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Monday, July 28, 2008

Wanted: Counselor for College of St. Benilde

I just received the following letter about the need for a Counselor at the College of St. Benilde at Taft. Ave. Please read along:

Dear Fr. Bernard,


I hope you remember me; I was your supervisee at Sarnelly during my practicum while taking my masters in Guidance and Counseling at DLSU Taft. May I request you, if possible to place the following advertisement in your blog:


Under the supervision of the CCS Director, the counselor performs individual/group counseling and interviews, and conducts/facilitates group activities that help in the development of well-integrated and responsible individuals. Applicants must be:

* A Master's degree holder in Guidance & Counseling and/or School Counseling
* At least three to five years of directly related work experience; and
* Covered by the grandfather clause (Section 14 - Registration without Examination) of R.A. 9258 (Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004); or qualified to take the Licensure Examination for Guidance Counselors

Interested applicants may email their application letter and curriculum vitae to: Deadline for submission is on August 15, 2008.


Myrna Valera, PhD. RGC
OIC-Center for Counseling Services
De La Salle-College of St.Benilde

Applicants can also visit the C.S.B. website.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Contact Addresses of Counseling-related Organizations

In response to the letter requesting for the contact address of Counseling-related organizations in the Philippines, the following were submitted. I shall be adding the others as they are submitted. Here they are:

1. Family and Pastoral Counseling Association of the Philippines (FPCAP)
Unit 313 Llanar Bldg.,
Xavierville Ave., Quezon City
Contact: Luli P. Delgado (0917-8260092); Myrna Serranilla (0920-9064162

2. Career Development Association of the Philippines (CDAP)
or email Dr. Joyce M. Dy

3. Philippine Association for Counselor Education, Research and Supervision (PACERS)
c/o Dr. Susana A. Estanislao
Office of Counseling & Career Services (OCCS)
Room 304 SPS Bldg.
DLSU, 2401 Taft Ave., Manila City 1004
Trunkline: (02) 524-4611 local 419
Telefax: (02) 536-0226

Thus far until today July 28, 2008. God bless

Saturday, July 26, 2008

IPCAP Certificates here: SEC & BIR Pics

This is the IPCAP Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate of Incorporation. With the connection established between SEC and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), every corporation immediately gets a TIN or tax information number.

This is IPCAP's BIR Certificate of Registration.

The Official Receipts are still in the printer and will be released anytime next week. After these O.R.'s shall have been released from the printer, the IPCAP Incorporators shall meet again and map out the organization's direction.

All Licensed Guidance Counselors (RGS's of Batches 1 and 2 - those who've taken their Oath) are enjoined to register with the IPCAP so we can submit our papers for PRC accreditation, thereby fulfilling the stipulations of Article III, Section 21 of RA 9258 or the Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004. We shall publish the contact address for such registration. We are currently working on the Application Form and other papers. We have already started signing the Membership Book which was given by the SEC together with the above Certificate of Incorporation. With a regular APO granted a certification of accreditation (which the PGCA has none since it is only an interim APO for purpose of facilitating the nomination and appointment of the PRBGC or Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance and Counseling, and was not given a certificate of accreditation due to documentary deficits, and internal problems), the Guidance and Counseling profession thus goes full swing in its process of development. Let's all come together and make Guidance and Counseling a relevant profession in the mental health and development of our fellow Filipinos, whether in school or in the community or in the clinics, hospitals, and industry. All the best. God bless

IPCAP Meeting at RGS, Cubao July 16, 2008 PICS

Here are some of the pictures taken during our 1st IPCAP Meeting (# 1-08) last July 16, 2008 at the RGS Convent's Rosary Hall. Our IPCAP papers have then been submitted a day earlier; on July 18, 2008 the SEC seal was affixed on our certificate of registration complete with the signature of the signing officer (I shall post it in my next blog together with our BIR Certificate). On July 21, 2008 Cesar and I went to SEC to receive our certificate and the Membership Book. Thanks God indeed!

