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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The NBI Clearance Part III

From the Fingerprinting section, one goes to thte Registration Section, Step 6 Picture #1 below. The man who collected my application form told me to cue in the next step.
Picture #1: Step 6

Here in Step 7, releasing, my O.R. was required. In less than a minute, my NBI Clearance form was printed on official paper. It said there that I had NO RECORD N FILE. Thanks God! This certificate I was given is Valid for one year from date of issue. It printed in there NOT VAID for TRAVEL ABROAD. The other half wrote PERSONAL COPY.
Picture #2: Releasing

Wow! That was in less than an hour! I believe this system of the NBI is systematic albeit not so convenient. Imagine the long cues I would have wasted had I gone earlier. A fellow priest went there in the morning at 7AM, and he finished everything by 930AM. In my case, since I went there in the afternoon, actually I left the seminary a little before 3PM and reached there a quarter past 4PM, and before 5PM I had my clearance released! Thanks NBI.

On my way down, I noticed this sign: Renewal Kiosk (Picture # 3 below). It's on the same floor as Step 1. It is where I will go when I need to get another clearance next time, a year from now, i.e., if I will need one again!

Picture #3: For Renewal

See the sign EXIT - that's another stairs where I went down to the tiangge labyrinth of shops, of course a different way from the one I passed by on my ascent to this and other levels.

Hope this blog has kept your anxieties from debilitating you. It's an exciting trip which one needs to set time for. 3-4PM daily appears to be the most convenient time to go. Ready your money always, and be watchful. I think we Filipinos love to really stick together. I noticed that during the cueing, the guy at my back did not bother with boundaries. Is this a product of riding the LRT where nary a space between persons can be found during rush hours? But that's another blog to make, but not here.

Have a great time then. God bless and take care.