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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I have two things for this blog entry. The first was occasioned by a letter, while the second is on our nominees for the PRB or Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance and Counseling. Please read along.

Dear Father Bernard,

Hi. I am a psychology graduate (and a newbie in the field. I just graduated from college 2 years ago) currently looking for workshops and seminars that I can attend, preferably ... Guidance and Counseling professional organizations such as PACERS, CDAP, GCP, PACC, PAPSHP and DAGCO. I believe that attending these workshops and seminars would enable me to broaden my horizons, and keep me continuously updated in the recent developments in the field of Counseling Psychology (plus it would be great to also learn from the experts on the said field!).

I came across your blog website ( while trying to Google the websites of the above mentioned guidance and counseling professional organizations. Sadly, I had difficulty looking for information (such as schedule of upcoming seminars or workshops) of some of the above mentioned organizations (but thank goodness, I was able to come across PACERS and PAP!) and hence, have decided to drop you an email and ask for your assistance if you have the contact numbers (or email address of people I can ask) of CDAP, GCP, PACC, PAPSHP and DAGCO.

I am planning on giving their office a call to inquire about their upcoming events and workshops/seminars for the remaining months of the year (especially around September to November this year), hence, being able to get in touch with their secretariat or their head office would be of great help to me and to my colleagues (fellow newbies who have less than five years of experience) who would also be interested to attend and get to know more about the different Guidance and Counseling professional organization in the Philippines.

Thank you very much Father! I hope you can help me in my query.

Sincerely yours,

There you are: please forward me your contact addresses so that people like this guy who wrote me can contact you him/herself. Ok? I shall then be placing your contacts here in this blog. My email address is

Secondly, last Friday when I went to PRC to follow up on its endorsement letter for IPCAP's SEC registration, Atty. Almelor mentioned that other counseling-related organizations may actually ALSO NOMINATE persons to the PRBGC. Currently, it is only PGCA doing that. Please forward your nominations to the PRC by calling (02) 314-0018 and inquire how to do that. They should be able to provide us more information about this matter on nominating for the PRBGC. (July 14, 2008: I mentioned this matter to Atty. Almelor, and he said that nominations for the PRBGC may be done through the current interim APO, the PGCA, or through the accredited professional organization when the accreditation number for the said organization shall have been released. Right now, the IPCAP is working on its SEC registration in order to hasten this process so that we can go full swing in the Guidance and Counseling profession. I will inquire with PGCA who are the ones currently nominated and are qualified for the job - if there is still time to forward our nominations. This addition was occasioned by the need to make sure no one gets to be misquoted.)

Currently, there are only two left of the three in the Board stipulated by RA9258. We all know that the first Chair, Dr. Rhodelia Gabriel passed away a few months back. The two include the current Chair Dr. Lilly Rosqueta-Rosales, and the first appointed PRBGC Member Dr. Luz Guzman. They definitely badly need the third member. So please nominate now while the search is on. All the best and hope we get the right people in there so that the Guidance and Counseling profession can move ahead with its mission for our people.

God bless