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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I just came from CHED this afternoon, and finally, here is the CHED Memo many participants have been requesting. Please download it from here. And you may also share this with other colleagues you may know have also need of it. Have a great time and see you at Grand Men Seng, Davao. It's barely 10 days from now. God bless

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Latest on the IPCAP

Here are two pictures from our latest meeting on the IPCAP here in the seminary last August 15, 2007. Only 8 came as typhoon Egay released its heavy rains that flooded the streets leading to the seminary. These were taken from my powerful Nokia 6630 celphone too.
Dr. Rose Llanes, current PGCA President stands at the center. She is our current IPCAP President. The guy in orange is yours truly, IPCAP Secretary. Our Treasurer is Mr. Cesar S. Cong, the one sitted in front of me. Our Auditor is Dr. Alda Perlita Polestico, sitted at the opposite side of the table beside Dr. Llanes. The rest of the committed Counselors are (sitted at left side: Dr. Carmencita Salonga [in front of Cesar], and Dr. Linda Bubod [at my back, beside Dr. Llanes]; sitted in front of Dr. Polestico are Myrna Serranilla and James Tan of CEFAM. They're organizing the Philippine Association of Pastoral and Family Counseling (PAPFC). They're Pastoral and Family Counseling masters graduates of CEFAM based at Ateneo de Manila University.

At your service standing from left to right: Cesar Cong, Fr. Bernardo R. Collera, SVD, Dr. Carmencita Salonga, Dr. Linda Bubod, Dr. Rosa Maria Llanes, Dr. Alda Perlita Polestico, Mrs. Myrna Serranilla, and Mr. James Tan. Our Vice-President [current PACERS Chairperson] Dr. Julian Montano couldn't make it due to the heavy rains and flooding, and he had yet to drive from his nest in Tagaytay. Missed you, Julian. Better missed than trapped in the waters of Egay in the streets of Buendia or EDSA!!!

We wrote a Congratulatory message for our two new PRC Commissioners Honorable Nilo Rosas and Ruth Rana-Padilla. Dr. Llanes was tasked to present it to them when she goes to PRC. We are at the moment finalizing the final copy of the IPCAP Constitution, have IPCAP registered wirth SEC and shall be applying for accreditation with PRC to become the Accredited Professional Association (APO) of Guidance and Counseling as stipulated in RA9258 or the Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004. When we shall have been accredited as APO, I shall post here that document which should contain our Accreditation data, including our Accreditation #. We are also in the process of choosing the IPCAP logo and letterhead for official communications. If you wish to submit a logo for the association, you may email it to me so we can deliberate on it in our next meeting: AUG 27, 2007, 2PM downwards. It's a free day, so we have sufficient time to complete everything, from signing the Constitutions, to finalizing our incorporation papers, and the historical picture taking.

Yes, we're awaiting the publication of the Rules and Regulations of RA9258. Keep posted. God bless

Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology

This is the last of the two volumes of the Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology which I promised I'd blog in here. Please read along.

Philipine Journal of Counseling Psychology Vol. 4 February 2001
It costs only P100.00.

Table of Contents of the Philipine Journal of Counseling Psychology Vol. 4 November 2001

PJCP has volumes 3 (November 2000), and 5 (February 2003) which sold like hotcakes - we only have 1 copy of volume 5 left for our files, while there is only one copy of volume 3 available for disposal. I shall blog these two later as I still have to take pictures of these said volumes. In case you might want to order them, especially Vol. 5, do let us know so we can make a decision about reprinting them. Okey? God bless

Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology

Here are the other volumes available for your purchasing needs. The account you can use for purchasing is in the last picture. There are two more volumes I will place in the next blog. Happy reading. Hope this can help you now. God bless

Philipine Journal of Counseling Psychology Vol. 7 February 2005. It costs only P200.00.

Table of Contents of the Philipine Journal of Counseling Psychology Vol. 7 February 2005

Philipine Journal of Counseling Psychology Vol. 6 February 2004. It costs only P180.00.

Table of Contents of the Philipine Journal of Counseling Psychology Vol. 6 February 2004

You may check this document and using either of the bank accounts mentioned in there, you can deposit your payment in there, and then text me or fax your deposit slip to the contact numbers mentioned in this document too. So you may not worry about courier charges, you may add P80.00 for LBC. The next day, you'll have your PJCP. For international orders, I shall scout for the courier and the manner of payment so we can serve you too. The price will remain the same. It is the price for the freight that will have to make a difference. Okey?

Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology

I got a text message inquiring about available volumes of our Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology, and since the stocks are here with me in the seminary, let me place them here for your knowledge in case you may want to purchase them. Thanks to my celphone. I took these pictures below using my Nokia 6630. Bet you, aren't they clear enough?

I have here the cover of the volumes and their Table of Contents. Hope these can help you in your decision to purchase. Of course, PACERS membership entitles you a copy of these journals (I can send you the application form by email); otherwise, you may also request your school library to purchase a copy so many others can access the scientific literature inside.
I thought about advertising these via internet. But let me see what needs to be done before going into it. However, in case you may want to order them, just text me at 0919-6236605 (SMART), or 0927-3842739 (GLOBE). You may also inquire through my email address:

This is the latest volume of the Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology (Vol 9, No. 1 February 2007). It was launched during our Annual Convention at the Bayview Park Hotel in front of the US Embassy along Roxas Blvd. It costs P250.00 only.

This is the Table of Contents of PJCP Vol 9 No 1 February 2007.

Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology (Vol 8, No. 1 February 2006). It costs P220.00 only.

This is the Table of Contents of PJCP Vol 8 No 1 February 2006.

Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology (Vol 7, No. 1 February 2005). It costs P200.00 only.

I shall be putting the other available volumes of the PJCP in my next blogs. It looks like this one could only accommodate 5 pictures. Kerep reading. God bless

Monday, August 13, 2007

PGCA Events

I got word about the following events, but since the invitation letters were in a form not possible for attaching here, I almost forgot about them. But thanks to Dr. Perlie Polestico, the information was relayed again. Here it is:

1. PGCA National Summit on Guidance & Counseling Currilum
September 13-14, 2007
Silliman University

2. PGCA Midyear Workshop '07
October 24-26, 2007
Holiday Plaza, Cebu City

For reservation, contact Dr. Rose Llanes ( or Ms. Malou Chavez ( or (02) 435-9240 loc. 246).

All the best then. God bless

Thursday, August 09, 2007

New PRC Commissioners Appointed!!!

This is very fresh news and has very important implications for Counseling in the Philippines. Dr. Rosa Ma. Llanes, current President of PGCA (Philippine Guidance & Counseling Association) as well as IPCAP (Integrated Professional Counselors Association of the Philippines)President has just texted me that the President (GMA) has appointed two Commissioners for the Professional Regulation Commission or PRC. The two are: Drs. Ruth Rana-Padilla, and Nilo Rosas. The name of the second appointee sounds familiar - wasn't he with DepEd?

This news has important implications to our profession of Counseling in the Philippines. Right now, the Rules & Regulations of RA9258 are already in the PRC Chair's (Dr. Rosero) table for signing. This RR needs the signature of the new Commissioners, after which it will see print in the Gazette and newspaper of national circulation. As soon as this RR gets signed, I shall be announcing it here because 15 days after publication, this RR will be implemented. The first implication is the Grandfather's Clause. Definitely, it will be implemented immediately. Hence those who are applying for the licensure sans the licensure exams as stipulated in RA9258 Article III Section 14 should ready their requirements. These shall be mentioned in the published RR. Please read it when it gets published for proper guidance. I shall announce it here when it sees print, especially in the newspapers.

PGCA will then start issuing certificates of active membership, as well as good moral character which are required in our application to the PRBGC or Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance and Counseling. I hope those who apply for the Grandfather's Clause will be granted so that we can practice Counseling sans legal hindrances. Also, I hope that those who will be taking the first Board exams in Guidance & Counseling will be prepared and pass the exams too. When it will be scheduled should also be mentioned in the published RR.

Wow! Wasn't this what we have been waiting for? All the best. May the Good Lord, our Counselor be with us in these days of frenzy. We've been into it last summer, so I bet we all know how to be more calm this time. Take care. God bless

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

DepEd Advisory Available Online

I got word tonight via email (thanks Jun Reyes) that the Advisory of the Department of Education (DepEd) for our PACERS Midyear Workshop in Davao is now available online. Please go to this site: to download your copy. The Advisory is No. 7 s 2007 MIDYEAR WORKSHOP OF THE PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION FOR COUNSELOR EDUCATION, RESEARCH AND SUPERVISION (PACERS).

We are still waiting for the release of the CHED Memorandum for the event. As soon as we have it, we shall announce it here. PACERS shall also ready a copy of the DepEd Advisory for you upon request during the Midyear event in Davao. Please pass this message to our colleagues. See you there. God bless