!

Secondly, allow me to apologize for the inconvenience of that scam you received. Please read this account so I can have myself cleared:

1. On Dec. 16, 2007, that was a Sunday here in the US, I was at a classmate's house in Carlsbad, California. I remember having checked on my emails in the morning before Mass. In my gmail account, I read one which wrote (am copying here what I actually received for purposes of pedagogy):

Dear Account User
This Email is from Gmail Customer Care and we are sending it to every Gmail Email User Accounts Owner for safety. we are having congestions due to the anonymous registration of Gmail accounts so we are shutting down some Gmail accounts and your account was among those to be deleted.We are sending you this email to so that you can verify and let us know if you still want to use this account.If you are still interested please confirm your account by filling the space below.Your User name,password,date of birth and your country information would be needed to verify your account. Due to the congestion in all Gmail users and removal of all unused Gmail Accounts, Gmail would be shutting down all unused Accounts, You will have to confirm your E-mail by filling out your Login Information below after clicking the reply button, or your account will be suspended within 24 hours for security reasons.
Username: ..............................
Password: ................................
Date of Birth: ............................
Country Or Territory: ................
After following the instructions in the sheet, your account will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. Thanks for your attention to this request. We apologize for any inconveniences. Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his/her account after two weeks of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.

I might have been shocked and scared, as I naively replied:

Okey, I am putting in here whatever data you have required. I don't understand why you have chosen mine when it has been very good and I hope I haven't done anything to disturb your system. Please check below the information. I hope I can continue availing your services. I just don't understand what made you choose mine and give me the impression that mine is "unused." I have very essential communications going on through this my gmail account. I expect your respecting my privacy and confidentiality of these informations.Thanks & God bless

Yes, I gave away my password!!!!!!! which I never did before in my life!!!!!

2. By the 18th of Dec., I was on the car my friend drove to Burbank, the place where I had to take my flight back to San Francisco. Azell Banoza, our former Social Worker at Sarnelli in Baclaran (she's on a training at north Carolina) rang me up, and asked a question which I thought I never heard her ask. She told me she had received a letter saying I was in Nigeria, and that I needed money… (you must have read it yourself already). Immediately, I remembered what I did last Dec. 16; so to race with time and whoever did it, I asked her to go into my gmail account, and change my password. In five minutes, when she called me back, I realized the email was no longer under my control. I felt like I gave someone the key to my house and when in, s/he locked me out in the cold. As soon as I reached my niece's place that evening, I checked my emails, and discovered that my yahoo account was untouched, and in there was the letter Azel received from my gmail account! I couldn't enter my gmail account as the password was already changed!! Whew!!! How I wanted to call the police!!! I called up Fr. Noel to cancel my previous schedule with him because I wanted to solve this problem. I knew I was getting into a mess which might have become bigger had I left it unsettled. Fr. Laput gave me the idea to email and report the incident about my gmail account. Here's what I wrote them (this is still in my yahoo inbox):

To the person in charge of G-mail accounts,

Peace!I am Fr. Bernard Collera, SVD. I have received an email yesterday Dec. 18, from my gmail account and would like to report the abuse that's going on with this account. Friends have told me about this too, that it has been soliciting money, the amount of $3150 which i am purportedly to pay back when I go home. My classmate has told me to email your address so what's going on stops. I have actually written back to that account and pleaded that it be given back to me because the emails of my students are all in there. Please help me on this. I was stupid to reply and give away my password last Sunday, Dec. 16 to an email which purported that gmail was closing and that if i didn't reply my account would be closed. Sorry, but i admit that was clearly stupid (sorry for the word) on my part to have so naively given away my password. What's more disconcerting is the fact that I can't anymore access my two blogspot accounts, namely and Hence, whatever should be done so I can have those back would be the best. Please please assist. God bless

You may reply to me here since I can no longer access my gmail account. Thanks a lot. Take care
Bernard Collera

In a few minutes, the Google Team responded and gave me options. I sent them two more letters after following their directions, until I got to the site which asked for my Verification Number (which gmail sent to my secondary address upon opening my gmail account way back 2006). I gave as much information as I could, and even the right for them to "storm" into my account if only I could have my email back. 3. To keep this long story short, on Christmas eve, last night, while at our family Christmas party here in the US, when I checked my emails, The Google Team sent me this message:


We have completed our investigation and we are re-enabling your access to this account. The account settings have been restored to the first name, last name, and secondary email address that you provided. We sincerely apologize for what you have experienced in this regard and appreciate your cooperation and understanding. To reactivate this account:…

I did as directed, and PRESTO!!! I GOT BACK MY GMAIL ACCOUNT!!!

I went through everyone's replies to that scam letter, and for all your concern, thanks a lot. You have to produce me evidence that you sent that guy money because he said he was me…if you want me to pay up. Sa totoo lang, sana wala akong dapat harapin! Chocolate lang ang maibibigay ko for you as pasalubong! Whew!!! Thanks The Google Team for all your efforts. May the Lord bless you!

Pasensya na po talaga sa lahat ng idinulot na kaba ng scam na yon. Takot ko lang talagang lumaki ang mga bayarin pag-uwi ko sa Pilipinas sa January 2008! HAhaha. Di ko po ugaling di magsabi patungkol sa aking pagpunta sa isang malayong lugar (formation output kaya ito?!); at mas lalong di ko ugaling manghiram lalo na ng pera (wala kasi akong pambayad!!!: seminary and family training output!). May this account let everyone who reads about it know

(1) what NOT TO DO and
(2) what TO DO when into what I went through. God is really GOOD! All the time! God bless--

Fr. Bernard, SVD

It's about 19:30 AM here as I publish this blog. This document has been first blogged in my other blog so that others get to understand what had happened to me (in case they might be interested). It's about 1145 PM Dec. 26 in the Philippines, so tamang tama gets nyo na to. God bless again and take care. See you January 4, 2008.