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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

4th Batch of Oath Takers: Let's Do Something

I am blogging this matter for all RGC's to think about and DO SOMETHING. I have just received the following email which stirred me to seek our collegial reflection and action. After the email, I shall present thoughts that I'd like to propose us to do in response to the situation. I believe that as registered and licensed Guidance Counselors, we have a lot to do, and it starts with the following:

1. The Email

Dear Fr. Bernie,

How are you? I hope you are always in good health and good disposition as you continue to give yourself to your ministry for the sake of the Kingdom.

Upon knowing that there is still slot for the application for PRC registration without examination (Guidance and Counseling - deadline: January 26, 2009), I decided to avail of the opportunity.

The requirements are the following:
1. Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate (NSO)
2. Photocopies of Diploma and Transcript of Records (BS, MS, PhD)
3. Original NBI Clearance
4. 3 Certifications of Good Moral Character (Brgy. Captain, Parish, employer/dean)
5. Certificate of Active Membership and Good Moral Character from (APO) to be issued by the President & two (2) other officers
6. Certificate of Experience (PRC Form 104)
7. Certificate of Employment/ Service Record

I have problem with requirement no. 5 because eversince i am not a member of any of the Associations. The reason that i thought of you this morning when i received the form from PRC. I tried to browse the website of PGCA and i learned that there is a mid-year workshops on Oct. 22- 24, 2008 in Cagayan de Oro City. I thought of joining so as to know the process of membership but i just underwent an ear surgery and i cannot travel this month.

Imee Villar, our teacher before, is the president of the association, and I am a bit hesitant to ask for a membership just because i wanted to apply for registration without examination, though deep down i wanted to be updated of the new trends in Counseling. I will be finishing my term this December, 2008 and I believe i can now concentrate to this field..God willing!

2. Some Comments on the Email and our situation now

The writer has a Masters in Guidance and Counseling from the school that sent its biggest number of board examinees and got a 100% passing during the 1st Licensure Exams for Guidance and Counseling last Aug. 21-22, 2008; the email writer has been doing Counseling all these years (kaya siguro kinailangang mag ear surgery hehe). It is just sad that the email writer did not avail of organizational memberships, something which was not required prior to the law, R.A. No. 9258 anyway . And I'd like to believe that the email writer may have missed out writing the other requirements, namely Residence Certificate (cedula), Passport size picture with nametag (2 pcs), and Application fee of P900.00 which may still be required, or has PRC not required this? Maybe the email writer also has no need to provide Ombudsman certificates since the person is not working in any government.

With the present dispensation, membership in the APO is a requirement to get the license and examinations. In the first 3 batches of oath taking, the PGCA has been tagged as the APO. If the email writer is right, and I believe most of us saw these in the application for license sans the licensure examinations, the APO is in parentheses, and does not specify PGCA. But PGCA was given the franchise to grant the certificates of active membership and good moral character. I believe this is due to the fact that the present PRB have all been allied with PGCA. Dr. Rosales is a PGCA Founder, and Dr. Guzman is one of the Board of Trustees or Directors in the 1998 Constitution that is the only extant Constitution in the SEC registration of PGCA. I hope there is no favoritism involved here, and even if this may be present, our present stage in the professionalization process should have led the organizations to bond together. And come to think of this: PGCA seems to NOT HAVE its original SEC registration papers. I hope I am wrong! But in deference to this oldest organization, no one questioned it. It is really better to have PGCA do the task rather than have none. But with the fact that there are two RGCs now who have faked their papers, thereby getting their PRC licenses, has PGCA done anything about it? PGCA may not have even asked the person complaining to forward a complaint to the PRB because if the person does so, PGCA will definitely be involved for failing to stop the fraud from being consummated. What is this PGCA being (APO) all about? It has not even given us the steps to do when we know a fraud has been committed.

Fact is, already shown at the Oath Taking last Sept. 28, 2008 in Manila Hotel, the Program shows PGCA bearing no title as APO. Yes, the Rules and Regulations of R.A. 9258 has identified PGCA as INTERIM APO or IAPO (Rule I Sec. 3 (f). But the The APO and the IAPO are two different items in the RR (the APO is specified in Rule I, Sec. 3 (g).) Even if PGCA has received a PRC certification way back 2005, fact is they have not been allowed to pay the fees for accreditation as APO by the PRC. Dr. Llanes herself did that and was told that PGCA needs to do a lot of justification for PGCA to be APO, including documentary matters that were shown to be deficient, thereby unacceptable to be APO. Thus, the Oath Taking Program last Sept. 28, 2008 only shows that indeed, the Guidance and Counseling Profession HAS NO APO as I write this blog. If PGCA was INTERIM APO, as stipulated by the RR, it should have had the courage to put that title. But, as it seems, even that was not used, hinting at its possible non-qualifying the PRC certification. Yes, PGCA is duly credited as the organization that worked so hard to make the Guidance and Counseling profession a law, but it has not been given by PRC such a status as APO, as to command our continued allegiance. Yes, the first 3 batches of RGC's under the Grandfather's Clause have sought the PGCA papers simply because we have not really understood what it all meant. And of course, we are only in our first years of the law's full implementation, and a lot of dialogue and communications are necessary, particularly among us Registered and Licensed Guidance Counselors or RGc's. And come to think of it, has there been any forum where the fact of PGCA as APO has been discussed? This is what I would have wanted us Guidance Counselors to have been oriented into, but sadly were not. We seemed to have just went with the flow. Sad huh? Indeed.

3. Anyway, we at the IPCAP shall be meeting on Oct. 1, 2008 2-5PM at the RGS Convent in Katipunan (near the Katipunan LRT II station), and I intend to present a letter for us to send to the PRC to look into this matter. The main point I'd like to be given due consideration is the identification of a legitimate APO in that particular requirement because if indeed PGCA is APO, why not specify it to be so? What has kept the PRC, and the PRBGC for that matter, from clearly stating PGCA as APO? If there is no APO, this particular requirement should not have been written, thereby coercing us to believe something which did not exist in the first place. Something else should have been given the right and obligation in this matter.

4. My suggestion is this: that the certificates of Good Moral Character be given by the applicant coming from RGC's, as PRC Resolution No. 132 Series of 2003 so stipulates, and that active membership in any organization be not required. Active membership should only be required after we shall have had our PRC licenses for purposes of renewal of licenses, and continuing professional education (CPE), something which the Code of Ethics so stipulates. Active membership in an organization is not equal to active practice of Guidance Counseling. The email writer, I believe may have been doing Counseling all these years, and may have not been alerted early enough to help clarify the need for a license. Or is the email writer among those who refused to apply because anyway there was really no APO in the first place? The school where the applicant has been doing Guidance and Counseling work should be the one responsible to certify the applicant's worthiness as shown in the Certificates of Experience and Employment.

5. I shall blog that above letter once we shall have decided at IPCAP to forward it as one body.

If you are an RGC and have read this matter, please pass this to our fellow RGC for collegial action. I believe that many among us shall have felt better knowing that we have not stood indifferent to the situation we're all in. Thank you. God bless

Monday, September 29, 2008

For Those Attending the Zamboanga Oct 13-14, 2008 Event

I got this request from Mr. Archie Siaron, RGC: Pwede nyo iblog na those Registered Guidance Counselors of Region IX can secure the IPCAP Membership Application Form during our Regional Conference. Please contact Registered Guidance Counselor Mr. Archie Siaron himself to get your IPCAP Application Form.

Yes, I gave him copies of the said Form and there were already those who submitted theirs. We are scheduling a meeting in the coming days and will tackle the applications for IPCAP membership. The requirements are all stated in the form under the area reserved for your signature. The bank account where you can deposit your membership fee is also mentioned in there. Text me or email me when you shall have done that, and yes, you can mail in your application form and requirements to the address of IPCAP written at the heading part of the Application Form.

Let's pray for this organization so we can focus on what we need to do as Registered Professional Guidance Counselors organized under IPCAP. God bless and take care.

When There Is No APO for the Guidance & Counseling Profession

The Program in yesterday's Oath Taking Ceremonies (Sept. 28, 2008, see picture on left) showed PGCA having no title of Accredited Professional Organization by the Professional Regulation Commission which we regularly saw in their invitations since March 2007. I would have loved to see the title included there with the word INTERIM written. But without this word INTERIM there, this shows that there is NO APO now for the Guidance and Counseling Profession? Does this mean that PGCA did not qualify to be either? What is happening now? I hope PGCA gives explanations that can calm our fears. What does this mean now?

Let me share with you some questions and thoughts on the implications when there is no APO identified. Here are some preliminary ideas:

1. Without an APO, or even an interim one, does this mean that the requirements for those applying for the 4th batch of Oath Takers as Guidance Counselors under the Grandfather's Clause of R.A. No. 9258, particularly the Certificates of Good Moral Character, and Active Membership may no longer need to be provided by PGCA?

I have always been of the idea, since the matter on APO-hood was discussed at the IPCAP prior to its certification of incorporation by the SEC as indorsed by the PRC, that only the duly SEC-registered guidance and counseling-related organizations should be the ones responsible to provide both certificates. It is the professional organizations who know best their participants and members. Hence, active membership is theirs to certify. Besides, while the PRB required the fulfillment of the PRC Resolution No. 132 Series of 2003, "Requiring Applicants in Licensure Examinations to Submit Certification/Testimonial of Good Moral Character" (I hope they knew about this then!), it did not require it from those who took the 1st Board Exams. Does this mean that the fourth batch of oath takers will also not be required these documents? If the PRB were to be what it is, "under the administrative control and supervision of the PRC" (Rule II, Section 4 of the Rules and Regulations of R.A. No. 9258), it should have made this a requirement in the light of what has been stipulated in the PRC Resolution No. 132, "Wherefore, the Commission RESOLVED as it hereby RESOLVES to require all applicants in the various licensure examinations to submit a Certification/Testimonial of Good Moral Character to be executed by a registered professional in the same profession starting January 2004.

