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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picture Tribute to Dr. Rose Llanes

I am only allowed five pics each blog entry, hence, these pics muna. Since it's summer and there is time to spare, I made time to collate pictures specially in memory of Dr. Rosa Maria Ibarra Llanes, RGC, the fourth in the list of RGCs in the Philippines.

By the way, the funeral Mass will be on Saturday, April 30, at 8AM at Room Fir 306 at the Sanctuarium, Araneta Ave., Quezon City. Then her remains will be buried together with her beloved husband's at the Himlayang Filipino in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. There will be Masses for her tonight, April 28, and tomorrow April 29 at 8PM at the same place. In case you are not able to attend, do offer Mass for her in any Catholic Church nearby.

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her O Lord, and Let Perpetual LIGHT Shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Thanks Dr. Llanes for your utmost generosity of giving your life for the Guidance and Counseling profession. Pray for us.

These pics were taken during our first supper after the IPCAP 1st National Convention. Happing-happy talaga si Dr. Llanes, and of course we were as happy too. TOAST PO! Maraming Salamat po!

These last two pics were taken during our Planning at the St. Bridget's Home in Tagaytay sometime December 2008 when Manny Pacquiao fought in the US. I was on sabbatical leave then before taking on a new assignment. I took these pics, so I wasn't in the pic but with them at the planning (no defense, just stating a fact).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Yesterday, after arriving from Taiwan, I got a text message from an IPCAP member if there was truth to the news that Dr. Rose Llanes, RGC has passed away. Immediately, I contacted one of the lifetime PGCA Members who was with us in the organization and development of IPCAP.

Dr. Rosa Maria I. Llanes, RGC passed away last Easter Sunday April 24, 2011 in her home at UP Professors Village. Her remains are now at the Sanctuarium Room 306, the name of the Room is FIR.

Truly a gracious lady whose heart constantly beat for the Guidance and Counseling profession in the Philippines, Dr. Llanes was the President of the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association when together with her Board they moved for the implementation of Republic Act No. 9258 way back 2005. She was so tireless in moving from one part of the country to the other to help disseminate the new law that was signed way back in 2004. On Feb. 4, 2006, together with the whole PGCA Board, she convened all Guidance-related organizations which eventually led to the formation of the Integrated Professional Counselors Association. We were together in the different Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) on the drafting of the implementing rules and regulations of the law, the Code of Ethics, the Standards of Good Practice in the different schools here in Manila - FEU, Adamson U to name a few. It was also through her service that the first member of the Board of Guidance and Counseling, current Chair of the PRBGC Dr. Luz Guzman was appointed by the President of the Philippines way back 2007 (she took her oath on Nov. 14, 2006). The rest of the first members of the Board of Guidance and Counseling were likewise appointed with her continued and unabated submission of required documents for the appointments. The first Chair of the Board of Guidance and Counseling, Dr. Rhodelia Gabriel, and the second member of the PRBGC Dr. Lily Rosales eventually took their oaths on January 29, 2007.

All of her last years were spent for the profession. She continued with her professorship at the University of the Philippines where she was Chair of the Department when she was first diagnosed with some serious illness. She led the IPCAP in its first 2 National Conventions as well as in the Visayas. It was just unfortunate that the peace and order situation in Mindanao worsened (remember the kidnapping of the teachers in Zamboanga?) when we were about to hold our Convention there.

She even had a stint in TV5 Face to Face, in her effort to bring the services of the Guidance Counselors into the level of the community where many people with problems simply need their attentive and responsive services. A lively lady, she easily fit into the world of the tube. I remember very well when she brought IPCAP to join the community outreach caravan of FACE to FACE in Sta. Mesa where we did actual Guidance and Counseling services for the audience.

In behalf of this lady whose whole being was filled with justice - she only wanted to right the wrong and correct the mistakes of the past - may I ask for your prayers for her peaceful rest. Oh yes, didn't she leave on Easter Sunday, the day the Lord Resurrected from the dead.

Masses have been scheduled since last night, April 25, 2011. Tonight April 26, Fr. Bong Sarabia, CM, RGC will preside the Mass at 7 or 8 PM. I will celebrate the Mass for her on Wednesday, and maybe Thursday. It's a pity that my current post requires my trip to China on the dayn of her funeral, April 30, 2011, my second niece's birthday.

What a way to keep her memory that needs to be kept so as to avoid the mistakes of the past as well as CORRECT them! Ma'am Rose, as she was fondly called by friends and colleagues, I believe would continue to pray for the Guidance and Counseling profession and its practitioners, all in fidelity to what RA 9258 has envisioned.

