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Monday, November 10, 2008

Sister's Account Re-Activated

At about 10PM, Sister Cora texted me that she was able to recover her email. She contacted yahoo's customer service who sent her some guide to follow in her other email account. Presto! She was able to sign in again.

This is very encouraging because a complaint is lodged and it's given attention, and the problem is solved! Sometimes I wish we had something like that here in the Philippines.

So the lesson is: NEVER GIVE AWAY YOUR USERNAME and PASSWORD especially to someone you don't know.

But if ever you get fooled, don't lose hope. Report! There are still a lot of good people out there who can help.

This gives us hope that the world we're in is one that's not necessarily only out to dupe us. There are those whose happiness is to help. And if there are people who dupe you, REPORT! They should stop what they are doing!

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