"Let copies of this Resolution be furnished all the Professional Regulatory Boards, officials and employees in the Central and Regional Offices for their information and guidance, and to all heads of schools, colleges and universities for dissemination to their students who are enrolled in courses requiring the passing of licensure examinations."

This PRC Resolution was signed by Anieta Fortuna-Ibe (Chairperson), Commissioners Avelina De La Rea-Tan, and Leonor T. Rosero. I downloaded it from the PRC website mismo!

I called up Atty. Almelor about this, and all he told me was that it's alright if the regulatory law or the regulatory board doesn't require it. But, again, this shows some concern about the supervisory nature of PRC over our PRBGC. But Resolution No. 132 reads: "WHEREAS, all the regulatory board laws require an applicant for licensure examination to establish to the satisfaction of the board that he possesses the requisite good reputation, or good moral character or he has not been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude." (Paragraph 3 of PRC Resolution No. 132 Series of 2003) R.A. No. 9258 Article III, Sec. 13 Qualifications for Examination. paragraph (b) states "has not been convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude by a competent court;" The Rules and Regulations of R.A. No. 9258 Rule III Section 13 (b) likewise states the same matter. The spirit of this provision reveals the rationality of the PRC Resolution which seemed waived in the case of the 1st licensure examinees.

With this information, does this imply now that any among us RGC's can provide the required certificate of Good Moral Character? And if anyone is granted by the PRB permission to take the licensure exams but with good moral character problems, anybody who has evidence may just have to go by what the RR of R.A. No. 9258 requires, i.e., write a letter of complaint for them to investigate as mentioned in the law (Rule II, Section 5 (j). But the trouble is we have no information as of now how to go about filing a complaint. PGCA has no word about it, nor the PRB. I have gotten word that there have been some cases (about 2?) that have been duly reported to PGCA to have gotten their PRC licenses as RGC fraudulently (1st batch ata ng Grandfather's Clause?). We have no news from PGCA about it because the person who has reported the matter has not been asked to substantiate the claim. Or has that person done so but has no reply from PGCA! Whooh! What is happening? PGCA may not entertain the matter because it is actually to the PRB that such a matter should have been raised. Remember, it was PGCA who granted us the required certificates. So this may mean that if the PRB investigates the matter, PGCA will inevitably be involved because it may not have had done a more thorough investigation as to the authenticity of certain documents. If this were the case, then what has PGCA become? A stamping pad? Or a collection agency? No offense intended, but simply a statement of possibility if the logic runs so.

2. These nonverbals have a lot inside, as we all know the saying "Actions speak louder than words." Don't we do that in Counseling? We listen a lot to the unspoken. The trouble is that we as members are kept from any "inside information." If this were the case, what are we as members in the organization all about? What are our benefits as registered Guidance Counselors and have taken the oath in PGCA? Is there a way for PGCA to communicate with us about our present status? We are professionals now! If there is something hidden, it will only keep the matter even more pressurized. Remember that septic tanks have lots of methane gas that can be explosive under too much pressure (remember the Glorietta explosion?). I would like to move that we as members be given more than we used to get when Guidance and Counseling wasn't regulated yet. PGCA has taken upon itself as APO, by virtue of PRC Resolution No. 292 Series of 2005 which the PGCA has uploaded in its website. But with the Rules and Regulations of R.A. No. 9258 published and implemented, that said Resolution No. 292 may have already been superseded, amended or repealed (Rule V Section 35 of the RR of RA 9258; Article V, Section 35 of R.A. 9258). In the light of the condo issue (I think this is not a secret anymore although we may have been kept out of the details on this matter for fear of its serious implications), and the court cases that may be necessary, the non-turnover by its previous Treasurers to the current Treasurer, what are we licensed and registered Guidance Counselors to expect from this organization to whom we took an oath? I myself asked the question WHY ARE WE MAKING THIS OATH? I got a text message from a fellow oath taker yesterday using this same line. The oath itself was good, but why before I have been educated about the organization? Didn't I feel obliged? forced? cajoled? coerced? What is the reasonable legal regulatory basis for this? When I took my religious vows, I was taught about my congregation, and I went through a period of discernment so that I was free to make the choice, including the consequences. In this case, while there seems to be no solid basis about PGCA being APO, we were already to make an oath! Think about the cart before the horse! Are we to be saddled by these organizational matters? Or are they Officers' Matters only? We members cannot say anything until we have been informed or educated. But the time is now to keep the members informed or else the future officers may not learn their lessons. Again, we are professionals! So let's conduct ourselves as professionals. I'd like to give the current PGCA Board the chance to prove itself so, rather than connive to keep certain matters out of the members' purview. If they don't, who will not think that they are party to blame with what's happening? I believe they're not. But their silence seems disturbing. Is there a type of friendship that's at stake? Or is this plain and simple neglect? PGCA has nonetheless been given a charge, and all we must do is to deliver. I say WE because I took my oath of membership and have a membership certificate. Did I pay for that? Was that included in the P1,500 we paid for the Oath Taking? That was really expensive huh, and yes, without a receipt. I hope that will be audited. Our organizations have Official Receipts for its activities, get audited and submit Financial Reports to their members, and get penalized by the SEC and BIR if not done. What about this case? Who was supposed to be in charge?

3. By all means I am now an RGC, and a registered PGCA member, having gotten my certificate of membership. I want this organization to serve its purpose well. If there is anything I can do to help make it survive and learn from all these problems, believe you me, I'll give it generous time. I love the people in it. And how I pray that wrongs be righted; that we be transparent. Yun lang. Amen.

God bless

Code of Ethics

In the service of those who've taken their Oath as Guidance Counselors before the 3rd batch, I am blogging this Code of Ethics. This is a landmark document in our professional practice here in the Philippines. The next thing I'd like to do is make a commentary on this Code so that we can properly apply them. At the outset, what I miss in here is on "dual relationships" of Guidance Counselors. Happy reading!

Republic of the Philippines
Professional Regulation Commission

Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance and Counseling
Board Resolution No. 05
Series of 2008


WHEREAS, ETHICS refers to, “A system of moral principles or values; the rules or standards governing the conduct of members of a profession; accepted principles of right or wrong;” and establishes the means of doing what is right, fair, and honest;

WHEREAS, the Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance and Counseling is empowered to “ (i) [P]romulgate rules and regulations including the Code of Ethics for Guidance and Counselors xxx” and “(r) [A]dopt measures necessary and proper for the high ethical and professional standards in the maintenance of the practice of the profession;” “(j) [I]nvestigate violations xxx of the Code of Ethics for Guidance Counselors”; (l) [R]ender decision, order or resolution or in preliminary in inquiry against violators xxx of the Code of Ethics for Guidance Counselors xxxx”; (k) [I]ssue, suspend, revoke, or reissue any certificate of registration xxxx” (Sec 5, Powers, Functions of the Board, Art II of R.A. No. 9258, known as the “Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004”);

WHEREAS, Sec. 24, Art. III of R.A. No. 9258 states, to wit: “Sec 24 xxx. The Certificate of Registration may be revoked or suspended xxx for violation of the Code of Ethics xxxx”;

WHEREAS, “Any unethical practice of guidance counseling as may be defined in the Code of Ethics xxx to be prepared by the Board in consultation with guidance counselors is prohibited”; (Par. Four of Sec. 24, Art III of R.A. No. 9258); and

WHEREAS, the Board, pursuant to the power thereof afore-quoted under Section 5 (i), Art. II of of R.A. No. 9258, drafted the Code of Ethics for Guidance Counselors and submitted the same to the Commission for the approval of the latters as part of the rules and regulations of the “Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004”;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Board resolves, as it is hereby resolved, to promulgate and issue the “Code of Ethics for Registered and Licensed Guidance Counselors” marked as Annex “A” and made an integral part of this Resolution and the Rules and Regulations of R.A. No. 9258.

This Resolution shall take effect after fifteen (15) days following the full and complete publication thereof in the official Gazette, or in any newspapers of general circulation in the Philippines.

Let a copy thereof be forwarded to the Interim Professional Organization of Guidance Counselors and/or the registered and Accredited Integrated National Organization of Registered and Licensed Guidance Counselors.
July 15, 2008




Professional Regulatory Boards



Commissioner Commissioner

Code of Ethics 1




Guidance and Counseling in the Philippines is now recognized as a profession and as such, it carries with it certain responsibilities and expectation.

The role of the Guidance Counselor is significant in the lives of people. The nature of his work demands competence, excellence, integrity, trust and service. He must be guided by recognized ethical standards, which define his functions and responsibilities which provide guidelines for his practices as Guidance Counselor.

Article I
General Ethical Principles

Section 1. Observance of Principles. – Guidance Counselors shall observe the following basic and general principles:

1.1 Abide by the ethical principles laid down by the Guidance and Counseling Profession.

1.2 Not misuse the professional relationship for profit, power, or prestige, or for personal gratification not consonant with the welfare of his Counselee.

1.3 Realize that his professional time and effort are fully, faithfully, conscientiously, and truthfully devoted to the accomplishment and improvement of the guidance and counseling profession.

1.4 Grow professionally and keep abreast with current trends in guidance work through continuing professional education and affiliate himself with reputable and recognized local, national and international guidance associations.