IPCAP was organized for the sole purpose of fulfilling the stipulations of our RA 9258 or the "Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004" particularly Article III, Section 21. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) endorsed IPCAP for SEC registration. It's Indorsement Letter dated July 11, 2008 states "...we hereby deem the herein PRC Indorsement or referral to SEC as compliance therewith and as PRC 'Certification of Non-Objection' to the SEC registration of the said [IPCAP] Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws."

This IPCAP meeting was attended by representatives of 8 Counseling-related organizations, namely the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association (PGCA), Philippine Association for Counselor Education, Research and Supervision (PACERS), Philippine Association for Christian Counseling (PACC), Career Development Association of the Philippines (CDAP), Family and Pastoral Association of the Philippines (FPCAP), Guidance Circle of the Philippines (GCP), Philippine Association of PSycho-Social Helping Professionals (PAPSHP), and the Religious of the Good Shepherd Community (RGS) of nuns. Here they are:

Those in front are from the left: Dr. Emy Villar (PGCA President), Dr. Joyce Dy (CDAP Vice-President), and Dr. Perlie Polestico (in yellow and in a prayerful stance, PGCA Board Member). At Perlie's left is Cesar Cong (PACC President and IPCAP Treasurer), Dr. Julian Montano (PACERS Chair and IPCAP Vice-Chair), Dr. Susie Eala (PACERS Corporate Secretary), Dr. Susana Estanislao (PACERS Vice-Chair), and Dr. Carmelina Barrera (PAPSHP Vioce-President).

The lady in green after Dr. Barrera is Ms. Belen Mandin (GCP Representative). The gentleman on her left is James Tan (FPCAP President), then Myrna Serranilla (FPCAP Secretary), and Sr. Florence Bautista, RGS. Of course Dr. Emy Villar is still visible in this picture, while Sr. Leticia Allado went out.

Here is Cesar Cong looking at Dr. Montano.
Those ladies coerced the men to sit in front (from left): James Tan, Dr. Julian Montano, Cesar Cong, and Fr. Bernardo Collera, SVD. At the back posing a-la Ms(d) Universe (from left): Sr. Florence Bautista, Myrna Serranilla, Belen Mandin, Dr. Carmelina Barrera, Dr. Susana Estanislao, Dr. Susie Eala, Malou Chavez, Dr. Emy Villar, Dr. Joyce Dy, and Dr. Perlie Polestico.

Monday, July 21, 2008

IPCAP Meets at RGS

Last July 16, 2008, from 4-630PM, 15 representatives from eight (8) counseling-related organizations came together and met at the Religious of the Good Shepherd Convent in Cubao near St. Bridget School. This is the first time this year 2008, after a long hiatus that IPCAP or the Integrated Professional Counselors Association of the Philippines (IPCAP), Inc came and met.

Those who came included the following:
Dr. Julian Montano (current PACERS Chair and IPCAP Vice-Chair),
Fr. Bernardo Collera, SVD (IPCAP Secretary),
Cesar Cong, RGC (IPCAP Treasurer),
Dr. Perlie Polestico (PGCA Board Member and IPCAP Auditor),
Dr. Emy Villar (current PGCA President),
Malou Chavez (PGCA Board Member),
Dr. Susana Estanislao (current PACERS Vice-Chair),
Dr. Susie Eala, (current PACERS Corporate Secretary),
James Tan (current FPCAP President),
Myrna Serranilla (current FPCAP Secretary),
Dr. Joyce Dy, RGC (current CDAP Vice-President),
Dr. Carmelina Barrera, RGC (current PAPSHP President),
Avelina Mandin of the GCP,
and two RGS nuns, Sr. Florence Bautista and Leticia Allado.

As shown in its attendance sheet, representatives came from the following counseling-related organizations: PGCA, PACERS, PACC, CDAP, GCP, PAPSHP, FPCAP, and the RGS. Nine (9) of the fifteen (15) IPCAP Incorporators were present, and as per IPCAP Board Resolution #3, the meeting constituted a quorum. This meeting was open for licensed or Registered Guidance Counselors (RGC's), hence the presence of invited guests.

