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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dr. Aguilan's Book & Call for publications

When I wrote the blog before this one this afternoon, I couldn't wait for the reply to my text message to her inquiring about the title of the book Dr. Aguilan would like to bring along as she participates in the 31st PACERS Annual Convention come Feb. 21-23, 2007. Tonight, I got the reply. Here it is: "Relevant Counseling Theory, Research and Practice: Contextualizing Multicultural Counseling and Therapy." Her full name (author's) is Evangeline P. Aguilan, Ph.D. If you want to order direct from her, you may contact her through her email address: which I myself will send a message after this blog. It is difficult now to edit published blogs in this site, so a new entry like this is a necessity if something needs to be added (plus the fact that I have to edit this before I publish it lest mistakes become immortalized).

In case you want to have your work in Counseling or Counseling Psychology published, please feel free to submit it to our Editor, Dr. Leo Capeding in this email address: <> or his personal email address: Leo Capeding This should provide our Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology its steady supply of literature for review and publication which I believe should be a regular part during the Annual Conventions. As far as I know, articles published in the journal are peer reviewed before they are published. No wonder our journal has been offered inclusion into EBSCO Publishing's database of journals sold to the library marketplace. If plans don't miscarry, the Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology may in the future be included in the SocINDEX with Full text. This should then open the gates for our publishing researcher-Counselors and their outputs to the world market. In this way, developments in Counseling Psychology here in the Philippines should become part of literature in future researches all over the world. What we used to do with foreign researches will then be done to our outputs. This should be a strong incentive for those among us who're gifted with this pursuit.

Okey? Keep your belts tightened fast. This profession called Counseling is on willing to boom here in the country.