Article II
Relationship with Counselee

Sec. 2. Counselors’ Relationship with Counselee. – Counselors shall establish and maintain good relations with their counselees, and accordingly, shall:

2.1 Respect the personhood and integrity of the person with whom he works.

2.2 Recognize individual differences

2.3 Clarify his role to the Counselee

2.4 Establish professional relationship with the Counselee

2.5 Explain results of tests and other diagnostic tools in a comprehensive and
constructive manner.

2.6 Give information about the Counselee only to persons who can be of help to the
Counselee and is done only with the approval of the Counselee and/or his parents
or guardian. When revelations may result in possible harm to the Counselee or
to someone else, or may endanger the community or the country, he must report
the facts to appropriate authorities and take emergency measures to prevent any
untoward event or harm to Counselee.

2.7 Recommend a referral when it is indicated that the Counselee does not benefit
from the guidance relationship, but assume responsibility for the welfare of the
Counselee until the guidance responsibility is assumed by the person to whom the
Counselee has been referred.

Article III
Relationship with the Community

Sec. 3. Counselors’ Relationship with Community. – Guidance Counselors shall establish and maintain good relations with their community, and accordingly, shall:

3.1 Establish a relationship between the community and the guidance program in a
manner that is beneficial to both.

3.2 Show sensible regard for and ethical recognition of the social code and moral
expectations of the community in which he works and strives to elevate the
understanding of its social and cultural traditions.

3.3 Attend to the needs, problems, aspirations, and human resources of the
community in order to enable him to give relevant service responses, and to
develop a wholesome community spirit.

Article IV
Relationship with Colleagues in the Profession

Sec. 4. Guidance Counselors’ Relationship with their Peers. – Guidance Counselors shall establish with their colleagues, and accordingly, shall:

4.1 Initiate peer relations and maintain high standards of professional competence
in the guidance and counseling discipline.

4.2 Keep relationships on a professional level by refraining from petty personal

4.3 Consult colleagues as a matter of professional courtesy, when planning to
initiate a professional activity likely to encroach upon his colleagues’
recognized academic disciplines or researches.

4.4 Give accurate information and avoid any misinterpretation or unclear

4.5 Hold responsible for proper permission from and adequate recognition of
authors and publishers of counseling and testing instruments which he uses
and sees to it that psychological tests are administered only by professionally-
trained and competent guidance personnel under his direct supervision.

Article V
Research and Publications

Sec. 5. Guidance Counselors Attitude on Research and Publications. – Guidance Counselors shall undergo research and publications and, accordingly, shall:

5.1 Undertake research to contribute to the advancement of the Guidance and
Counseling profession.

5.2 In conducting research, adhere to the highest standards of research

5.3 In reporting results of researches, reveal the identity of the subjects of
research only with the permission of the subjects concerned and only for
professional purposes.

5.4 Acknowledge the source of his ideas and material in his research as well as in
his publications, and recognize divergent opinions from responsible persons.

Article VI
Miscellaneous Provisions

Sec. 6. Administrative Penalties
. – Any registered and licensed Guidance Counselor who violates any provision of this Code shall be administratively liable under Sec. 24, Art. III of R.A. No. 9258 and Sec. 24, Rule III of Board Resolution No. 02 Series of 2007, the “RR of R.A. No. 9258”.

Sec. 7. Separablity Clause. – If any part of this Code is declared unconstitutional or invalid, the remaining provision/s or part/s thereof not affected thereby, if separable, shall continue to be valid, enforceable, and operational.

The Oath Taking Program

I am putting here some more pictures. If others have theirs, do email me those jpegs and they will find space here in the next blogs. Thanks. Picture #1 is the Oath to the PGCA (what for?). Anyway it was in the program, and I intend to make that a real one. The one who took that picture sat beside me, Mr. Vic Abrenica, my Group Process professor in DLSU. Tatay ko na ba? Pareho kaming may "halo" no? Maliwanag na ba? And yes, the third picture was the most "talked about" cultural rendition by Ms. Dixie Diesta of the UP College of Music. The Program wrote "Special Song Offering" but she sang how many? SOrry but I lost count, maybe about four? Ano ka, kinanta niya Bituing Marikit, completo with coloratura voice (yung kumukulot na boses hehe). Talaga yatang ganon ang Guidance Counselor - Bituing Marikit (hehehe just lightening the atmosphere!). Listening to her brought back memories of the jukebox and the harana sa Aawitan Kita tv special (madami kamming nakaabot sa kapanahunan na yun no?!) The last pic is the trademark PGCA chaos. There should be a way to make things a little more orderly next time. Let's pray we find a better one. In the meantime, PILA!!!!

For us who were at the Oath Taking Ceremonies in the Manila Hotel's Centennial Hall, it was an exhilarating experience. Years of service were acknowledged through the generosity of the Grandfather's Clause of Republic Act No. 9258. Thanks to the Board that examined our documents. Ad multos annos. This Latin phrase doesn't wish for more "multo's" or ghosts to hound them through the years, but a sincere wish for MORE YEARS in their lives of service!

Just to appreciate what was inside, I looked into the list of 3rd Batch of oath takers under the Grandfather's Clause. I saw my name in #96 again. I couldn't believe it, thinking that this is a Program and yet containing the same mistake! Upon taking a second look after the chaos of the occasion, I saw the same name in the same spot I had reported to the PRC: ALCAZAR, Esperanza Magsino, in numbers 11 and 26. AGAIN!!! And if I am not mistaken, I met her, and she's a nun! But in fairness, CARVAJAL, Pepita Tabilon was written only once this time, and GUTIERREZ, Rowena Espiritu appeared this time!

And believe it or not, the title of PGCA did not carry with it the title "Accredited Professional Organization by the PRC." Not even the word Interim was found! For once I saw some honesty here. There will be more honesty to be made in the coming days. I hope there is a way to improve our integrity, which Dr. Esperanza De Gracia coined as "impeccable integrity."

Yes, the Program contained the PRB Resolution No. 05, the Code of Ethics for Registered and Licensed Counselors, which was dated July 15, 2008. For those who took their oaths earlier, I intend to copy here this document so that everyone can read and be taught.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oath Taking Pics

Here are some of the pictures taken today Sept. 28, 2008 during the Oath taking ceremonies for the 3rd batch of Grandfather's Clause and the 1st batch of Licensure Exams Passers. I have finally met the persons who have been reading this blog, making inquiries that led to answers. Archie Siaron, RGC from Ateneo de Zamboanga and his group in the first picture; then Haidee Arguelles and her husband, both RGC's now, together with Dr. Benny Lascano, former PGCA President, and at the back is Mr. Cesar Cong, current IPCAP Treasurer in the 2nd picture. That's Dr. Eala by my side (hoy, hindi ;ang kaming dalawa ang nanunumpa no? Likot isip n'yo a. Nasa tabi yata niya Nanay niya no? Yung iba sa likuran namin pati namamanata din). Kita niyo Nanay ni Dr. Eala? That's Dr. Susan Estanislao and her Ate at her left, both Registered Professional Counselors now. And of course, the last picture is with Ms. Avelina Mandin, one of the Board of Trustees in the IPCAP.

I met other people of course. Indeed an occasion of camaraderie with fellow professionals. Hope to contact you more through this medium and through email or text.

We were able to distribute the IPCAP application forms. Two have submitted their applications already. We shall steadily grow in number, hoping that this organization shall truly cater to the needs of the licensed and registered Guidance Counselors. Happy viewing!

IPCAP Membership Application Form

Herein is the Integrated Professional Counselors Association of the Philippines Application Form. You may download it and then print, send to me using the address we have with the requirements mentioned below your signature. You may also deposit your membership fee at the stated Bank and account number. Please feel free to text 0919-6236605 (SMART subscribers), or 0927-3842739 (GLOBE subscribers) or email me

The next blog will be the pictures taken during the Oath Taking of the 3rd Batch together with the Board passers. We at IPCAP have decided to make this blog the official site for information on IPCAP matters. We should move to another website when we shall have had achieved our goals. Happy viewing.

Helping the Helping Professionals: Overcoming Compassion Fatigue: An Invite

Dr. Susan Estanislao, current PACERS Vice-Chair forwarded this email to many in her email address book. And I am blogging this in case you might want to attend it.

Thank you for this invitation. I'll forward it to our colleagues in the profession! God bless and best wishes! Sue

---From: Gian Carlo Coyco []
Sent: Wed 9/24/2008 10:02 PM
To: estanislaos(Estanislao,Susan A)
Subject: An invitation

Hello ma'am. I am one of the participants who attended the PACERS convention last year.Thank you very much for giving me updates thru email and other messages. I appreciate them.

Ma'am, I was thinking if I could seek assistance from you. Our class (PNU Graduate School-Guidance and Counseling) will conduct a seminar-workshop as part of our requirements in a subject. The theme will be "Helping the Helping Professionals: Overcoming Compassion Fatigue". We have invited Dr. Violeta Villaroman-Bautista as our resource speaker. It will be held at the Palm Plaza Hotel in Manila (Pedro Gil St. cor Adriatico St.) on October 4, from 8:00-5:00. Seminar fee is One Thousand Pesos (P1,000) inclusive of snacks, lunch, and seminar kit.

Please help us disseminate the information or you might have students who are interested about the topic. For more information, I can be reached thru my cell number 0917-871-5278. Thank you very much ma'am.

I hope we can also invite you one time to be our resource speaker in future seminars and I hope to see you again when I will have a chance to attend a convention hosted by PACERS.

Respectfully yours,
Mr. Gian Carlo D. Coyco

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ateneo de Zamboanga Invitation: 4th Regional Conference on Counseling (Region IX)

The following is an invitation requested to be blogged here for others to read. Unfortunately, after I received it and had intended to blog it, our internet server here developed problems beyond my control, hence its posting only now. My regrets. I can only download the text here but not the document itself complete with its seal and beautiful logo and heading. If anyone wants to have a copy of it, email me at and I shall forward you the said invite. I hope Tisay will forward me a jpeg format of this invite so I can have it uploaded here and everyone may download upon reading this blog.

Anyway, here it is. Happy Reading!

