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Sunday, October 12, 2008


1. PAPSHP Philippine Association of Psycho-Social Helping Professionals

This CHED Memorandum is for an invitation to the PAPSHP Convention. After reading the letter below and you'd like to get a copy of the invitation, you may also email me and I shall attach you their invitation. Herein is their letter which I had just received this afternoon Oct. 12, 2008:

September 27, 2008

Dear Sir/Madam:

The Philippine Association of Psycho-Social Helping Professionals (PAPSHP), in cooperation with the Philippine Normal University (PNU), will hold its 10th National Convention on October 23-25, 2008 at the Teachers’ Camp in Baguio City. The theme of the Convention is “The Psycho-Social Helping Professions: Issues, Trends and Challenges.”

The Convention aims to enable participants: 1. to develop an awareness of their significant role as psycho-social helping professionals in various spheres or disciplines; 2. to strengthen their competencies in addressing concerns involving the profession, the students, the family, and the community in general; 3. to acquire knowledge and insights on continuing programs and initiatives toward effective instruction, counseling, and family life; 4. to enhance their competencies as practitioners who deal with psycho-social relationships; and 5. to update themselves in terms of developments as well as current issues, problems and challenges in the psycho-social helping professions.

Expected participants are teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, psychologists, administrators, principals, supervisors, superintendents and professors from public and private educational institutions.

A registration fee of Four Thousand Pesos (Php 4,000) shall be charged to cover expenses for lodging, seminar kit, 6 snacks, 3 lunch, 3 dinner and certificates of participation. Payments in cash can be deposited to PAPSHP Landbank Account #1981067270. Original copies of deposit slips are to be presented during the Convention as proofs of payment. There are only limited slots available for live-in participants.

For inquiries and reservations/confirmation of attendance, please contact the undersigned at mobile phone no. 09294834745, telefax no. 4040267 (PNU OSASS), or e-mail address

Truly yours,

President (2007-2009)

The Family and Pastoral Counseling Association of the Philippines (FPCAP), Inc. invites everybody to its event. Please click the picture on the left side for a clearer view of the invitation. Their contact numbers are mentioned in there.

3. The Guidance Counselors Circle (GCC) Inc. also invites us to its 8th Annual Convention with its theme "Understanding the International Standards for Counseling Programs and its Relevance to the 21st Century." It shall be held on October 16-17, 2008 at the CSB Angelo King International Center, Arellano Ave. cor Estrada St. Malate, Manila. Herein is their Letter of Invitation posted at the left side of the Invite (sayang I don't have its jpeg format for posting here, but let's see if I can find a way to append it here while there's still time):

September 01, 2008

Dear Fellow Counselors,

I am pleased to inform you that the Guidance Counselors’ Circle Inc. (GCC), in cooperation with the Asian Psychological Services and Assessment Corporation (APSA), will be holding its 8th Annual Convention on October 16-17, 2008 at the CSB Hotel– Angelo King International Center, Arellano Ave. cor Estrada St. Malate, Manila.

The theme for this year’s convention will be “Understanding the International Standards for Counseling and its Relevance to the 21st Century”

In line with the theme, the lectures and workshops will focus on three domains: Academic, Career and Personal Development. These include Appreciating the ASCA National Model for Counseling, Pastoral Counseling, Legal Accountabilities of Guidance Counselors, Heart Sense: Guiding Students Towards Emotional Wellness, Learning Intervention for Students at Risk: A Guidance Counselor’s Perspective, and Preparing Students for the World of Work

We look forward to being with you in this convention.


Rose Marie Salazar- Clemeña, Ph.D.

Seminar Fee:
Php 3950.00
The registration fee is inclusive of lunch, AM & PM snacks for 2 days, certificate and seminar materials.
Group Rate: For schools with more than two participants, the 3rd, 4th participants and beyond, will be charged Php 1500/ day only.
For reservations, you may also call Nette/Rolly/Teng/Jenny or Meann at (02)5221746; 5271901. They have a form you are to fill out (I hope we can have one here so you can) fax to (02) 5257238; (02) 5257277 on or before October 14, 2008.

I emailed for 1 Day's fee: P2,000 ang sagot.

Ms. Jane Lee provides us with this invitation to their PACC Seminars:
Date: Nov. 22, 2008
Time: 1:30 - 5:00 PM
SEMINAR on ASSESSMENT TOOLS FOR DEVELOPMENTALLY CHALLENGED KIDS: Focus on Draw a Person, Thematic Apperception, Sentence Completion Test.
Speaker: Charity Orense.
Registration Fee: P300.
For more information: call tel. # 867-1961; or text 09052237688.

For the organizations, in your certification of attendance, do mention your SEC Certification Number and the date of SEC Registration as proof of legitimacy. The more recent, the more legitimate.


I had the chance to call Dr. Luz Guzman, who mentioned to me that she is still a few years shy of 70 (thanks Ma'am for this clarification), and she mentioned that if there are complaints, text messages won't suffice. Responsibility about complaints needs to be shown by providing documents as evidence, and have them filed officially with the Board of Guidance and Counseling, which has a quasi-judicial character in its nature and actions (Article II Sec. 5 (j), (k), (l), (m), (n), and (s) of R.A. No. 9258, OUR Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004). It is high time we act with a sense of courage and honesty rather than irresponsibly and in a base-minded approach. While policing our ranks is a noble act (remember that if the policemen and women don't do their jobs, the thieves will have a grand time! - "if the cat is away...), keeping the 8th Commandment in mind is more proper since it still holds: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbors."

God bless

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