Now that IPCAP has been SEC-registered, meetings shall be held. If you have anything to be tackled in those meetings, do email me about it. I hope the IPCAP Board is open to the possibility of having our Minutes of the Meetings or excerpts from the Minutes blogged here as a function of information dissemination. In this way, members and future members will be updates about the organization. Although this is a personal blog, I have always envisioned this blog to be a source of information regarding the developments of Counseling in the Philippines. As attested by the emails I have received, including the licensure of some Filipino Guidance Counselors residing abroad, I am happy that this goal is being achieved. As St. Ignatius de Loyola says, Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam!

IPCAP now SEC-registered!

Just this afternoon today July 21, 2008, IPCAP Treasurer Cesar S. Cong, RGC (Registered Guidance Counselor) and myself as IPCAP Secretary received from the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) our Certificate of INCORPORATION. Our Company Registration Number is CN200811283. We also got the Membership Book, and the next step is to move for certification as PRC-accredited professional organization.

As has been blogged here as early as 2006, this organization aims to fulfill the stipulations of Republic Act 9258 or The Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004. The purposes of this professional association are as follows (culled from the SEC-registered IPCAP Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws):

1. the promotion and development of the Guidance and Counseling Profession and its licensed practitioners;
2. accredit counseling-related organizations and ensure the observance of ethical standards among the organizations and its members;
3. information-dissemination about the profession;
4. conduct and publish researches pertaining to the profession of Guidance and Counseling;
5. conduct and provide Continuing Professional Education activities in Guidance and Counseling.

We are greatly thankful to the Securities and Exchange Commission for its swift action on our application which we filed only last week, July 15, 2008 to be exact. As the SEC certificate of Incorporation attests, it was on the 18th of July 2008 when the SEC Company Registration and Monitoring Department signing officer set his hand and caused the seal of the SEC to be affixed on our certificate.

We are also thankful to the Professional Regulation Commision (PRC) for acting on our petition for endorsement of IPCAP to be SEC-registered. We submitted our papers on June 13, 2008. With persistence and courage, we got the PRC indorsement letter on July 11, 2008, wherein states the letter as a "certification of non-objection." Thanks be to God indeed!

I hope the next steps will show us our clear intention to really help make Guidance and Counseling an active and relevant profession in Philippine society. With IPCAP, we hope to make this direction something worth pursuing, for the good of the profession, for the good its practitioners and for the good of those we serve. God bless us.

Suicide Potential Inventory for Filipinos

The following letter was sent to me by Dr. Susan Estanislao obviously to share with everyone about the Suicide Potential Inventory for Filipinos (SPIF) which the letter writer herself has constructed. I shall also be placing in here the document she sent along with this email. Happy Reading!

Hi Fr. Bernard,

Greetings of joy and peace!

Can you pls. blog the attached data for counselors to see? It is about my instrument wherein they can spot suicide potentials ages 15 to 24 years old with the use of other tools. They can make reservations and/or call up the publisher, Dr. Irma Coronel for purchase. It only costs Php 1,500.00 per kit.

If ever they will attend our PACERS midyear workshops in Cebu City this coming Sept 4 and 5, 2008, they may contact me at (02) 536-0226 or 09158801705 or Dr. Coronel for reservations (see attached file) and buy from me directly in Cebu. I shall bring their ordered kits.

God bless.


Herein below is the description of the aforesaid psychological measure:

Suicide Potential Inventory for Filipinos (SPIF)
Dr. Susan Almeda-Estanislao (2004)
Office of Counseling and Career services, DLSU-Manila, Tel. no. (02)536-0226

The SPIF was designed to assess suicide risk among Filipino youth ages 15 to 24 years in conjunction with other methods of assessment. It aims to assist professional helpers generate hypotheses and formulate treatment plans in the context of counseling and psychotherapy; evaluate alternative intervention strategies, investigate personality components associated with suicide and/or monitor changes in suicide potential over time.

