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Friday, March 26, 2010


As mentioned in the previous blog, I went to the PRC Standards and Inspection Division this afternoon to receive the Accreditation Certificate of IPCAP as a PRC-accredited CPE Provider (professional organization). IPCAP's Accreditation Number 2010-005 is valid for the next three years, from today March 26, 2010 until March 26, 2013. Everyone will see this certificate during the Convention. It's not just an announcement. It's a signed document, complete with documentary stamps and the PRC dry seal.

We also got our accreditation of the 2nd National Convention as a CPE Event. I will just have to provide a revision of the program due to a technical matter which is relatively easy to resolve (the CPE Council noticed the breaks were quite long!) We were given seven days to correct that, and on Monday or Tuesday, March 29 or 30, we hope to resolve it through a resubmission of our revised program. What we have made sure is that the Keynote, plenary discussions, and workshops are all tops in the field and really CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION activities that further enhance the knowledge, skills and competencies, and attitudes of our participants, both RGC and non-RGC alike. I would like to believe that even the CPE Council members will get continuing education through these workshops!

Thanks to the concern of our pre-registrants who texted me about whether by April 14 the IPCAP will be a CPE Provider. We wanted to ensure that participants who need the credit units for license renewal starting next year shall not be wasting their money on nothing. Besides, this concern has always been tackled during our regular IPCAP Board Meetings. In fact, our decision to delay our application to be accredited as a CPE Provider was due to the fact that there were NO GUIDELINES SPECIFIC to the Guidance and Counseling Profession. Yes, there was this PRC Board Resolution 2008-466 Series of 2008 and we complied by whatever was stated in there.

As soon as we submitted the required documents, we were required a certification from the SEC. This was not required in the PRC Resolution. We complied immediately. Another requirement was a descriptive mechanism to measure program quality. We complied immediately. We complied by all the criteria specified in there but our 1st application was deferred for a reason NEVER MENTIONED in the said PRC Board Resolution! One cannot but question if there is a different yardstick or criteria for IPCAP and another for others. The criterion we were required was not imposed on other applicants who were given accreditation, in at least one organization which is now a CPE Provider.

But we never make any contention on the matter anymore. We just want to record these here because these were the obstacles we had to overcome before we got this graciousness of becoming a CPE Provider. In this way, we can have a standard to look forward to because these were the ones required of us. Thanks to the CPE Council, particularly to the signatory of the accreditation certificate, outgoing PRBGC Chair and CPE Council Chair Dr. Lily Rosqueta-Rosales.

God bless and take care

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