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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On the Feedjit Traffic Monitor & Hit Counter

I accessed this blog in another computer, checked the Feedjit Live Traffic Map, and lo and behold: everyone has a device to know where this blog gets read! One even gets to know what portions of the blog have been read so far, or have been accessed repeatedly. Thanks talaga to the IPCAP member who introduced me this technological wonder which gives everyone the chance to see for oneself the evidences, so to say, indeed a self-help to overcoming one's doubts and answering one's questions. It's even possible to literally locate oneself. Of course there is a certain level where the system tells you its limitations, like showing you inside a room in front of your computer.

How do you do that?

1. At the right side of this blog is the Feedjit Live Traffic Map (saw that?). Under it is a map with red dots. The box even writes "Recent Visitors".

2. Follow the instruction "Click the Map to zoom in," (your cursor will indicate so, then you'll be brought into a zoomed world map where you'll see the flags indicating that this blog has been accessed/visited there.

3. You may further zoom in by just clicking the + in the scale at the upper left of the map (nakita mo ba?) or zoom out by clicking the - at the lower end. These show you on a clearer manner where the reader is actually located.

4. At the upper right side of the map are three words: MAP, SATELLITE and HYBRID. Click the Satellite and you'll be seen an areal view, zoom in to get closer, zoom out if limitation is reached. The Hybrid combines the features of the map and the Satellite picture. One gets to see the street name where the flag is. This is what I mean by literally getting to know who is visiting this site, or your site later.

4. The cursor arrows above the + sign indicate the possible directions you can go. Use it to find the place you may want to go. When you point your cursor, it will show you "Pan Down," "Pan Up," "Pan Left," "Pan Right" and the map will move as you direct it with your cursor.

5. If you want to know what have been read, click the flag and the list will be given to you. Those in blue indicate that it has been read once. If the underlined topic is in red, chances are it has been accessed again. Clicking those words in line will bring you to the actual portion of this blog which was read, and that line of words will be read all the time since you have accessed it yourself with your action.

Actually, if you are familiar with maps when you travel, this one is very much like that. You even get to see the streets where the reader is on.

Just to note the first observations, there were visitors from the following four countries last Monday: UAE (Dubai), Hongkong, Japan and the Philippines. Japan showed two flags, hence two sites then. Within the same day, two more were added. On the second day, visitors from the US, UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Ivory Coast and Australia accessed the site. There were only four flags in the US Map. Today Oct. 8, 2008 there are already five, as Canada came in and Indonesia. Welcome. Thank you for the visit.

The Hit Counter

The number you see in the Hit Counter Box indicates the number of times this site has been visited since it was installed last Oct. 6, 2008. Hence, it may not show the number of loyal followers of this blog (or your blog or site in case you may want to download this technology there).

There was the suggestion that it show the actual number of visitors by using the "tag every unique user," meaning every time someone new comes in. I think the Feedjit Live Traffic Map should suffice for now. At least one gets to know where the visitor comes from. Welcome po!

As I discovered this, I thought maybe there may be literally a communication going on among people, in the likes of: "Check mo 'tong blog na 'to: may bagay na dapat tayong malaman..." It may even be verbally done, in offices, schools, industry. Literally, as long as your computer is on the site, you can easily access it.

Now I know that people know something. Hope we do something. We at IPCAP are doing something, and we shall communicate to you what we think and need to do. Yes, all RGC's are invited to apply for membership. We are scheduling an event for the whole country starting this November, so please brace up for these events. We have considered the situation of the Counselors and would want to ensure we don't have to overspend or spend unnecessarily. So, there you are.

Yes, if you have anything to share with me, don't worry because if ever I blog your ideas, your name remains only for you and me, but your thoughts become a pool for others to consider. Your criticisms and observations are welcome. No one is perfect and we all can learn from one another. Please feel free. God bless

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