Made up of 87 statements that the youth might use to describe their thoughts, feelings and behaviors which are related to their suicidal experiences

Provides measures of 5 subscales, such as: (1) Hopelessness (Pagkawalan ng Pag-asa), (2) Negative Self-Evaluation (Negatibong Pagsusuri sa Sarili), (3) Suicide Ideation (Pag-iisip ng Pagpapatiwakal), (4) Helplessness (Pagkawalan ng Magagawa) and (5) Hostility (Pagkapalaaway).

Self-administered and takes about 25 minutes to complete

Six scoring templates, one for reverse scoring of negatively stated items and one for each factor are provided in scoring the answers sheet.

Manual provided comprehensive information on the development, reliability and validity of the scale.

Two procedures of item analysis were applied: (1) item discrimination and (2) item-total correlation.

Internal consistency (reliability) coefficients of 5 factors are found significant at .001 level (.87 to .98) indicating that all items in each factor are highly homogeneous to measure that factor consistently.

Factor scale intercorrelation values between the subscales and total scale scores are obtained (.71 to .96).

Construct validity of the scale is demonstrated by the significant mean score differences between the suicidal and non-suicidal group [t (91) = 10.75], and evidence of convergence between SPIF and Suicide Probability Scale sub-scales and total scale scores (.51 to .77).

Packaging – A Manual, one set of Scoring Keys, 25 Test booklets, 25 Answer Sheets and 25 Profile Sheets enclosed in an envelope

Costing – One thousand five hundred per package (Php 1,500.00)

Publisher – Please contact Dr. Irma C. Coronel at (02) 825 8346 or 0918 9026162

Monday, July 14, 2008

PACERS Midyear 2008 Workshops Invitation Letter

Attached here is the Invitation Letter to the PACERS Midyear Workshops. Just click the picture and you can then have it downloaded and printed for your needs. All the best. God bless
July 16: I noticed that the invite prints quite large a copy when I tried printing it myself. So if you have similar problems, just email me and I'll send it to you plus the attachment which contains the temporary schedule, fees, workshop descriptions, whom to contact, etc. You know my email address. God bless and take care

On Something to Think About & Act On

After pondering on the items brought to me which I blogged earlier, here are some thoughts.

1. It is very important that organizations have a Manual of Operations. Surely the organization that has none to use and follow will be at the mercy of its officers who may not have training, or may simply be neglectful. Election and position can sometimes carry with it something that can drown one's efficiency, especially if one entertains such popularity and forgets the responsibility such an honor bestowed carries in the authority. Hence, I believe that the Board or Officers may need to establish a certain standard operating procedure such that outgoing officers must, within one month after the election, turn over power and authority to the newly elected officer/s. In fact, every term that is about to end must prepare a month before election an evaluation, and turnover mechanism such that one need not cling to power and authority beyond one's term.

2. In the case when a former officer withdraws money belonging to his/her term, i.e., raised or earned during the term of such officer/s, what the current Board or Officers can do is to write a memorandum to ALL, not simply the one past leader, PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS and/or TREASURER/S to do such turnover, and to make sure that no bouncing checks are issued. Those who don't abide may be culpable for insubordination and disrespect. Using the money of the organization appears to be estafa in nature. The practice of auditing the organization's funds is thus a awise move to ensure that all actions of the officers are checked and supervised.

3. The SEC needs to be provided the papers and documents of the organization's proceedings. These are included in the annual reportorial protocols. Since we pay this government institution, giving them a copy of all financial transactions, board resolutions, membership lists and other updates serves the organization some good since they can always rest assured that even if they may lose their own papers, the SEC may have such proceedings' records. Otherwise, it may be best to really ensure the filing system of the organization for easy access.

4. The case may happen when (an) officer/s neglect their duties, or even act inimically against the organization, such as syphoning of funds to one's or dummy accounts, or failing to submit reportorial requirements to the SEC. Worse would be to deliberately lose organizational papers the retrieval of which will keep the organization from functioning accordingly. It is very essential then that leaders keep the members abreast of what's happening with the organization. Members, when informed properly can be a potent force in the organization's life. It is they who elect their officers, and when the real status of the organization is known well to them, one can be assured the organization's life and improvements. Documents are thus to be protected well, which the SEC may be of help. I will clarify this with the SEC if my idea is right.

