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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yes, I called up PRC last Monday, Sept. 08, and got the results: the Resolution on the 3rd batch of Grandfathered oath-takers. I called up again requesting for a copy of the said PRC Resolution so that we can see the list ourselves, like we saw the list of Board Passers, and yes the one of the 2nd batch. I was told that it shall be uploaded into the PRC website and published in the Manila Bulletin tomorrow, i.e., Sept. 9, 2008. After the conversation, I actually received a text message about being upset that the information on a Manila Bulletin publication of the said list was supposed to be on Sept. 8, 2008, and that it wasn't there! Ano ba talaga kuya?! Anyway, we are usually patient and grant them the benefit of the doubt, so I did check Sept. 8's, 9's, and even yesterday's. Wala pa rin KUYA! Wala sa classified ads; wala sa showbiz page. Wala sa tabi-tabi; wala sa obituary! Ano ba talaga!!!

Anyway, the latest (today's) is this: "Wait nyo po sa newspaper and website ng prc hanggang Saturday." This is from Archie who texted his contact in PRC. Basta sabi mo ba, okey! And here is one Archie sent me: "Those who qualified for the Grandfa Clause can go to PRC satellite Ofc in their respective places to apply for the registration or they also have the option to apply directly at PRC Manila." He must have received it from PRC mismo.

Some people find this process a little irritating. In fact, anyone can hear the word "makulit ka" said at the sides. I wouldn't mind being told that. But I bet everyone wants to see "THE WORD ALIVE," meaning "you do as you say." When you say it's tomorrow, it's tomorrow. Not next time, not some time in the near or far or will never come future. We are already in the time of professionals, meaning we go by standards in behavior. O lulusot na naman, saying "e Philippine time yan e." Ah ganon? How many hours are there in a day? 24 di ba? Or are we saying we have now a longer-than-24-hour days in the Philippines? Matagal na po!!! We grant rooms for errors since we hold the saying "To err is human and to forgive is divine." But let's remember that we cannot abuse mercy by not reforming. Restitution is an apt word for whatever this may all amount to.

So, now we have a clear example of a defense mechanism called PROJECTION: the discomfort one feels about one's inability to do/live as one has said is projected to the other in the word and accusation "makulit ka!" So, let's not be afraid to follow up, especially when we have already given a day or two lapse to give the other the benefit of the doubt. In this way, we can remove corruption and inefficiency in our systems, first as individuals, then as peers, family, community and the nation. Then we can stand up tall before anyone because we do as we say. Today's papers say that the Philippines has slipped into the 140th position out of 181 countries to invest in. This deeply ingrained behavior might be the cause of that rating. Why not do a study about this? Oo nga no?

Sa kabilang dako, in line with being true to the one's word, I am really wondering why until now Dr. Villar and her PGCA Board has not answered my first question by way of email or text: WHAT IS THE ACCREDITATION NUMBER OF PGCA AS APO? WHEN WAS IT RELEASED? FOR HOW LONG IS THE DURATION? When I say Accreditation Number, I mean the PGCA has paid dues to PRC for this accreditation number. This is required in PRC Resolution 178 Series of 2004. Dr. Llanes as President of PGCA has done that last year or early this year, but has not been allowed to pay due to PGCA's documentary flaws! And yet, the title "Accredited Professional Association by the Professional Regulation Commission" remains in any of their invites and hopefully not, official documents. Perhaps in reply to my query, the PGCA website instead uploaded last week PRC Resolution # 292 Series of 2005, signed on Aug. 8, 2005, published in the Gazette on Oct. 31, 2005 and date of effectivity to start on Nov. 16, 2005. This is the context of the 3-year period for the APO. Without the said number, without PRC giving them an Official Receipt about this payment to be APO for the Guidance & Counseling profession, PGCA SHOULD REFRAIN FROM USING THIS TITLE. It is a form of usurpation without basis, a misrepresentation in itself that shouldn't be done by any professional or person or organization for that matter. Remember, even in the Rules and Regulations, the PGCA is only identified as INTERIM APO or IAPO, a required organization during this process of licensing the Guidance Counselors. Doesn't this RR already supersede, repeal or amend previous actions of anyone (see Rule V Section 35 of the RR of RA 9258) particularly that PRC Resolution # 2005-292? Let's stay and act within limits or else, let's remember that misrepresentation of authority is a crime in our land. (Wait ha, I will search for that law so that at least everyone knows what this is all about.)

What is more problematic here is that those who will be taking their oaths might be REQUIRED to pay the PGCA membership dues. Until PGCA has that accreditation number, until PGCA shows proof of payment, PGCA is not the APO, and anyone will just be giving money away. Yaman mo 'tol, pautang nga! dami naming mahirap sa tabi!!! Payment to the APO should be given only after organization shall have shown the PRC O.R. and the said number. The PRBGC should be the first one to uphold the proper process here, and I hope the observation or perception of favoritism is avoided.

We have heard Dr. Bance's report during the Convention last May 2008 during the National Convention: the previous Treasurer has not turned over to her any Financial Report yet. May I ask if there has been one since then? I read in the PGCA website that Dr. Bance is now the Vice-president. Has there been a turn over? If there was none yet as of this writing, behold what precedents can do talaga! And we expect this to continue uncorrected from our APO-daw? God forbid!

What I said here may sound disturbing. I may be judged going OC, but if only we listen to what is deep inside us: trying to edge out corruption in our midst, trying to live as we say, then those need not be seen as ka-OC han, but as part of our communal efforts to reform ourselves. Remember we are counselors. The Christian message calls for conversion - for the better and not for the worst. Let's walk the talk!