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Monday, July 21, 2008

Suicide Potential Inventory for Filipinos

The following letter was sent to me by Dr. Susan Estanislao obviously to share with everyone about the Suicide Potential Inventory for Filipinos (SPIF) which the letter writer herself has constructed. I shall also be placing in here the document she sent along with this email. Happy Reading!

Hi Fr. Bernard,

Greetings of joy and peace!

Can you pls. blog the attached data for counselors to see? It is about my instrument wherein they can spot suicide potentials ages 15 to 24 years old with the use of other tools. They can make reservations and/or call up the publisher, Dr. Irma Coronel for purchase. It only costs Php 1,500.00 per kit.

If ever they will attend our PACERS midyear workshops in Cebu City this coming Sept 4 and 5, 2008, they may contact me at (02) 536-0226 or 09158801705 or Dr. Coronel for reservations (see attached file) and buy from me directly in Cebu. I shall bring their ordered kits.

God bless.


Herein below is the description of the aforesaid psychological measure:

Suicide Potential Inventory for Filipinos (SPIF)
Dr. Susan Almeda-Estanislao (2004)
Office of Counseling and Career services, DLSU-Manila, Tel. no. (02)536-0226

The SPIF was designed to assess suicide risk among Filipino youth ages 15 to 24 years in conjunction with other methods of assessment. It aims to assist professional helpers generate hypotheses and formulate treatment plans in the context of counseling and psychotherapy; evaluate alternative intervention strategies, investigate personality components associated with suicide and/or monitor changes in suicide potential over time.

Made up of 87 statements that the youth might use to describe their thoughts, feelings and behaviors which are related to their suicidal experiences

Provides measures of 5 subscales, such as: (1) Hopelessness (Pagkawalan ng Pag-asa), (2) Negative Self-Evaluation (Negatibong Pagsusuri sa Sarili), (3) Suicide Ideation (Pag-iisip ng Pagpapatiwakal), (4) Helplessness (Pagkawalan ng Magagawa) and (5) Hostility (Pagkapalaaway).

Self-administered and takes about 25 minutes to complete

Six scoring templates, one for reverse scoring of negatively stated items and one for each factor are provided in scoring the answers sheet.

Manual provided comprehensive information on the development, reliability and validity of the scale.

Two procedures of item analysis were applied: (1) item discrimination and (2) item-total correlation.

Internal consistency (reliability) coefficients of 5 factors are found significant at .001 level (.87 to .98) indicating that all items in each factor are highly homogeneous to measure that factor consistently.

Factor scale intercorrelation values between the subscales and total scale scores are obtained (.71 to .96).

Construct validity of the scale is demonstrated by the significant mean score differences between the suicidal and non-suicidal group [t (91) = 10.75], and evidence of convergence between SPIF and Suicide Probability Scale sub-scales and total scale scores (.51 to .77).

Packaging – A Manual, one set of Scoring Keys, 25 Test booklets, 25 Answer Sheets and 25 Profile Sheets enclosed in an envelope

Costing – One thousand five hundred per package (Php 1,500.00)

Publisher – Please contact Dr. Irma C. Coronel at (02) 825 8346 or 0918 9026162