Ma'am Rose, we will surely miss you. And that sense of grief will bear fruit in the achievement of justice in our midst. Pray indeed for us who still struggle in our profession.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


For our upcoming 3rd IPCAP National Convention this Feb. 3-5, 2011 at the University of Baguio, our Convention Co-Chair Ms. MayClaire A. Jimenez, RGC texted me with this recommendation: "Father, malamig talaga (brrr) kaya advice them to bring JACKETS." So you heard it right, please bring your warmers. Magdala kayo ng APOY (kung pwede hehe) para mapawi ang lamig. Hehehe

All systems go we are now. Hope everyone has made their lodging reservations. Dr. Luz Guzman, RGC, our PRBGC Chair and Chair of the CPE Council for Guidance and Counseling (CPECGC) has informed me that this Convention has been accredited as a CPE Event. The CPECGC will be sending CPECGC Member Dr. John Addy Garcia, RGC as its representative to monitor the conduct of this CPE Event. IPCAP is footing all his travel, board and lodging expenses, as officially requested by the CPECGC.

For RGCs who will be attending the Convention and are not yet members of IPCAP, you may bring along your PRC license, one (1) copy of your 2x2 or 1x1 most recent colored photo to facilitate the process of registration.

Re: IPCAP Membership

There have been questions about membership in IPCAP. Let it be again reiterated here that membership in IPCAP is reserved ONLY for RGCs or those who have the PRC license as Guidance Counselor. Personnel currently involved in guidance work will be welcome for membership ONLY AFTER they shall have received their PRC License or ID as Guidance Counselor. We had cases of participants who wanted to become members but have only the PRC license as TEACHERS. We regret to inform everyone here that applications for IPCAP membership shall not be approved without this sine qua non requirement - the PRC license as Guidance Counselor.

IPCAP annual Membership fee is only P500. RGCs who want to become members please be ready with this amount which can be paid onsite. We have an ID fee of P200 which is good for three (3) years. Since it's an annual membership fee, members may want to update their membership for the year 2011-2012. For those who have no IPCAP ID yet, please bring along P200 and your most presentable MOST RECENT COLORED photo of either 1x1 or 2x2 size.

Re: CPE Certificates from previous IPCAP events (including our 2nd National Convention in UE-Manila last April 2010, our 1st Partnership Convention with PACC last Sept. 16-18, 2010, and our 1st Partnership with FPCAP last Nov. 18-20, 2010 - ALL events have been accredited as CPE Events) that you may have not yet received, you may claim them in Baguio. With the success we have reaped during the Partnership Convention with PACC last September, we hope to maintain the system so we can AGAIN release the CPE Certificates in this 3rd National Convention IMMEDIATELY.

Starting this 3rd National Convention, fees for CPE Certification have already been factored in (read: INCLUDED) the fees you have paid. Members in particular have seen this clear benefit as recommended in our previous conventions. Thanks to those who made those recommendations in the Evaluation. Your Board is here to implement whatever will do RGCs good, including making the fees really AFFORDABLE. We always keep in mind that IPCAP is a NON-PROFIT NON-STOCK SEC-certified organization of licensed Guidance Counselors, the ONLY ONE in the country today.

IPCAP: The organization of, for and by Registered Guidance Counselors in the Philippines. For more information, you may email or text us. You can be sure your inquiries shall be attended to. God bless and take care

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LODGING in Baguio


From the Facebook Account IPCAP Guidance, here comes a list where you can choose your lodging during the Convention. Thanks to our Co-Chair Ms. MayClaire Jimenez, RGC.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yes, there were those among us who signified intention and have paid the bank, but were unable to fax their docs due to circumstances beyond our control. If you were in a similar situation, please have the docs emailed me, or Dr. Julian Montano, or Ms. MayClaire Jimenez, or Mr. Cesar Cong, or Ms. Nila Urrea, RGC. Communications made on or before Jan 22 are considered Pre-Registered for Early Bird rates. Just send in the docs at least a week before the Convention, particularly in relation to the IPCAP ID.

Hope things go smooth for all. For reservations, you may contact Ms. MayClaire Jimenez, RGC in Baguio, or any of the IPCAP members there (RGCs all: Ms. Tuguinay, Mr. Francis Mina, Ms. Nora Dura Duska...) Thanks a lot for all the cooperative spirit shown for this Convention that embarks on having our own Integrity Creed as Guidance Counselors. God bless and take care

Yes, you may check the Facebook for IPCAP Guidance account and get other information there as well. One of us had the initiative to place the org in there.

Friday, January 14, 2011

CHED Memo released (DepEd also)

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has just released its Memorandum from the Chairman Dr. Patricia Licuanan endorsing participation in the upcoming IPCAP 3rd National Convention. Highly required by participants coming the higher education level, this early release of the Memo should give sufficient time for an Early Bird Pre-registration of participants coming from both private and public sectors, thereby saving a substantial amount which can be used for other needs in Baguio.

