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Thursday, February 08, 2007

All Systems GO for PACERS 31st Annual Convention

We had our last Board Meeting yesterday at DLSU, Manila, and it seems that everything is in its place, thereby giving us some certainty about the forthcoming PACERS 31st Annual Convention. I have actually been updating here about it, and here are some more highlights:

1. We intend to have handouts ready at the beginning of the Convention. Participants can get the set included in their Convention kit. Only those who register shall be provided though. As to Workshop kits, only those who participate in the two workshops shall be provided. Participants are allowed to attend two out of three workshops. For those who would like to get the handouts of the un-attended workshop (the third workshop), we shall be providing you but for an added production fee to help pay the production cost. It should be reasonable a fee, and will definitely help PACERS and its future activities.

2. We plan to have a Business meeting of ALL ACTIVE PACERS members attending the Convention. It's scheduled at 5PM of the first day. It's high time we get to know each other, and maybe help each other as we face the prospect of a professionalized Counseling practice. RA 9258 is already being enforced, and its implications to us Counselors and our practice are quite formidable. Those who attend the Convention and would like to join this meeting should first be a PACERS member. Those who may want to apply for membership may receive their application forms either through our Corporate Secretary Dr. Susie Eala or through me. Membership fee is P500 renewable annually. My contact addresses (celphone and landline numbers, email address) have been published in one of the blogs below. We'd surely help you out in this.

3. As to the DepEd Advisory (also known as DepEd Memo), just click the link highlighted before this blog and the document in pdf format shall be provided you in another window. I think it should be printable. Just make sure your computer is armed with the updated Adobe Reader. This should be a new lesson about your computer's powers!!! In case you can't but you need it, just email me, and I'll be glad to attach the document to my reply for you. At your service, ika nga ng GMA 7. Kapuso po ito. Hahaha. Kapamilya din. I just emailed CHED for their site where we can download their memo to save on fax expenses as well as quicken response to your request.

4. Our Poster and Concurrent Paper Presentations all have their abstracts in and shall form part of the handouts in your kit. This saves us the trouble we faced last year when only one poster presentor gave us her abstract. The rest simply forgot about their smiling promises. Hence, even if you may not be able to attend all the Paper Presentations, you may still be able to read their abstracts and review them later. This shall form part of the Proceedings of the Convention. Who knows? Data in there may help us during our licensure exams! Haha!

5. Like last year's Pearl Anniversary Convention, we shall also be high-tech this year. We shall be using LCD projection during the panel discussions, paper presentations and workshops. Since the handouts shall be available, your active participation should be more intense. If this is one way to heighten our development and updating, your choice will definitely enrich you and your clients.

Honestly, am excited about this Convention. Hope we can all be there. You may want to share this blog site, as well as invite other Counselors to the Convention, please feel free to share this. Free naman 'tong blog na to. If you have any questions, just text or email me. God bless and take care. Hanggang sa muling blog