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Saturday, February 10, 2007

For Love of Counseling

Yes, all for love of this profession we have given so much, our PACERS Annual Convention seems to be getting exciting. I've been getting text messages inquiring where to get the registration forms (I have a copy and your request shall immediately be granted through EMAIL), as well as the possibility of selling their own publications. Here are a list of those interested to bring their materials and sell it to our Convention participants:

1. Dr. Honey Carandang (Clinical Psychologist based at UP and working at Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital, San Juan, MM) will be bringing her books:
a. Filipino Children Under Stress: Family Dynamics & Therapy
b. Self-worth and the Filipino Child
c. The Path to Healing: A Primer in Family Violence

Dr. Honey Carandang (honestly the first time I called her Honey, I felt like I was married! Nakatawag din ako ng Honey kahit na wala akong asawa, akala ko nga wala nang chance yun, i.e., calling someone Honey!) will be one of our panel discussants on Relationships at Home. She has actually written a book on Abused Children. She might have still a copy of that book, and if you say so, I shall ask her to bring that along as well. Her clinical experience is so rich everyone who comes and listens to her share her expertise shall go back truly updated.

2. Dr. Vangie Aguilan also wants to sell us her publication, her own dissertation on Multicultural Counseling. She said that production cost has been quite elevated, and even if she doesn't earn from it, what's important is it gets read (pronounced red, because it has a past participle in it). That's really noble of you, Vangie. All for love of Counseling!

Come think of this: when we become licensed Counselors, one good field to develop competency in is that on multi-cultural counseling since the Philippines shall be very much multi-cultural as it already is actually. I mean to say, whether we like it or not, we are called to promote this profession for the good of the people in our nation, especially since we hold a position of influence to better mental health and functioning of our people. And we have quite a multi-cultural setting in the Philippines. Add to that our palatability as a people on the move! For many among us move out of the country looking for "greener" pastures abroad. For as long as we have a law of reciprocity in Counseling, something the PRBGC (Professional Regulatory Board for Guidance and Counseling) and IPCAP (Integrated Professional Counselors Association of the Philippines) will work towards, we can let foreign technology come in and train us, as well as give our licensed Counselors the chance to work in a country where we have reciprocity rights. Galing no?

3. I have personally invited my test provider Psychological Resources Center to come and sell their assessment measures to participating Counselors during the Convention.

Am sure many will grab this chance of being able to get their materials for their schools, clinics, communities, and even classrooms.

Besides, come to think of this: I don't think I have ever seen these materials in any National or Rex Bookstore nearby. (You might ask when was the last time I went there anyway? You can call them yourself anyhow and test the truth of my statement here. Do let me know what you discovered. And for sure, if they have, it will be more expensive than the ones sold here.

But what amuses me is the possibility of having the authors themselves sign an autograph and maybe even pose with you. That would be some beautiful memory that can bring many a smile on our faces, something we can beam to our clients when they come for our help.

If you have any material you would like to share us, please feel free to contact our Treasurer (Ms. Liza D. Suarez, celphone number 0917-8365883) for the arrangements (we might need extra tables where you can lay your treasures for everyone to access). Your requests to me shall be dealt with nonetheless.

And before I close this entry, some Counselors may want to do some surveys during the Convention, please make sure they are permitted. Thanks for the cooperation and God bless.

And yes, if you intend to buy these publications, do bring in extra cash so you don't have to pay for mailing expenses. Lost chances may be lost forever too.