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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Action to take to help the 4th Batch of Lolo's Clause

The following email further strengthens my resolve to push for the recommendations below. Please, let's do something while there is time or else, it's the whole country that will suffer, first the schools, and then, look forward to the legal cases that will be necessary.

1. Follow up email

Dear Fr. Bernie,

Happy Feast of St. Therese!

Salamat sa prompt response. I can sense you are still the same, with much alive spirit to attend to all you concerns and that of others. I believe you have the inner source of all your energies.. Praise God!

1. The deadline of the application is stated in the application form itself from PRC.

2. I finished my MS Guidance and Counseling last April 1997. (I have a copy of her Masters Thesis - blogger's comment here)

3. Yes, the cedula is still needed, ID and of course the payment. I'm not bothered because I can secure it anytime. I was just preoccupied with the Certificate of Moral Character and Certificate of Active Member of any association of counselors.

4. I planned to go to UST and meet Dr. Lucila Bance as the Vice President of PCGA to discuss this matter and besides my co-sister who is assigned in Japan (also a practice Counselor) requested me to meet her for her own application also.

Thank you also for figthing the plight of all Counselors. Many people today need someone to listen to their cries, desires, dreams,pains and their longing for direction in life.
God bless you for all your endeavors.

2. My Recommendations

At this time, PGCA should humble herself. If she is not the APO, then she should tell everyone, particularly the PRBGC that she is not, unless the PRBGC herself identifies them to be so in the application papers, i.e., lift the parenthesis out and show us so clear as day that PGCA is indeed INTERIM or APO indeed. PGCA should then not be an obstacle to anyone who should legitimately qualify for the Grandfather's Clause and be granted the PRC ID and practice Guidance and Counseling without fear.

This is interesting a stage in the process of licensing because organizational membership has not been a requirement for the Board examinees, something which those to be Grandfathered were so strictly required. And even if they are only college graduates, they took their oath under PGCA, sans an orientation to the organization (other than the little history in the website). And come to think of it, I was only classified two years ago as AFFILIATE, thereby lacking certain rights like voting. But now that I have that license, am I to be classified REGULAR? How about those lifetime and regular PGCA members who cannot be licensed, what shall their status be? By what Constitution does this action emanate? The legitimacy of PGCA then may have become dubious. It's high time to let the government agencies like the SEC know the status and revoke what should be revoked.

Our situation has become like this: in the effort to keep fraud away, we have kept even the legitimate out. When fraud was committed, those involved kept silent, not even finding the way to resolve it. Is this telling us that we now can live with fraud, as in sleeping with the enemy, and not purge it out of the system?

I recommended to the email writer that a letter to the PRC be made so that the PRBGC will be called to task in relation to this matter of good moral character certificates and active membership. It thus looks like the PRBGC may actually be the obstacle here, and PGCA being its tool to effect the rooting of this illegal obstacle.

I just got this line to end this blog entry: With MONEY: You can buy position but not respect. Hope we keep this in mind.