Dear Colleagues in the Counseling Profession,

In answer to the call of the crises and difficulties of our time, the College Guidance and Counseling Office of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University is holding the 4th REGIONAL CONFERENCE ON COUNSELING. This affair aims to facilitate the development of counselor competencies in our region and other nearby cities and provinces, to better equip counselors in aiding and serving their own client.

We are holding this activity on October 13 and 14, 2008, at the Carlos Dominguez Conference Hall (CDCH), in the Ateneo de Zamboanga University. The theme for this year’s Regional Conference on Counseling is “The Professional Counselor Venturing into the Frontiers of Student Psychological Well-Being.” Registration starts at 8:00 AM on the first day.

During this 2-day gathering, the participants will be accorded the opportunity to have a critical discussion on Best Practices on School Counseling Programs and Services. This Round Table Conference will discuss the program development on specific areas such as: Student Group Guidance Program, Peer Counseling, Academic Intervention, Psychological Testing, and Career and Placement Program.

The conference will also feature two plenary speakers who will speak and lecture on the topics Evidence-Based School Counseling Program and Counseling as the Core Service in School Counseling Program. In addition, there will be continuing professional education workshops that aim to develop the competencies of professional counselors in the areas of school counseling programs. The workshops are the following: Dealing with Shyness in Students, Family Systems in Counseling, and Using Creative Approaches in Counseling.

The conference fee will be PhP 1,800.00; it is non-refundable but transferable to another person. This will cover resource materials, program, certificate of participation, lunch and snacks for the two day affair. Attached to this letter is the memorandum from Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for the tertiary schools and Department of Education (DepEd) for the primary and secondary schools as proof of their endorsement of this professional gathering.

You might even want to come a day or two earlier, to go around Zamboanga City to experience the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2008, which commemorates the Feast Day of the Lady of Pillar on October 12, 2008.

We hope to see you in the 4th Regional Conference on Counseling, as we rise to the challenge of the frontiers in our counseling profession.


Respectfully yours,

Estesa Xaris C Que-Legaspi, MA
College Guidance and Counseling Office

I got word that Estesa (Teeza or Tisay in her email to me)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Registration Process

I thought of blogging this for those who have not yet registered for the oath-taking. I went there about 8:30AM, and I finished before 10AM. Bilis ha? Maybe the secret was GO EARLY! Expect an EDSA Revolution there: super dami ng tao talaga! Be friendly in order to keep the process worth your efforts.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the 3rd floor where you submitted your application papers for the Grandfather's Clause. Present your claim stub. The person in there shall give you the Oath of a Professional Form (Panunumpa ng Propesyonal). Fill it up. Yes, bring a PASTE along for your ID - the 2x2 picture is to be placed on the box in the Oath of a Professional Form.

2. Go to the second floor for notarization. Tell the guard you're going for notarization. P50 yan. Don't ask for a receipt. They don't give any. Yes, ready your cedula in case they ask for it.

3. Get metered stamp: 2 of P21 = P42. That was Window J where I got it. I think that was about 15 minutes cueing time. I got word that the Maritime Profession in the 4th floor of the Old Building has the metered stamps. However, this morning, there was none. So I went to Window J in the first floor.

4. Cashier: pay P1,050: P600 + P450.

5. Window 28 for registration: you will fill up the log file where you will put in your 1x1 ID, right thumb mark, and of course signature. Remember the year you graduated from your school, and of course the name of the school where you graduated.

6. Your small brown envelope is where you will put 1 2x2 ID picture, and the metered stamp receipt. Write your name in the upper left corner of the envelope, like the return address in an envelope when you write a letter to someone special or not so special.

7. After that, go to the Nipa Hut near the exit. Pay P1,500 for the Oath taking Ticket. If you have a guest with you, add P1,000. Don't forget to claim your stub.

Haay salamat. I was given #505. I think that will be the license number I will get because I filled up the 505th slot in the log sheet.

Okey. All the best and see you at the oath taking. Email me ( for an IPCAP application. The IPCAP membership form is P500 only. God bless and take care


While this may be a little delayed, for those who have yet to see their names for the 3rd batch of Guidance Counselors to take their oath under the Grandfather's (or Lolo's) Clause of R.A. 9258, here is the list. There were those who texted me their not being able to see their names in the newspaper. Remember that PRC mentioned having had sent the Resolution for Manila Bulletin publication supposedly on Sept 9. Finally however, Manila Bulletin finally had this list published only last Saturday Sept. 13. The news can be found on page 6, while the list is on B14. So, for those who haven't seen the list in the papers, or had difficulty downloading the pdf file, here is the list. Let me know if I typed wrong your name. I just copied to the best of my ability the Manila Bulletin-provided list. Congratulations.


Before anything else, I did close comparison between the Manila Bulletin's and my copy of that list here. So far, this copy here seems faithful to that of Manila Bulletin. Meanwhile, I also compared the Manila Bulletin's, my copy here and the pdf format of the PRC Resolution uploaded in the PGCA website. Guess what? Here are my observations:

1. That pdf format of the PRC Resolution in the PGCA website appears to lack accurate alphabetical arrangement. There are 394 in the pdf list, while the Manila Bulletin and my copy here lists only 393. Why is this so? See #2.

2. I noticed that the name ALCAZAR, Esperanza Magsino appeared twice, in # 11 and 26. Likewise, the name CARVAJAL, Pepita Tabilon appears twice, in #s 82 and 87 in the pdf format. That's the reason for the higher number in the pdf file than the Manila Bulletin's.

3. The name GUTIERREZ, Rowena Espiritu does not appear in that PGCA pdf format of the PRC Resolution. The Manila Bulletin lists her name. So I listed her name. Now we have the reason why there are actually only 393 in the Manila Bulletin list which I copied in here.

I bet the best way to resolve this is to bring along the Manila Bulletin copy, go to PRC and double check. And, before I forget, I got a text message saying that there were names found in the list but did not apply for the Lolo's Clause Batch 3 nor took the exam. I have yet to verify about this matter. Hmmm. Fishy ba? Baka human error lang. Okay!!

Anyway, happy reading!


