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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Acknowledging The Readers & Making Comments

Since we placed here a HIT COUNTER and a LIVE TRAFFIC MAP last Oct. 6, 2008, over a thousand visits ("hits") have been done (check your "HIT" number at the right side of this blog), including the counts made everytime I publish a new article here. That's barely ten days today, Oct. 16 as I write this acknowledgment, and to all who came this side of the world wide web: Thank You! Please Come Again. What you get here is free, except your time which you must spend to get what's here. This blog may have taken your interest specially because it has become a source of information that has helped many in resolving certain questions, and even in pursuing them, hoping to arrive at satisfactory resolutions.

In the last two days, I have been receiving emails about the comments made to certain articles in here. The emails ask me to publish, or reject certain comments. They help me understand how the matters placed here affect others. We all get affected in one way or the other, greatly or not so greatly. Some of us easily get in touch with what's happening in us; some have difficulty and may need to act it out first before getting to know what's in us as an effect by the stimulus. There are those who would like to verbalize their comments, while others decide to keep their thoughts to themselves. We are really a FREE PEOPLE. My only intention is to share the truth that I see from this side of my world. And honestly, through your comments, I feel happy to realize that I am not the only one who sees that truth. And when I see someone else who sees the other side or aspect of the truth, that broadens my understanding of the truth. So, commenting is encouraged in this site.

Hence, if you would like to make comments, please feel free about sharing them. I will definitely get them as this system emails them to me, and gives me the choice to accept or reject them (which is true in ordinary life, di ba?). You might want to do that by going to the Comments portion at the end of each article and then click on that portion. If you're the first to make comments, what you will see is 0 Comments. If there was someone else who made comments, those previous comments can be read from that part as you click it; and you might want to join in the exchange, so do feel free. You have a choice to identify or keep your anonymous. Your thoughts shall be valued though.

In this way, we pursue a truth that sets us free. God bless

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