It can really be saddening to note how our previous officers may not have done what they should have for the good of the paying participant. Leaders can sometimes fight among themselves and keep the organization from really flourishing. Hence, it is important to always think of the welfare of the many than the interests of the few whose terms of office may have lapsed. Their acts while on power will thus be judged after their tenure.

In the meantime, members need to be vigilant lest they become milking cows of the officers. I would not want to become a cow.

Counseling Services Centers

This particular data will grow as more will provide me their data. I shall place the date when something new is added. Here are the centers which provide Counseling Services which you might want to avail:

1. Door of Hope Counseling Resource Center
Medical Plaza Makati 20th Floor Unit 2001
AMorsolo corner De la Rosa Sts.
Legaspi Village, Makati City M.M.
Tel. # (02) 750-8044

The counselors in this center have Christian Counseling as a framework. You may ask for any of the counselors available, including Cesar Cong or Jane Lee. Their counseling fees are: (1) for individuals - P400/session; (2) couple - P500/session; (3) family - P700/session.

2. In Touch Counseling Center
Tel. # (02) 893-1893

Dr. Julian Montano our current PACERS Chair works there.

Thus far until today, July 14, 2008. God bless and take care

Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology (PJCP)

I got the following information which anyone might be interested in. Dr. Susan Estanislao, current PACERS Vice-Chair gave us this data about our Philippine Journal of Counseling PSychology (PJCP), pricing and whom to contact. Read along.

"Thank you for your interest to purchase our PACERS's journals. The latest Phil. Journal of Counseling Psychology issue (Vol 10, Feb 2008) costs Php 250.00 (a copy). The following back issues have discounted prices:

Vol. 9 (Feb. 2007) is sold at Php 200.00
Vol. 8 (Feb. 2006) is sold at Php 170.00
Vol. 7 (Feb. 2005) is sold at Php 150.00
Vol. 6 (Feb. 2004) is sold at Php 120.00
Vol. 4 (Feb. 2002) is sold at Php 100.00

If you want to purchase these last 5 back issues, this set will costs you even at lower price of Php 650.00.
You may call me up at 02-5360226 or text me at 09158801705 for reservation.

K? All the best.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I have two things for this blog entry. The first was occasioned by a letter, while the second is on our nominees for the PRB or Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance and Counseling. Please read along.

Dear Father Bernard,

Hi. I am a psychology graduate (and a newbie in the field. I just graduated from college 2 years ago) currently looking for workshops and seminars that I can attend, preferably ... Guidance and Counseling professional organizations such as PACERS, CDAP, GCP, PACC, PAPSHP and DAGCO. I believe that attending these workshops and seminars would enable me to broaden my horizons, and keep me continuously updated in the recent developments in the field of Counseling Psychology (plus it would be great to also learn from the experts on the said field!).

I came across your blog website ( while trying to Google the websites of the above mentioned guidance and counseling professional organizations. Sadly, I had difficulty looking for information (such as schedule of upcoming seminars or workshops) of some of the above mentioned organizations (but thank goodness, I was able to come across PACERS and PAP!) and hence, have decided to drop you an email and ask for your assistance if you have the contact numbers (or email address of people I can ask) of CDAP, GCP, PACC, PAPSHP and DAGCO.

I am planning on giving their office a call to inquire about their upcoming events and workshops/seminars for the remaining months of the year (especially around September to November this year), hence, being able to get in touch with their secretariat or their head office would be of great help to me and to my colleagues (fellow newbies who have less than five years of experience) who would also be interested to attend and get to know more about the different Guidance and Counseling professional organization in the Philippines.

Thank you very much Father! I hope you can help me in my query.