You may also contact our Convention Co-Chair Ms. MayClaire Jimenez for inquiries particularly on lodging. She can be contacted in these modes:

Mobile # 0919-6201602
Facebook Account - search for her name of course and request to be her friend if you're not yet. Just be sure to pose a friendly pic so your request will be accepted. Or to be straightforward about it, mention that you want help regarding the IPCAP 3rd National Convention in Baguio. K?

We are just waiting for the DepEd Memo for our Convention, also hoping TESDA will endorse the event with a Memo. I shall have these published here as soon as they get released. DepEd has a website where we can follow up every now and then.

See you in Baguio. God bless and take care

Feb. 1, 2011
I forgot to mention that the DepEd endorsement has been released. You may download it straight from the DepEd website

Thanks and God bless

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is a Facebook chat message requesting for a Guidance Counselor. Thanks to Ms. MayClaire Jimenez, RGC who asked for this blogging. Let me quote her:

Father pwede paki post sa IPCAP they are in need of one (1) Licensed Guidance Counselor dito sa GUISAD VALLEY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. Contact ELLEN B. DONATO, Ed.D.CESO IV Secondary School Division Superintendent, Baguio City Thru:Mrs. Leticia Sab-It Head Teacher VI

I will follow up with her about the contact numbers of the persons mentioned. Hope this slot can be filled up immediately. God bless and take care

Monday, January 10, 2011

IPCAP 3rd National Convention: ABSTRACTS of Plenaries & Workshops

Here are the ABSTRACTS for our Plenaries and Workshops in the upcoming IPCAP 3rd National Convention at the Square Hall, University of Baguio, Gen. Luna Rd., Baguio City this coming Feb. 3-5, 2010:


Plenary # 1: “Ethics & Values in Our practice”

Abstract: The person of the counselor is an important determinant in one’s personal and eventually counseling relationship. If Ethics and Values are well considered and activated, the energies behind our actions and sources of meaning in life all help professional Counselors to become more and more conscious of what ethical frameworks we go by in our practice, the values we have, especially as to how these affect or influence our counseling relationships and practice.

Participants identify some of their personal values and reflect on the alignment of these values to those which are considered desirable for professional and effective / ethical counseling practice. They shall likewise be reoriented to the various ethical frameworks that are operant in ethically-sound professional practice of Guidance and Counseling. This process can likewise help counselors in charting an ongoing growth project as a person and as a professional.

Plenary # 2: “Quality Indicators and Upgraded Competencies”

Abstract: When is similar different? Professional school counselors everywhere would customarily utilize the same components in designing their guidance programs and services every year in response to the needs of the students. Their competencies are thereby demonstrated in the implementation of these programs and services. However, the similarities in the school counselors’ program designs and services would only imply a difference when they can competently show that they are able to make a difference in the lives of the students in more quantifiable measures. Employing the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model as a benchmark in creating our indigenous national model, the talk would focus on helping students develop competencies deemed important in enhancing their emotional, physical, social and career choices and success, as well produce the call to constantly upgrade counselor competencies in addressing these goals in their clientele. Likewise, it will identify indicators of quality essential in monitoring their performance and progress towards the set goals and objectives. Thus, quality is discussed in the light of an acceptable standard as a minimum indicator, and its application is then demonstrated in the design and delivery of the guidance programs and services, so that the target improvements in the students’ lives can be measured and appreciated.

Plenary # 3: “Encountering the Transcendence in our practice ”

Abstract: If one’s minor and major paths in life are clear and on purpose, journeying through life becomes more whole and meaningful. A key to arriving at an average state of wholeness is by self-transcending. In these plenary talks, transcendence will be looked at as an aspect of transpersonal psychology, as examined by Abraham Maslow. Victor Frankl and M Scott Peck will also be referred to as two of some philosophers / psychologists who, in the speaker’s point of view, have contributed to the value of making transpersonal psychology part of a “counselor’s possible arena of concern.” Also, the various meanings of transcendence will be explored but will focus on its being, in particular, a leap of faith, encountering the Transcendent particularly in the Christian tradition, and going beyond oneself without losing one’s Self. So that there will be a practical relevance to counseling, transcendence experiences of people will be narrated. It is also hoped that through this talk, there will be a deeper awareness of the importance of a counselor’s own self-transcendence in order to help his/her own counselees transcend.

Plenary # 4: “Breaking the Mold of Counselor Perception”

Abstract: The Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004 or RA 9258 is the force that breaks the old, traditional, well-intentioned but nonprofessional counseling practices in our country wherein oftentimes, counselors lacked the knowledge, the training and skills, and the character that befit the professional help-giver. This law is the catalyst in the birth of the counselors with professional integrity owing to their value choices, faithful adherence to ethical standards and continuous upgrading of competencies in the practice.