1. ABELLA, Clemente Jr. Abella
2. ABELLANEDA, Ferdinand Sumagang
3. ABRENICA, Alexa Priela
4. ACABAL, Editha Manuales
5. ADIL, Jimmy Jr. Villarta
6. ADORABLE, Gorgonia Baduria
7. ADRIATICO, Eden Tajon
8. AGUILA, Ma. Celia Villareal
9. AGUILA, Sancha Bernasol
10. AGUIRRE, Flora Seredilla
11. AISPORNA, Lucena Bunag
12. ALCAZAR, Esperanza Magsino
13. ALEDIA, Jose Royce Palma
14. ALILI, Violeta Salapan
15. ALMERINO, Jana Gloria Fin
16. ALVEZ, Ann Clara Pimentel
17. ALZATE, Edna Pastias
18. AMANCIO, Gloria Tayco
19. AMIK, Ofelia Tinapunan
20. ANGAT, Solbenette Cecilia Abuel
21. ANUNCIADO, Merly Venturillo
22. ARAMBURO, Rosemarie Naval
23. ARCILLA, Agrifina Acuzar
24. ARCILLA, Renato Paras
25. ARELLANO, Ofelia Ramos
26. ARENAS, Rita Bugay
27. ARGUELLES, Haidee Lynn Ramos
28. ARGUELLES, Virgilio Cainap
29. ARICHETA, Eunice Ramos
30. ASENDIDO, Juliana Pedraza
31. ATIENZA, Sylvia Castillo
32. ATINAJA, Ma. Regina De Leon
33. AUJERO, Fe Poticano
34. AUJERO, Romela Redil
35. AVILA, Eva Marie Cabudol
36. AZARCON, Dolores Rentoy
37. BADAJOS, Emma Tuliao
38. BALCOS, Jocelyn Javate
39. BANAAG, Mary Natividad Barrion
40. BANAYO, Marietta Buenafe
41. BANDELARIA, Marietta Pascual
42. BARDOQUILLO, Nena Ferrer
43. BASAS, Jean Umayam
44. BASCO, Remedios Valerio
45. BAUTISTA, Florencia Viñalon
46. BAUTISTA, Michelle Catanyag
47. BAUTISTA, Norina Cruz
48. BAUTISTA, Salvador Tawat
49. BAYUGO, Ann Reshier Galvez
50. BERAÑA, Sonia Martinez
51. BERNAL, Zoraida Fernandez
52. BERNARDO, Arlene Peña
53. BERNARDO, Michelle Stephanie Tiongson
54. BIACO, Cherry Ann Teodosio
55. BOBADILLA, Angelita Morga
56. BOLOTAOLO, Rowena Azores
57. BONIFACIO-BALENDO, Mary Liza Madera
58. BUKAS, Socorro Ong
59. BUOT, Eleanor Yap
60. BUSTOS, Irene Gaspar
61. CABANIAL, Teresita Rentoy
62. CABRERA, Joey Abad
63. CADWISING, Alicia Albano
64. CAGUIOA, Reynaldo Sudario
65. CAMACHO, Barbara Perez
66. CAMACHO, Judito Paglingayen
67. CAMACHO, Macaria Pelotos
68. CAMACHO, Shareal Joy Losbañes
69. CAMARSE, Manuel Garcia
70. CANLAS, Elsie Manalang
71. CANLAS, Reynaldo Nuelito Quiman
72. CANTADA, Glessie Anadilla
73. CAPILI, Danilo Martin
74. CARBAJOSA, Riza Tamparong
75. CARBALLO, Eleanor Ramos
76. CARDIÑO, Ma. Clarissa Hemedes
77. CARLOS, Alona Manlapaz
78. CARMONA, Imelda Castillano
79. CARRANZA, Saturnino Cachero
80. CARREON, Judith Cabilin
81. CARVAJAL, Pepita Tabilon
82. CASTELLANO, Mercedes Apungan
83. CASTRO, Genevere Tolibas
84. CASTRO, Maria Salvacion Andrada
85. CASTRONUEVO, Eva Angeles
86. CATADA, Deogracias Yu
87. CATMUNAN, Valentina Robles
88. CELIS, Maria Consuelo Sayno
89. CERVANTES, Almira Ebron
90. CHAVEZ, Maria Lourdes Lapa
91. CHIO, Mayra Joy Villanueva
92. CHIO, Melodia Maquiling
93. CHUA, Ruena Aldovino
94. CO, Anna Liza Te
95. COLLERA, Bernardo Risos (At your service)
96. CONSISTA, Juliet Donasco
97. CONTRERAS, Victoria Alegria
98. CORONEL, Maria Irma Camarillo
99. CORPUZ, Niño Briones
100. CORTEZ, Mary Ann Daoang
101. CRISTAL, Joy Lanon
102. CRUZ, Percival San Agustin
103. CRUZADO, Geraldyne Prieto
104. CUDIAMAT, Ponciano Malabanan
105. CULANGO, May Flerida Martinez
106. CUMIGAD, Neil Reyes
107. CURAZA, Lydia Josefina Rosales
108. DAVID, Elvira Calilung
109. DE GRACIA, Rosenda Agustin
110. DE GUIA, Herminia Cabadin
111. DE GUZMAN, Elaine Ilagan
112. DE GUZMAN, Ma. Pilar Macatangay
113. DE GUZMAN, Remedios Anrio
114. DE JESUS, Filomena Esteban
115. DE LEON, Maria Aurora Guzman
116. DE VERA, Rosalina Tamondong
117. DEL CASTILLO, Maria Lyra Tabian
118. DEL MUNDO, Sandrita Barot
119. DEL ROSARIO, Maria Cecilia Benoza
120. DE LA CRUZ, Susan Marie Roque
121. DELA ROSA, Leonita Daog
122. DELGADO, Maria Luisa Perez-Rubio
123. DELOS REYES, Rolando II Cabute
124. DELOS SANTOS, Ponciano Pablo
125. DELOS SANTOS, Rosalia Velasco
126. DEMDAM, Ma. Elena Carezo
127. DEREZ, Rafaelito Nieto
128. DESCALLAR, Marilou Yugo
129. DIDELES, Milagros Divinagracia
130. DIESTA, Maria Socorro Almeda
131. DIMAILIG, Romulo Jr. Manabat
132. DIOKNO, Olivia Luna
133. DIZER, Maria Elena San Juan
134. DIZON, Gracia Celso
135. DOLOR, Janett Aguiero
136. DOMPOR, Karen Pamela Varquez
137. DOTADO, Lualhati Imperio
138. DUMPA, Thais Noval
139. EALA, Maria Socorro Clarita Macasaet
140. ERMITAÑO, Betty Catedral
141. ESCARAN, Lucy Rubi
142. ESPERO, Catherine Ortiz
143. ESPINO, Lucia Corpuz
144. ESPINOSA, Monica Pelayo
145. ESPIRITU, Alicia Cruz
146. ESPIRITU, Fabiola Jimenez
147. ESTANISLAO, Susana Almeda
148. ESTRELLADO, Alicia Fuentes
149. ESTRELLADO, Juan Raymundo Aquino
150. EVANGELISTA, Angienette Canlas
151. FABELLA, Armando Tome
152. FAJARDO, Noemi Villafuerte
153. FAMISAN, Evelyn de la Rosa
154. FARMA, Cynthia Penalba
155. FELIX, Nicetas Tantiongco
156. FERIDO, Cresencia Sotelo
157. FERNANDEZ, Anna Abadilla
158. FERRER, Charito Bolatin
159. FERRIOL, Pamela Magsico
160. FIGUEROA, Alicia Muleta
161. FLORES, Venus Lagahit
162. FRANCISCO, Rita Addug
163. FRANI, Edita Bautista
164. FRESNILLO, Lucia Abrea
165. GABASA, Corazon Paras
166. GADIANA, Leny Gutierrez
167. GALANG, Mary Jane Adrias
168. GALANG, Restituto Obando
169. GALLEMIT, Judelyn Jamarolin
170. GAMBOA, Nanette Reyes
171. GARCIA, John Addy Sapalo
172. GARCIA, Maria Victoria Senador
173. GARINGO, Anna Michelle Salongcay
174. GAZMEN, Nancy Menecio
175. GESMUNDO, Eleonora Vita
176. GOMEZ, Marie Grace Avelino
177. GUEVARRA, Sheila Marie Mallari
178. GUMABAY, Claribeth Nepomuceno
179. GUTIERREZ, Rowena Espiritu
180. GUTIERREZ, Teresita Mortel
181. HERMO, Loida Salle
182. HERNANDEZ, Belinda Mira
183. HERNANDEZ, Fe Pelilia Vergara
184. HERNANDEZ, Jayson Samson
185. HINAYAN, Milagros Degabi
186. HIQUIAL, Ofelia Nambayan
187. HORMILLOSA, Harriet Hautea
188. HUVALLA, Corazon Dela Cruz
189. IBASCO, Maria Dolores Mendoza
190. IGNACIO, Maria Socorro Azarias
191. IGOY, Judy Imelda Lagonilla
192. IGOY, Rex Iturralde
193. IMAGE, Elnora Bravante
194. INOCENCIO, Onofre Jr. Gregorio
195. JABERINA, Marian Camitan
196. JACOT, Joerene Loyzaga
197. JALANDONI, Nove Dorde
198. JANEO, Juvy Tubongbanua
199. JAVA, Margen Araneala
200. JEGONIA, Joey Marie Fabe
201. JIMENEZ, Adelaida Niverba
202. JOSOL, Gloria de la Merced
203. JOVEDA, Asuncion Balunan
204. JOVELLANOS, Marinez Corpus
205. JURISPRUDENCIA, Jerry Jolito
206. KABAMALAN, Cirio Sabio
207. LABIAO, Elaine Naval
208. LACSE, Lynnie Gallo
209. LAGMAY, Juanita Badua
210. LAMBINO, Norma Pasaoa
211. LAO, Elson Tan
212. LARA, Helen Rosas
213. LAUENGCO, Catherine Villamor
214. LEGISNIANA, Selfa Cobilla
215. LEJOS, Luzviminda Gonzales
216. LESACA, Efrenina delos Reyes
217. LETARGO, Maria Carmina Ramajo
218. LINGAT, Lilibelle Mendoza
219. LIPATA, Othellie de Ocampo
220. LO, Teofila Lourdes Leyson
221. LOPEZ, Jomelyn Gomez
222. LOTO, Teresita Anchorez
223. LUMIQUED, Arsenio Aquino
224. MAAÑO, Ferdinand Ilarina
225. MACAPAGAL, Amelia Zabala
226. MACROHON, Estrellita Yañez
227. MAGALLON, Susan Aquino
228. MAGBUHOS, Maria Susana Sanchez
229. MAKILING, Roseline Velasquez
230. MALIGA, Leona Maulingan
231. MALLARE, Alexander Ortiz
232. MAMAUAG, Michael Alain Jutba
233. MANAG, Mary Donna Claire Gutierrez
234. MANALIGOD, Maria Paz Consolacion Agcaoili
235. MANALO, Imelda Isiderio
236. MANDIN, Avelina Leopoldo
237. MANESE, Sheryll Ann Fetalco
238. MANIA, Edwin Edilberto Nagayo
239. MAQUIRAN, Ma. Leonora Quintos
240. MARBELLA, Rhia Geronia
241. MARCELINO, Ophelia Cruz
242. MARCELO, Ma. Elena Cruz
243. MARILLA, Viola Dizon
244. MARTIN, Ann Margaret Toledo
245. MARTINEZ, Juana Rosa Flores
246. MATEO, Maria Teresita dela Cruz
247. MATIAS, Merrie Carolyne dela Merced
248. MC DIVITH, Patrick Royo
249. MEDEZ, Ma. Rebecca dela
250. MEJIA, Mellany Punu
251. MELO, Carmiluz Carlos
252. MENDOZA, Catherine Guzman
253. MENDOZA, Sonia Sison
254. MERCADO, Riza Liwag
255. MERENCIANO, Regina Manahan
256. MINA, May Cuecaco
257. MIRANDA, Angelina Sangalang
258. MONDANO, Susan Chua
259. MONTERONA, Marlene Mallo
260. MORADA, Ninfa Llorera
261. MORALES, Flordeliz Tolentino
262. MORENO, Maribelle Lasala
263. MORTEJO, Jesselyn Cezar
264. MUNGCAL, Cherry Lou Singson
265. MUNSAYAC, Irene Salonga
266. MUSÑGI, Ruth Ann Loyola
267. MUSTAPHA, Leonila Cauan
268. NABUS, Gloria Cal
269. NACIONAL, Loida Ricafrente
270. NACUA, Raquel Masocol
271. NALUPA, Lucita Narciso
272. NALUZ, Elena Gonzales
273. NAPIT, Felisa Cabildo
274. NARAG, Mary Jane Buwagan
275. NGO, Myrlinda Rose Abad
276. NISAY, Susan Servera
277. NOBLE, Nanette Villaverde
278. OBIEN, Alegria Abellon
279. ODON, Emerita Sumadang
280. OLPOC, Raquel Cementina
281. ONDOY, Roehl Umali
282. ORDILLANO, Rio Bingabing
283. ORENSE, Charity Pablo
284. ORTILLA, Suzana Selena Salomon
285. PADILLA, Angelita Ancheta
286. PADOR, Maria Aurelia Estela Legaspi
287. PAREÑAS, Cecilia Nimuan
288. PASCASIO, Catherine Soriben
289. PASCUAL, Geraldeen Bautista
290. PELAYO, Florinda Paula Villanueva
291. PEÑANO, Editha Abastillas
292. PEREZ, Madora Samaco
293. PEREZ, Ralph Ferraris
294. PO, Fernando Tan
295. PONCE, Fricana Cornes
296. POSADAS, Flordeliza Corcuera
297. PULUTAN, Gracia Sarmiento
298. PUNZALAN, Emilie Peralejo
299. QUESADA, Carmen Sunico
300. QUITA, Christine Cestina
301. RAFOLS, Mary Ann Tupas
302. RAGASA, Ester Miraña
303. RAGUAL, Remedios Mendoza
304. RAMOS, Avelina Conde
305. RAMOS, Catherine Villanueva
306. RAMOS, Chloe Socorro Kilayco
307. RAYCO, Carolina Uno
308. RAYCO, Domingo Jr. Roa
309. RAYOS, Nancy Catacutan
310. REGENCIA, Cecilia Taga-oc
311. REGENTE, Maria Jinky Montoya
312. RELENTE, Miguelito Angustia
313. RENTINO, Ester Asilo
314. REPARADO, Leah Cruza
315. REYES, Maria Olivia Senson
316. ROCES, Elizabeth dela Cruz
317. RODRIGUEZ, Jovie Comia
318. RODRIGUEZ, Liezel Damian
319. ROMUALDO, Zita Terre
320. RONQUILLO, Ma. Teresa Elisterio
321. ROQUE, Sharon de Guzman
322. ROSALES, Eulalia Rosales
323. ROSARIO, Rodel Rapanut
324. ROXAS, Esmeralda Abad
325. RUIZ, Michelle Ann Reyes
326. SALADO, Jaime Abenio
327. SALAZAR, Neda June Daguro
328. SALONGA, Carmencita Hilario
329. SAN DIEGO, Raquel de Guzman
330. SANCHEZ, Christina Sarmiento
331. SANCHEZ, Myrna Joyce Ondoy
332. SANTIAGO, Phoebe Fantilaga
333. SANTOS, Milagros Aquino
334. SAUL, Romelyn Copon
335. SEMIRA, Norma Pansoy
336. SENAJONON, Nerissa Valdez
337. SENO, Wilma Cabante
338. SEPNIO, Neyrezza Sahisa
339. SERANILLA, Myrna Sorreta
340. SHAO, Rosa Ching
341. SHARMA, Dinghy Kristine Baraero
342. SIA, Emmanuel Gerardo Masilungan
343. SIASON, Archibald Sanchez
344. SIGLOS, Maurita Claridad
345. SILVA, B’julah Quiocson
346. SILVA, Rommel Paul Tagayon
347. SINGSON, Renato Cañas
348. SISCAR, Gorgonia Laguardia
349. SISON, Johanna Marie de Ocampo
350. SOBONG, Florosa Bautista
351. SOCRATES, Nita Jagmis
352. SOLEDAD, Elizabeth Abne
353. SOLIVEN, Noemi Cabang
354. SUAREZ, Eliza Miole
355. SUBA, Elizabeth Sinogaya
356. SUDARIO, Teresa Capotoy
357. TABILE, Gloria Ramos
358. TACDORO, Arnie Ernesta Malasa
359. TAFALLA, Fe Villanueva
360. TAJEDA, Olivia De Luna
361. TALUSAN, Danilo Baldazo
362. TAN, Judy Go
363. TAN, Maria Roberta Lucero
364. TAN, Vincent Lagura
365. TEVES, Lizza Pineda
366. TIAMSON, Maria Luisa Sigua
367. TOLIBAS, Adelaida Razon
368. TORRES, Merle Canlas
369. TUAZON, Elsa Callorina
370. TUGUINAY, Julie Eday
371. TUMANGDAY, Charlotte Almario
372. UBALDE, Dino Talento
373. UMALI, Erlene Castillo
374. UY, Leticia Villocero
375. VALDERAMA, Ma. Josefina Colmenares
376. VALENCIA, Lorely Anne Ferrer
377. VALENCIA, Maria Cecilia Mercedes Fabrero
378. VALMONTE, Amy Cerezo
379. VELASCO, Domingo Jr. Caliboso
380. VERGARA, Jocelyn Amponin
381. VILLADARES, Jerome Fabricante
382. VILLALON, Arvin Manuel dela Rosa
383. VILLANUEVA, Maria Christina Galera
384. VILLAR, Imelda Virginia Garde
385. VILLASOR, Ramon Eduardo Gustilo
386. WONG, Barbara Lee
387. YAP, Richmond Satur
388. YOTO, Ma. Elena Merza
389. YOUNG RICARDO, Angelita Campoy
390. YTING, Ida Mercado
391. YU, Jeanette Ong
392. ZAIDE, Lucila Alcantara
393. ZANTUA, Julse Villanueva

