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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


For our upcoming 3rd IPCAP National Convention this Feb. 3-5, 2011 at the University of Baguio, our Convention Co-Chair Ms. MayClaire A. Jimenez, RGC texted me with this recommendation: "Father, malamig talaga (brrr) kaya advice them to bring JACKETS." So you heard it right, please bring your warmers. Magdala kayo ng APOY (kung pwede hehe) para mapawi ang lamig. Hehehe

All systems go we are now. Hope everyone has made their lodging reservations. Dr. Luz Guzman, RGC, our PRBGC Chair and Chair of the CPE Council for Guidance and Counseling (CPECGC) has informed me that this Convention has been accredited as a CPE Event. The CPECGC will be sending CPECGC Member Dr. John Addy Garcia, RGC as its representative to monitor the conduct of this CPE Event. IPCAP is footing all his travel, board and lodging expenses, as officially requested by the CPECGC.

For RGCs who will be attending the Convention and are not yet members of IPCAP, you may bring along your PRC license, one (1) copy of your 2x2 or 1x1 most recent colored photo to facilitate the process of registration.

Re: IPCAP Membership

There have been questions about membership in IPCAP. Let it be again reiterated here that membership in IPCAP is reserved ONLY for RGCs or those who have the PRC license as Guidance Counselor. Personnel currently involved in guidance work will be welcome for membership ONLY AFTER they shall have received their PRC License or ID as Guidance Counselor. We had cases of participants who wanted to become members but have only the PRC license as TEACHERS. We regret to inform everyone here that applications for IPCAP membership shall not be approved without this sine qua non requirement - the PRC license as Guidance Counselor.

IPCAP annual Membership fee is only P500. RGCs who want to become members please be ready with this amount which can be paid onsite. We have an ID fee of P200 which is good for three (3) years. Since it's an annual membership fee, members may want to update their membership for the year 2011-2012. For those who have no IPCAP ID yet, please bring along P200 and your most presentable MOST RECENT COLORED photo of either 1x1 or 2x2 size.

Re: CPE Certificates from previous IPCAP events (including our 2nd National Convention in UE-Manila last April 2010, our 1st Partnership Convention with PACC last Sept. 16-18, 2010, and our 1st Partnership with FPCAP last Nov. 18-20, 2010 - ALL events have been accredited as CPE Events) that you may have not yet received, you may claim them in Baguio. With the success we have reaped during the Partnership Convention with PACC last September, we hope to maintain the system so we can AGAIN release the CPE Certificates in this 3rd National Convention IMMEDIATELY.

Starting this 3rd National Convention, fees for CPE Certification have already been factored in (read: INCLUDED) the fees you have paid. Members in particular have seen this clear benefit as recommended in our previous conventions. Thanks to those who made those recommendations in the Evaluation. Your Board is here to implement whatever will do RGCs good, including making the fees really AFFORDABLE. We always keep in mind that IPCAP is a NON-PROFIT NON-STOCK SEC-certified organization of licensed Guidance Counselors, the ONLY ONE in the country today.

IPCAP: The organization of, for and by Registered Guidance Counselors in the Philippines. For more information, you may email or text us. You can be sure your inquiries shall be attended to. God bless and take care