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Sunday, September 07, 2008


I called up PRC Thursday and Friday, Sept. 4 & 5 respectively, and the lady there told me that this week (starting the 8th September 2008), we are supposed to check their website or the newspapers (I found the list of those who passed the Board exams in the on Sept 1, whereas the results were published in Manila Bulletin Sept. 2, 2008) for the results of the 3rd batch of oath takers under the Grandfather's Clause. Let's keep each other informed. Email me or text na lang so we can immediately disseminate information. My email is, and you can text me at either SMART 0919-6236605, or GLOBE 0927-3842739.

Secondly, I am doing my own countdown about the letter we wrote the PRB, copy furnished the PRC which Dr. Rosales personally in a handwritten letter replied (both have been blogged earlier). We submitted the letter August 13, of course it was 2008; Dr. Rosales received it Aug. 15, also 2008 (thanks a lot talaga!) which happens to be the same day she wrote us her reply. I received the reply last Saturday Aug. 30 (bagal ng post no? email is best talaga haha). And as regards this letter, I am really surprised why PGCA is saying nothing about the matter. DI ba the invitation to the Midyear carried with it "APO" sila? Does anyone know and email me? It's our profession's integrity that is at stake here. Let's stand for each other's integrity. This is what accountability is about which we are all trained, sworn in and will guarantee to everyone, client and fellow Counselor alike. Let's know the truth. The more documented (as in resolutions and text messages, emails and blogs para malinaw), the better. God bless