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Monday, October 06, 2008

New Features in this Blog

I would just like to thank those who've made it possible to know who, where and how many times this blog has been accessed. One of the IPCAP new members has taught me the trick: the use of the Live Traffic Monitor and the Hit Counter.

The Hit Counter sponsored by gives the number this site has been visited. Just for today, since this early morning when it was added, the Hit Counter (under "You are Visitor No.") I saw before blogging this entry was 177. I feel overwhelmed because it seems that this blog is serving the needs of these people in need of information, from the latest development about the profession in the Philippines, to the need for Counseling referral, to the list of new RGC's in the Philippines (Board Passers and Lolo's Clause licensees) and many more. So I feel thankful to the Lord for this technology which has become a resource of knowledge and refuge. Thanks talaga to you who helped me bring this technology into this site.

The Live Traffic Monitor sponsored by is even more informative about the data I would like to get regarding where the visitors come from and how many times this site has been visited as well as what particular blog entries have been visited for how so often. In this way, I get to infer what entries have been read most often. is one of the links to the Feedjit Live Traffic Map. Today's visitors came from UAE, Hongkong, Japan and the Philippines. While it doesn't give how many visited in terms of whole numbers, one gets a percentage reporting of the visitors in a certain area. I can see where the visitors from the Philippines are viewing this site. The map shows the province where the visitor comes from. And If I look closely, it should be possible to see the street where the visitor is reading this site. Can the satellite actually see the reader! Technological wonders indeed. Simply amazing!

Visitors from all over the world have been noted by the web statistics. Every one gets noted when was the last visit, how many visits have been done, when was the last time the visit was made, and how many are viewing this in one particular area. It says "2 visitors are stacked in this area." This really records the impact of this blog site at least in terms of readership. This world wide web stuff can really be very helpful.

So, welcome to this blog and enjoy it. If there is anything I can do for you, do contact me (Contact Information has the details). God bless and hope we continue to make Guidance and Counseling or Counseling Psychology something that can help even in the least way possible to the best way possible so that we all live in the light, empowered in the truth, and most of all strengthened in our dignity as beloved ones.

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