Monday, September 15, 2008

PRC Resolution on 3rd Batch of Grandfather's Clause to be published here

I have been receiving text messages about the PRC Resolution regarding the 3rd batch for Oath Taking under the Grandfather's Clause of RA No. 9258. It was published last Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008 in the Manila Bulletin page 6, and the list on page B14. Some of us may have lost patience due to the delay of the publication. There appear to be difficulties downloading the Resolution with a pdf format. Hence, for those who cannot purchase the newspaper (it's in the libraries I believe), please wait for the list in this blog. Hope by the end of this day, it shall be uploaded for easy reading.

Yes, registration at the PRC or its satellite offices in the provinces have begun last Sept. 12, 2008. The following are the requirements:

1. Duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propersyonal (Archie texted me that he got his PERRC or Permanent Examination and Registration Record Card, and the Panunumpa ng Propesyonal Form from the PRC satellite office in Zamboanga, so PRC Manila should have that too.)
2. current Community Tax Certificate (cedula),
3. old receipt of application fee (was that P900? yes, it is!)
4. 2 pcs passport size picture (colored with white background and complete name tag)
5. 1 pc 1x1 picture (colored with white background and complete name tag)
6. 2 sets of metered documentary stamps (PRC has this too),
7. 1 short brown envelope with name and profession
8. Initial Registration Fee of P600
9. Annual Registration Fee of P450 for 2008-2011

I also got a text message mentioning the amount of P1,500 for the oath-taking fee at the Manila Hotel on Sept. 28, 2008 at 1:30PM. The tickets to that affair shall be released starting today, as Let Marcelo of PRC has told me over the phone. Let's see the Word Alive again.

Yes, please spare 1 copy of your 2 X 2 passport size and 1 x 1 pictures for IPCAP membership which IPCAP requires for the application form and ID. IPCAP Membership Fee is pegged at P500. For more information, please email or text me (for SMART subscribers 0919-6236605; for GLOBE subscribers 0927-3842739). The IPCAP Board of trustees has decided last Friday Sept. 12 that this blog shall be the official information center for IPCAP announcements. Please keep posted and share with other colleagues, particularly the REGISTERED and LICENSED GUIDANCE COUNSELORS. Thank you, Good day and God bless

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The PRC Response to IPCAP's Letter On Board Exam Qualifications

Let me post here an email many among us would have written. Here is the said email (whose sender I am keeping confidential muna.)


When I learned that there were some college grads who were able to take the licensure for the counselors I felt cheated. I checked from the website of PGCA and it was posted there that one has to have an M.A. degree to be able to qualify for the licensure exam.

"First Licensure Exams August 21 & 22, 2008
Minimum Qualification: Graduate of MA/MS in Guidance and Counseling"

I copy pasted it from their website

Since there were some who were able to take the test without the said requirement maybe I would also be qualified to participate in the next licensure exam.

May I know when will be the next licensure exam? I hope you can enlighten me ( Even my classmates are confused) about the licensure requirements

In Christ,

My response

Thanks for your reply. Right now, we at IPCAP are working to help clarify this chaos. I shall personally inform you through my blog developments in this matter. You must have read in my previous blogs our IPCAP letter clarifying with the PRB the PRC requirements. Until now, PRC has not given us any reply which PRB OIC Dr. Rosales has written about.

In the meantime, let's compare notes through email, and let's not be afraid. We are all in search of clarity and TRUTH! PGCA is silent about these things.

Take care and God bless

The PRC Reply Letter:

The highlight in this blog is the PRC response letter to our IPCAP letter last August 13, 2008. At this point, let us understand that IPCAP intends to file a clarificatory letter to finalize what really should be the requirements. We shall blog the matter as well when the letter shall have been formulated and sent to the PRbGC and PRC. Happy reading.

Here is the 2-page PRC reply letter which I transcribed (I have difficulty downloading the picture of this said letter) addressed to PRB GC OIC Dr. Lily Rosales. Here it is:

August 19, 2008

OIC-Board of Guidance of Guidance & Counseling

Dear Madam:

This refers to the letter of Fr. Bernardo R. Collera, SVD, et al. regarding your educational requirement for the first licensure examination for guidance counselors.

Sec. 13 of Rep. Act No. 9258 (Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004) provides as follows:

“Qualifications for Examination. – In order to qualify for the
Examination, an applicant must, at the time of filing the application, be:

(a) a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines or a foreigner
whose country has reciprocity with the Philippines
in the practice of Guidance and Counseling;

xxx xxx xxx

(c) holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Guidance and
Counseling or in other allied disciplines and a
Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling from
an institution in the Philippines or abroad recognized
and accredited by the CHED.”

This provision is subject to 2 interpretations.

On the one hand, it may mean that a bachelor’s degree in Guidance and Counseling and a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling are both needed to be qualified for the examination because of the word “and” after the first requirement.

On the other hand, it may also mean that the requirement of a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling will only be needed by those who are holders of a bachelor’s degree in allied discipline because the word “and” comes immediately after the phrase “in other allied disciplines’.

