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Friday, February 09, 2007

Hotels Nearby Bayview Park Hotel

I got a text message this morning which led me to write this blog. The text goes this way: "Sir, we would like to ask if you have suggested gotel or pension houses near the venue? Thank you." I texted the Chair, the Vice-Chair and the Treasurer. The Treasurer replied: " You may surf the internet to look for possible hotels, pension houses or apartelle. Or if you are a group of 2-3, better stay in Bayview Park Hotel."

I did my own surfing, and realized the following:

1. The Department of Tourism thorugh its WOW Philippines Program has a list of accredited hotels; all you've got to do is go to their site, clicking particularly this site: and presto, you will be given a host of choices. You may need to check where in particular throughout the country would you like to look for what hotel. Since Bayview Park Hotel is found in Metro Manila, the right combination is NCR, Manila.

2. These hotels have email addresses of the person one can contact, the Manager's name, the hotel's telephone number, and address. Honestly, I was looking for the internet site of the hotel in order for me to see for myself how the hotel looks like. This may be particularly helpful for those who will be staying in a hotel for the first time. I think, there shouldn't be any problem contacting the email address written there to inquire where their internet site is. Perhaps one can find in there the room rates, the hotel facade and other pertinent data one may want to know about.

I still remember last year when I was tasked to scout for a hotel for the Midyear Conference in Bohol, I surfed the internet for hotels in Bohol. I used the Yahoo search engine to look for Bohol hotels, and presto, a host of hotels were flashed, and More Information per hotel was a regular feature in every hotel which picture was also posted. It took me a day of waiting before I received a reply from the person in charge of the email address. That became very convenient for me because I needed no longer to go there myself before I knew anything about it. Why not try it?

I know of a place though where I've referred people before to stay at a very affordable, relatively simple and affordable, although it's quite a few blocks away from Bayview: the ASILO DE SAN VICENTE DE PAUL which address is 1148 United Nations Ave., Ermita Manila. Their telephone number is (02) 523-3829. I have just called them up after finding their data from the 2002 Catholic Directory of the Philippines. Bayview Park Hotel is located at Roxas Blvd., the end of the UN Ave., while Asilo, also along UN Ave., is towards the other end, beyond Taft Ave. It should be a good 20 minute walk from Bayview Park Hotel (if you walk my strides!). In case you wouldn't want to lose those precious calories, the taxi should find it easy to bring you there from the hotel because it's very near.

I hope this blog can provide the needed direction and perhaps some sense of security while attending the Convention. See you there. God bless