Sincerely yours,

There you are: please forward me your contact addresses so that people like this guy who wrote me can contact you him/herself. Ok? I shall then be placing your contacts here in this blog. My email address is

Secondly, last Friday when I went to PRC to follow up on its endorsement letter for IPCAP's SEC registration, Atty. Almelor mentioned that other counseling-related organizations may actually ALSO NOMINATE persons to the PRBGC. Currently, it is only PGCA doing that. Please forward your nominations to the PRC by calling (02) 314-0018 and inquire how to do that. They should be able to provide us more information about this matter on nominating for the PRBGC. (July 14, 2008: I mentioned this matter to Atty. Almelor, and he said that nominations for the PRBGC may be done through the current interim APO, the PGCA, or through the accredited professional organization when the accreditation number for the said organization shall have been released. Right now, the IPCAP is working on its SEC registration in order to hasten this process so that we can go full swing in the Guidance and Counseling profession. I will inquire with PGCA who are the ones currently nominated and are qualified for the job - if there is still time to forward our nominations. This addition was occasioned by the need to make sure no one gets to be misquoted.)

Currently, there are only two left of the three in the Board stipulated by RA9258. We all know that the first Chair, Dr. Rhodelia Gabriel passed away a few months back. The two include the current Chair Dr. Lilly Rosqueta-Rosales, and the first appointed PRBGC Member Dr. Luz Guzman. They definitely badly need the third member. So please nominate now while the search is on. All the best and hope we get the right people in there so that the Guidance and Counseling profession can move ahead with its mission for our people.

God bless

PACERS Midyear 2008 Workshops Descriptions

Below are the WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS for this year's PACERS Midyear Workshops to be held in Cebu on Sept. 4-5, 2008. This is to provide everyone interested an perusal of the information early enbough to assess oneself and one's choice of which two workshops to attend. This information in no way replaces the official invitation letter coming from the PACERS Chair in case the latter contains changes. So please wait for the downloadable invitation.

Secondly, I have also posted below whom to contact for more information, either about the workshop or the hotel reservations. Happy reading. God bless

Research Conceptualization: The best way to start a good research work is to understand what you want to study and how to study it. In this workshop, you will be guided on how to come up with the idea for a research project (translated into research problems) and develop an initial research plan. We will accomplish these seemingly insurmountable tasks through a series of structured learning exercises.

Improving Counseling Programs Through Action Research: The workshop introduces the basic features of action research in counseling, while emphasizing research as a proactive professional activity among counselors. Furthermore, the workshop highlights the use of action research in order to assess student-based outcomes and to evaluate and improve counseling programs. Activities include critical reflection of practices, formulating good research questions, anchoring research problems on scientific literature, and writing a research proposal.

Utilizing Data for Program Development: This workshop aims to train counselors how to use school counseling data for planning interventions, reporting outcomes, and enhance programs. Participants are expected to uncover research trends and patterns in order to produce new observations from existing data.

Research Writing for Publication: The workshop will provide guidelines on how to prepare journal articles for publication. Tips derived from various experts in the field of psychology will be discussed. Although the major focus of the seminar is on the preparation of manuscripts, some guidelines will also be given on how to conceptualize research studies that can eventually be published. Mental health professionals who are excited about research are encouraged to attend.


Participants who wish to stay at the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers may contact the hotel directly at tel. (032) 418-2493 or 418-7777 loc. 8320 or cell (0918) 850-0038, fax (032) 418-2494 or email /


For other inquiries, you may contact Dr. Susan Estanislao or Ms. Liza Suarez. Email address: or; Address: Office of Counseling and Career Services, Room 304, SPS Building, De La Salle University-Manila, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila, 1004; Telefax no. (02) 536-0226. The CHED and DepEd memoranda will be available upon request.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Something To think About & Act On

Let me share you some questions which I hope you can help me answer. It's about our organizations and our leaders there, and what can be done to stop what needs to be stopped, ensuring the integrity of our professional practice.

1. A certain officer of an organization of some years ago, after the tenure of officership did not turn over funds to the organization's newly elected officers and subsequenty the officers years after. Then, the said certain officer decided unilaterally (on one's own, without the present group of officers' authorization) to withdraw the money for some purpose. What can be done to stop this? Is that said officer of a past leadership accountable to the present crop of officers and the organization's members? How should this accountability be enforced? Is there a name to this act?

