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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The NBI Clearance Part II

After the Payment Counter, I saw this sign leading to a staircase going up the next floor.
Picture #1: Sign for Steps 2-4

These ladies are on their way down, but I climbed it and another one like it before I came down to take a picture of it. Thanks to the ladies (was one of them a counselor?) who unwittingly posed as they made their way down.

Picture # 2: The Stairs

There was another one sign I saw after Steps 2 - 4. It also led to another stairs one has to ascend. You see the sponsor? Thanks Chow King.

Picture # 3

As one reaches the level for Steps 5 - 6, one sees this sign on the wall: Picture # 4. ne has to go to the right where one will find Step 5 for Fingerprinting.

Picture # 4: Sign upon arriving at Level 5

Picture # 5 below shows the Finger Printing Section. See the tables? There is supposed to be a person assigned to each and one has to cue in for one's turn to have all 5 fingers inked for printing. In every box on the table where one will have one's finger printed, there was a sign which read: "Ink remover P2, only for those who want." I prepared my P2, but ended up using my handkerchief to wipe off the ink on all my fingers, both hands: first my thumb, then each of the fingers, then all four fingers and again the thumb. The same process was done with my left hand. All these finger prints were made on the application form.

Picture # 5: Finger Printing

There are two more steps. Please see next blog. Have a nice day! God bless