The implementation of RA 9258 creates the new mold of Filipino counselors as persons and professionals who are characterized with openness and receptivity to the experience with the counselee and the Transcendent. Creating a new mold of professional integrity includes facing the challenges and demands of (1) establishing comfort zones of competence and long-term effectiveness, (2) awareness and avoidance of forbidden zones in practice, and (3) treating the guidance and counseling arena as a hallowed ground of growth facilitating counselor-counselee interaction.

Plenary # 5: “Formulating Professional Integrity”

Abstract: After having heard all four plenary presentations, all participants shall be grouped in order to develop one’s personal profile of integrity as well as recommend qualities of integrity in practicing Guidance Counselors.


Workshop 1: Dealing with infidelity in marital counseling
Facilitator: Dr. Julian R. Montano, RGC
Moderator: Ms. Agusdan, RGC

Abstract: Marital or couple’s relationships are under siege! There are greater varieties of triggers for break-ups. In this workshop, general and unique considerations regarding couples’ therapy will be discussed. Plus participants will look at the most common couples’ issues with emphasis on infidelity. Ultimately, a specific counseling approach in dealing with couples suffering/recovering from infidelity issues will be presented and practiced.

Workshop 2: Handling cyber bullying in school
Facilitator: Ms. Rachel C. Ong, RGC
Moderators. Terry Ong, RGC & Tintin Acosta, RGC)

Abstract: In the 21st century, bullying has progressed since technology has played a big impact on our lives, particularly the use of computers and cellphones. Although these two information technologies serve various purposes these could also bring danger to the children, teenagers and even adults. With the advent use of technology, bullying had taken a new form which is called cyber bullying. In this form of bullying, bullies use internet, social networks, cellphones and other electronic gadgets to harm or hurt the bullied which has detrimental effects to the victim. School counselors as well as teachers and school authorities might have
difficulty on tracking the bullies and the bullied since they use electronic gadgets in doing the act. Hence, cyber bullying has become one of the challenges of today’s school counselors, teachers, and school authorities. Participants in this 4-hour seminar-workshop will have a bird’s eye view on the concept of bullying, a deeper understanding on the context of cyber bullying, and the description of the triad: the bully, the bullied and the bystander. Furthermore, this seminar-workshop will also give additional awareness and knowledge on the role of the counselors as well as the teachers and the school authorities in addressing the cyber bullying issues in school. Lastly, the seminar-workshop will give a chance to the participants to apply the acquired techniques on handling cyber bullying in school through an activity.

Workshop 3: Developing a treatment plan in counseling
Facilitator: Dr. Alda Perlita S. Polestico
Moderator: Ms. Aurora Parcasio, RGC

Abstract: The design of counseling services is to help individuals overcome psychological and emotional problems within their daily lives. The overall process provides the direction needed in order for change to take place in a person’s life. Counseling treatment plans map out these changes, and provide guidelines how change can occur. Counseling treatment plans are blueprints for constructing the changes the client wishes to make. Most treatment plans that respect the client’s rights to self-determination and informed consent are the result of collaborative effort between the client and the counselor. Quality care in requires counselors to move rapidly from problem assessment to the formulation and implementation of the treatment plan. This workshop shall present the process of developing counseling treatment plans that present the client’s workable problems, long-term goals and short-term objectives, diagnosis, as well as necessary therapeutic interventions.

Workshop 4: Doing multicultural counseling in the Philippines
Facilitator: Dr. Barbara Wong-Fernandez, RGC

Abstract: This workshop intends to familiarize counselors with two new frameworks on multiculturalism: the dimensions of diversity and the path to cultural competency, to enable the development of multicultural attitudes among their clients, and to build up skills in multicultural counseling. There will be interactive, reflective, and sharing sessions among the participants.

Workshop 5: OLS for Guidance and Counseling
Facilitator: Dr. Jaime R. Bolusan, RGC

Abstract: Optimum Learning is a presentation of a concept which incorporates music, video clip presentation, games and stories for one’s intellectual and personal development. It is expected that after the presentation, the participants will be able to strengthen their memory and accelerate their mastery. It activates hidden brain/mind energy using appropriate sequenced music and other stimuli with special psychological techniques. It empowers memory and recall. It enables the participant high achievement and super productivity and generates creativity and motivation. Further, it eliminates counterproductive stress, to transform negativity into positive energy, to speed healing of negative self concept and painful memories.

IPCAP 3rd National Convention in BAGUIO

Fellow Guidance Counselors, RGCs and non-RGCs, everybody who has a stake in our profession, here is our invitation to the 3rd National Convention. For more details or inquiries, there are five more pages in the next blog, or else please feel free to text or email us so we can provide what's needed. God bless and take care

IPCAP 3rd National Convention in BAGUIO

Fellow Guidance COunselors, RGCs and non-RGCs, everybody who has a stake in our profession, here is our invitation to the 3rd National Convention. For more details or inquiries, please feel free to text or email us so we can provide what's needed. God bless and take care