2. How long should an outgoing officer of an organization need to turn over his/her position to the newly-elected officer? Should not turning over one's position and obligations be tolerated? Who is responsible to enforce this so that any outgoing officer does not keep "holding the bag" so to say, beyond one's tenure?

3. What if some members of the Board (not constituting a majority) decide to withdraw the organization's funds and the bank allows it (unfortunately), and consequently spends it without any accounting: is this a crime or not? What needs to be done to rectify if this were an error?

We are Counselors, yes, and will be members of an integrated professional association when we get our licenses. Our officers in the organization will have to be Counselors too, and one's conduct of the office in the organization needs to be beyond reproach lest Counseling be tainted and lose its integrity. As members, it is important as well that we hold our officers responsible. Election into office does not give license to the officers to commit crimes, nor should election keep one immune from such acts. In the event such happens, what must we as members do? Shall we only listen? Must these matters be included in our Code of Ethics as Counselors too?

We may really need to be aware of these realities, and do something lest those who commit such things continue to think they can do the same thing without qualms of conscience.

PACERS Midyear Workshops 2008 Some Details

I have just received the PACERS Chair's Invitation Letter for the Year 2008 Midyear Workshops (please wait a few days for the downloadable copy which I will surely attach here for your downloading needs). Here are the details:

Theme: "Nurturing a Research Culture in the Counseling Profession"
When: September 4 -5, 2008
Where: Crown Regency Hotel & Towers
Fees: For PACERS Members (Early Bird - before Aug. 20, 2008) - P3,000.00 (On site: P3,500)
ForPACERS non-Members (Early Bird - P3,300; On site - P3,800)

The following are the workshop titles:
1. Research Conceptualization
2. Action Research for Counselors
3. Utilizing Data for Program Development
4. Writing Research for Publication

Your participation in this event can be certified in case you need to apply for licensure under RA 9258's Grandfather's Clause. Let us know where we can send you by mail the official invitation letter. You may email me about that. And let us know if after a week you haven't received your letter so we can make sure you can have an early bird registration as much as possible. PACERS is here to provide us our continuing education needs in our professional development.

All the best and God bless

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Counseling Services

Just a few minutes ago today, July 1, I received the following email, and I felt best to reply. And if you know how best to reply to the email sender's request, please email (my email address) your information so that we can reach out to those who may need counseling services. Here is the email and my reply in the next paragraph:

"Dear Father,

A very good day to you. I had to think several times before i decided to e-mail you-as i'm not sure i came to the right person. I came across your blogspot while trying to google Filipino counselors/psychologists. I have been trying in vain to find help through the internet. I'm not sure if there's anybody in the country who would do online counseling. I'm troubled and i just want somebody whom i could talk to, problem is i currently reside in Europe. I have visited hundreds of websites that do online counseling but none Filipino-based. Please help, perhaps you could give me a name or two? I can do emails and real time chats, or if needed phone calls, i'm that desperate, and i want a professional one, i'm willing to pay a fee. Thank you."

My reply to the email sender (whose name I withhold):

Hi ...,
Am happy to hear that my site has reached you. Actually, that's a goal achieved - to inform people about counseling and the developments in the field here in the Philippines. As regards your request for online counseling, while I may be interested about it, my present situation discourages me if I have to achieve the goal set for this year which I have long delayed due to my need to have real work experience plus the actual demands of those years of experience. Now that I am right in the midst of it, your request and others' keep pouring in. Haay! But please don't feel bad. Your need should all the more encourage and motivate me to finish fast so I can reach out to you sooner.

As of the moment, please content yourself with the following telephone counseling:

In Touch Counseling (02) 893-1893. That's here in the Philippines, which has 63 as the country code.

Ok? Your looking for a counselor augurs a positive direction in your life. All the best, and I'd appreciate when you do update me about the referral. God bless