I firmly believe that the second interpretation is the sound one. (In the letter, this sentence was underlined, and since I have difficulty doing that here in this blog system, I emboldened it instead.)

Firstly, there is the word “or” between the phrase ‘bachelor’s degree in guidance and counseling’ and the phrase ‘bachelor’s degree in other allied disciplines’. By this, there will be 2 distinct sets of graduates---one, bachelor in guidance and counseling, and two, bachelor in allied discipline.

Considering that the word “and” is near the phrase ‘bachelor in allied discipline’ then it follows that the requirement of a master’s degree in guidance and counseling will refer to it.

This is logical because the examination is about guidance and counseling. These graduates of allied disciplines may not have taken all the subjects given in a bachelor’s degree in guidance and counseling. Hence a master’s degree in guidance and counseling is needed by them to complete their knowledge of guidance and counseling.

Secondly, a closer look at the requirements for registration as guidance counselor without examination will show that a master’s degree in guidance and counseling is not a requirement by those who have practiced guidance and counseling for 5 and 7 years. (See Sec. 14 of RA 9258)

This is because the licensure examination will take the place of the master’s degree in guidance and counseling for those who are simple graduates of the bachelor’s degree in guidance and counseling.

Lastly, the Honorable Board must take judicial notice of Commission Resolution No. 2005-306 dated December 15, 2005.

In that Resolution the interpretation of who, between the employees of government and private individuals, need to have a baccalaureate degree to be appointed as room watchers and supervisors in licensure examinations.

Because the words “and/or” between these 2 phrases, the Commission adopted the second interpretation wherein the words “baccalaureate degree” will refer to private individuals and not to government employees.

For your information and guidance.

Very truly yours,

OIC, Licensure Office

GOOD NEWS For All Licensed Counselors

Yes, as in plural GOOD NEWS - madami ba! Today, Sept. 13, 2008, (contrary to the above date that it's Sept. 12, 2008 (American time kasi ang time nitong blogspot e), just as the text to Archie the other day which I copied in an earlier blog said, Manila Bulletin has on page 6 the news about the PRC Board Resolution for the 3rd batch of oath takers as Guidance Counselors under the Grandfather's Clause of R.A. 9258. The list can be found on page B14. Surprisingly, if you read the news item, you'll find that PRC must have sent it for publication on Sept. 11 because it says, filing for registration starts "tomorrow Sept. 12, 2008." So there you go, indeed WORD ALIVE! Congratulations to our people at PRC. We need to keep this a habit: walking the talking! Now the spirit of corruption is shivering, but will fight back. We need to be vigilant, with the blessings and the Spirit of the Good Lord and Good Counselor.

Secondly, IPCAP had its first Board of Trustees meeting at the RGS Convent yesterday. Our savings bank account under the name of the present Treasurer we have approved to be named IPCAP. Hence, we can now start depositing our membership fees and other funds there. The official number shall be announced more formally in the following weeks after we have approved our information brochure or IPCAP flyer. We have also approved our official IPCAP Application Form for Membership which the Board of Trustees started to sign immediately after they paid the membership Fee of P500. Yes, we got two applicants already yesterday, and we are now open to all LICENSED AND REGISTERED GUIDANCE COUNSELORS only to apply for membership so we can go full throttle to make this organization ONE that serves the needs and development of the profession and the REGISTERED AND LICENSED COUNSELOR. It is one that shall embody our ideals and hopefully empower each registered member rather than keep the Board an island with its secrets all their own (it's called "executive privilege"), as currently observed in many organizations. We are doing these in keeping with the law, that is R.A. 9258. So, welcome to IPCAP licensed Guidance Counselors!
For more information, you may email me at or text me at these numbers: For SMART subscribers 0919-6236605, or for GLOBE subscribers 0927-3842739. If you are a SUN subscriber, do text our Vice-President Dr. Julian R. Montano at 0922-8990130. We shall write more about this in the coming blogs.

Thirdly, in our Board Resolution to grant either the elected President or Vice-president, and the Treasurer to transact with the Bank as stipulated in the Secretary's certificate to the Bank, we have specified that "any action by these authorized persons to transact with the Bank shall require a Board Resolution signed by a majority of the Board of Trustees" (Resolution # 2008-001). This is made to protect IPCAP and its officers now and in the future from acts inimical to the Association and its membership and direction. Alam mo na? We would not want to be keeping the secrets of others haha, and then end up being accused of conniving with them. So, we shall be doing all we can to keep evil from seeping in. Let's all come together for each others' good and the integrity of the Guidance and Counseling profession in the Philippines.

And of course, IPCAP finally received from Dr. Lily Rosqueta-Rosales, current PRBGC OIC the response from the PRC Licensure Office to our letter clarifying the acceptance of College Graduates to take the Board exam contrary to what we have been conditioned to believe, namely that a Masters in Guidance Counseling is a sine qua non. I shall be transcribing that response and then blog it (including a picture of that 2-page-reply) for public information and reaction. Yes, IPCAP will follow up on that until we shall have a more firm direction. Para di tayo maloko no? So please follow up on this matter here, and yes, sharing this blog with others is encouraged as it is profoundly thanked.

Guidance Counselors are people with integrity. They walk the talk. God bless

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yes, I called up PRC last Monday, Sept. 08, and got the results: the Resolution on the 3rd batch of Grandfathered oath-takers. I called up again requesting for a copy of the said PRC Resolution so that we can see the list ourselves, like we saw the list of Board Passers, and yes the one of the 2nd batch. I was told that it shall be uploaded into the PRC website and published in the Manila Bulletin tomorrow, i.e., Sept. 9, 2008. After the conversation, I actually received a text message about being upset that the information on a Manila Bulletin publication of the said list was supposed to be on Sept. 8, 2008, and that it wasn't there! Ano ba talaga kuya?! Anyway, we are usually patient and grant them the benefit of the doubt, so I did check Sept. 8's, 9's, and even yesterday's. Wala pa rin KUYA! Wala sa classified ads; wala sa showbiz page. Wala sa tabi-tabi; wala sa obituary! Ano ba talaga!!!

Anyway, the latest (today's) is this: "Wait nyo po sa newspaper and website ng prc hanggang Saturday." This is from Archie who texted his contact in PRC. Basta sabi mo ba, okey! And here is one Archie sent me: "Those who qualified for the Grandfa Clause can go to PRC satellite Ofc in their respective places to apply for the registration or they also have the option to apply directly at PRC Manila." He must have received it from PRC mismo.

Some people find this process a little irritating. In fact, anyone can hear the word "makulit ka" said at the sides. I wouldn't mind being told that. But I bet everyone wants to see "THE WORD ALIVE," meaning "you do as you say." When you say it's tomorrow, it's tomorrow. Not next time, not some time in the near or far or will never come future. We are already in the time of professionals, meaning we go by standards in behavior. O lulusot na naman, saying "e Philippine time yan e." Ah ganon? How many hours are there in a day? 24 di ba? Or are we saying we have now a longer-than-24-hour days in the Philippines? Matagal na po!!! We grant rooms for errors since we hold the saying "To err is human and to forgive is divine." But let's remember that we cannot abuse mercy by not reforming. Restitution is an apt word for whatever this may all amount to.

So, now we have a clear example of a defense mechanism called PROJECTION: the discomfort one feels about one's inability to do/live as one has said is projected to the other in the word and accusation "makulit ka!" So, let's not be afraid to follow up, especially when we have already given a day or two lapse to give the other the benefit of the doubt. In this way, we can remove corruption and inefficiency in our systems, first as individuals, then as peers, family, community and the nation. Then we can stand up tall before anyone because we do as we say. Today's papers say that the Philippines has slipped into the 140th position out of 181 countries to invest in. This deeply ingrained behavior might be the cause of that rating. Why not do a study about this? Oo nga no?

Sa kabilang dako, in line with being true to the one's word, I am really wondering why until now Dr. Villar and her PGCA Board has not answered my first question by way of email or text: WHAT IS THE ACCREDITATION NUMBER OF PGCA AS APO? WHEN WAS IT RELEASED? FOR HOW LONG IS THE DURATION? When I say Accreditation Number, I mean the PGCA has paid dues to PRC for this accreditation number. This is required in PRC Resolution 178 Series of 2004. Dr. Llanes as President of PGCA has done that last year or early this year, but has not been allowed to pay due to PGCA's documentary flaws! And yet, the title "Accredited Professional Association by the Professional Regulation Commission" remains in any of their invites and hopefully not, official documents. Perhaps in reply to my query, the PGCA website instead uploaded last week PRC Resolution # 292 Series of 2005, signed on Aug. 8, 2005, published in the Gazette on Oct. 31, 2005 and date of effectivity to start on Nov. 16, 2005. This is the context of the 3-year period for the APO. Without the said number, without PRC giving them an Official Receipt about this payment to be APO for the Guidance & Counseling profession, PGCA SHOULD REFRAIN FROM USING THIS TITLE. It is a form of usurpation without basis, a misrepresentation in itself that shouldn't be done by any professional or person or organization for that matter. Remember, even in the Rules and Regulations, the PGCA is only identified as INTERIM APO or IAPO, a required organization during this process of licensing the Guidance Counselors. Doesn't this RR already supersede, repeal or amend previous actions of anyone (see Rule V Section 35 of the RR of RA 9258) particularly that PRC Resolution # 2005-292? Let's stay and act within limits or else, let's remember that misrepresentation of authority is a crime in our land. (Wait ha, I will search for that law so that at least everyone knows what this is all about.)

