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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Counseling Services

Just a few minutes ago today, July 1, I received the following email, and I felt best to reply. And if you know how best to reply to the email sender's request, please email (my email address) your information so that we can reach out to those who may need counseling services. Here is the email and my reply in the next paragraph:

"Dear Father,

A very good day to you. I had to think several times before i decided to e-mail you-as i'm not sure i came to the right person. I came across your blogspot while trying to google Filipino counselors/psychologists. I have been trying in vain to find help through the internet. I'm not sure if there's anybody in the country who would do online counseling. I'm troubled and i just want somebody whom i could talk to, problem is i currently reside in Europe. I have visited hundreds of websites that do online counseling but none Filipino-based. Please help, perhaps you could give me a name or two? I can do emails and real time chats, or if needed phone calls, i'm that desperate, and i want a professional one, i'm willing to pay a fee. Thank you."

My reply to the email sender (whose name I withhold):

Hi ...,
Am happy to hear that my site has reached you. Actually, that's a goal achieved - to inform people about counseling and the developments in the field here in the Philippines. As regards your request for online counseling, while I may be interested about it, my present situation discourages me if I have to achieve the goal set for this year which I have long delayed due to my need to have real work experience plus the actual demands of those years of experience. Now that I am right in the midst of it, your request and others' keep pouring in. Haay! But please don't feel bad. Your need should all the more encourage and motivate me to finish fast so I can reach out to you sooner.

As of the moment, please content yourself with the following telephone counseling:

In Touch Counseling (02) 893-1893. That's here in the Philippines, which has 63 as the country code.

Ok? Your looking for a counselor augurs a positive direction in your life. All the best, and I'd appreciate when you do update me about the referral. God bless