What is more problematic here is that those who will be taking their oaths might be REQUIRED to pay the PGCA membership dues. Until PGCA has that accreditation number, until PGCA shows proof of payment, PGCA is not the APO, and anyone will just be giving money away. Yaman mo 'tol, pautang nga! dami naming mahirap sa tabi!!! Payment to the APO should be given only after organization shall have shown the PRC O.R. and the said number. The PRBGC should be the first one to uphold the proper process here, and I hope the observation or perception of favoritism is avoided.

We have heard Dr. Bance's report during the Convention last May 2008 during the National Convention: the previous Treasurer has not turned over to her any Financial Report yet. May I ask if there has been one since then? I read in the PGCA website that Dr. Bance is now the Vice-president. Has there been a turn over? If there was none yet as of this writing, behold what precedents can do talaga! And we expect this to continue uncorrected from our APO-daw? God forbid!

What I said here may sound disturbing. I may be judged going OC, but if only we listen to what is deep inside us: trying to edge out corruption in our midst, trying to live as we say, then those need not be seen as ka-OC han, but as part of our communal efforts to reform ourselves. Remember we are counselors. The Christian message calls for conversion - for the better and not for the worst. Let's walk the talk!

College of St. Benilde Counseling Week Invitation

The following is an email inviting everyone to the De La Salle University-College of St. Benilde Counseling Week. Please read along.

Dear Fr. Bernard,

Once again, De La Salle College of St. Benilde is celebrating the Center for Counseling Week on Sept 23 to Sept 27, (2008). I remember that one time you were one of the presenters. In behalf of the center, I am inviting you and other fellow counselors who might want to celebrate with us. As of this email, we still lack one counselor for case presentation, someone from readers of your blog might be interested. I am sending you the letter we sent to NCR counselors; kindly post this invitation in your blog. Thanks again!

September 8, 2008

Dear Counselors,

We annually celebrate the Center for Counseling Services Week or CCS Week, for this year it will be held on September 22 -26, 2008. As the College commemorates its 20th year, we at the Center espouse the theme “Inspiring the Youth”. One of the major activities of the CCS Week is the Counselors’ Professional Forum on September 25 to be held at Augusto Rosario Theater. We are happy to invite you for this whole day activity. The morning session has been conceived as a venue for counselors to share researches and/ or cases on diverse topics to fellow colleagues in the educational field. Following is the schedule for the morning activity.

Morning Session

8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Registration
8:30 a.m. – 8:45 p.m. Opening Prayer and Welcome Address
8:45 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. First Paper Presentation: “Motives and Information Use on Self Evaluation, Goals Orientation and Academic Achievement Among College Students” - Ms. Rheena Babanto, RGC – Counselor DLS-CSB
9:15 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. Second Paper Presentation: “Adolescents’ Concepts of Paternal Nurturance: Definition, Instrumentation, and Application” - Dr. Domingo Rayco, Jr. Counseling Psychologist
9:45 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. AM Snacks (snacks will be served)
10:00 a.m. – 10:30a.m. Third Paper Presentation (Presenter has yet to confirm)
10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Open Forum
11:15 a.m. - 11: 30 a.m. Awarding of Certificates of Attendance

LUNCH BREAK (can be bought in the college canteen)

The activity in the afternoon is a mini-workshop on “Conducting Action Research for Guidance and Counseling Programs”. The workshop aims to equip counselors with additional research skills which they can utilize to evaluate and improve guidance and counseling programs focusing on student based outcomes. Activities will be done through structured learning experiences. To maximize participation in this workshop, counselors are requested to bring a copy of the school’s current guidance and counseling program. Following is the schedule of the afternoon activity:

1:30p.m. – 1:45 p.m. Prayer (Community Singing)
Introduction of the Resource Speaker
1:45p.m – 3:00 p.m. Talk on Action Research: John Addy Garcia, PhD
Assistant Professor at the Counseling and Educational Psychology Department (CEPD) of the DLSU-Manila
3:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. PM Snacks (will be served)
3:15 p.m – 4:15 p.m Workshop
4: 15p.m. – 4:45 p.m. Open Forum
4:45p.m. – 5:00 p.m Awarding of Certificates of Attendance

Participation in the whole day forum and snacks in the morning and afternoon will be free of charge. Lunch can be bought from the college canteen or neighboring restaurants. We hope you can find time to join us in these worthwhile discussions. Kindly confirm your attendance to Jo Ann at numbers: 5267441 loc 129; telefax 5262117; mobile_________

Very truly yours,

Sgd. Myrna Valera, RGC., PhD
OIC- Center for Counseling Services

Noted by:

Sgd. Ms. Ma Socorro Bacay
Dean, Office of Student Affairs

Monday, September 08, 2008

PRC Resolution on 3rd Batch of Grandfather's Clause is SIGNED

Thanks to a counselor in Ateneo de Zamboanga, I got word that the PRC resolution regarding those who applied for the third batch of oath taking under RA 9258's Grandfather's Clause has been signed (Archie, thanks a lot talaga!). Yes, I had just called up the PRC, and according to Ms. Let Marcelo, indeed the much awaited Resolution has been signed. I checked for my name and it's there. Finally! Thanks God. Looks like this is a very good birthday gift I am getting from the Blessed Virgin Mary whose birthday we celebrate today. Thank you Mama Mary!

Now I can register with IPCAP! Those who made it can ready themselves to become IPCAP members. You are welcome as long as you have the license. We have the official receipts na po. IPCAP stands for the Integrated Professional Counselors Association of the Philippines (IPCAP), Inc., a duly SEC-registered professional organization that will work for the counseling profession and all licensed and registered Guidance Counselors. For inquiries, please email ( or text me at 0919-6236605 (for SMART subscribers) or 0927-3842739 (for GLOBE subscribers).

Accordingly, registration starts Wednesday September 10, 2008. Please bring along the claim slip with the Official Receipt for the payment we made at the application stage. I got this from the PRC website which pertains to what we will bring for registration:

"Those who will register are required to bring the following: duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal, current Community Tax Certificate (cedula), 2 pieces passport size picture (colored with white background and complete nametag), 1 piece 1” x 1” picture (colored with white background and complete nametag), 2 sets of metered documentary stamps, and 1 short brown envelope with name and profession; and to pay the Initial Registration Fee of P600 and Annual Registration Fee of P450 for 2008-2011."

Ms. Marcelo has also informed me that as regards the ticket for the oath-taking, they will start releasing only on Sept. 15, 2008. The payment is P1,500 (mukhang may discrepancy ba from the one I blocked and copied from their website? Anyway, maybe it's better to have extra than to lack...) See you at the registration I shall register on Monday Sept. 15 so I do only 1 trip, and yes the Oath-taking. God bless

To check for yours, do call (02) 735-1533. If it's busy, you may inquire at (02) 314-0018. Please ask for Ms. let Marcelo.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


I called up PRC Thursday and Friday, Sept. 4 & 5 respectively, and the lady there told me that this week (starting the 8th September 2008), we are supposed to check their website or the newspapers (I found the list of those who passed the Board exams in the on Sept 1, whereas the results were published in Manila Bulletin Sept. 2, 2008) for the results of the 3rd batch of oath takers under the Grandfather's Clause. Let's keep each other informed. Email me or text na lang so we can immediately disseminate information. My email is, and you can text me at either SMART 0919-6236605, or GLOBE 0927-3842739.

Secondly, I am doing my own countdown about the letter we wrote the PRB, copy furnished the PRC which Dr. Rosales personally in a handwritten letter replied (both have been blogged earlier). We submitted the letter August 13, of course it was 2008; Dr. Rosales received it Aug. 15, also 2008 (thanks a lot talaga!) which happens to be the same day she wrote us her reply. I received the reply last Saturday Aug. 30 (bagal ng post no? email is best talaga haha). And as regards this letter, I am really surprised why PGCA is saying nothing about the matter. DI ba the invitation to the Midyear carried with it "APO" sila? Does anyone know and email me? It's our profession's integrity that is at stake here. Let's stand for each other's integrity. This is what accountability is about which we are all trained, sworn in and will guarantee to everyone, client and fellow Counselor alike. Let's know the truth. The more documented (as in resolutions and text messages, emails and blogs para malinaw), the better. God bless

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wanted: Counselor for College of St. Benilde 2nd CALL

This is in response to an email from Ms Myrna Valera:
Please update our job posting on your blog as screening of applicants is still ongoing. Salamat ulit....Myrna

The De La Salle-College of St. Benilde is in need of three (3) counselors with the following criteria:

College Counselor under the supervision of the CCS Director, the counselor performs individual/group counseling and interviews, and conducts/faciltitates group activities that help in the development of well-integrated and responsible individuals.

Applicants must:

* Be a master's degree holder in Guidance and Counseling and/or School Counseling
* Have at least three to five years of counseling experience; and
* Be a Registered Guidance Counselor in accordance with R.A 9258 (Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004)

Interested applicants may email their application letter and curriculum vitae to: Deadline for submission is on September 30, 2008.

This is interesting because if there was anyone who passed the Board Exam and has not yet finished one's Masters in Guidance Counseling, one may not have much chances of getting this position here. I hope the seriousness of this matter is getting clearer as the light gets brighter. Anyway, all the best. If anyone is luckier, do let me know by emailing me back. Share your good news. God bless

Thursday, September 04, 2008

On 3rd Batch of Grandfather's Clause License Applicants

I received a text message inquiring about the 3rd batch of oath takers under the Grandfather's Clause of RA 9258. I called up the PRC yesterday at little after 4 in the afternoon. All I could get was the word that it has not yet been released. Those who applied for licensure under this arrangement were told that the said resolution would be released this week, 1st week of September, yes year 2008.

The PRC will be releasing a Board resolution which shall list those who've been given the license sans licensure examinations. One may inquire with PRC by calling (02) 314-0018. Please let me know when you get information about release of the much awaited resolution. The texter informed me that the resolution will be released next week, 2nd week of September, yes year 2008.