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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good News: Early Bird Rates Extended to April 7

During our Board Meeting last Monday, March 29, the birthday of IPCAP President Dr. Rosa Maria I. Llanes, the Board decided to extend the Early Bird Rates for the upcoming IPCAP 2nd National Convention. RGCs, whether they have been IPCAP members since the 1st National Convention, or simply are licensed, only pay P2,500 + P200 for their membership ID fee (ID is good for three years). RGCs are then to submit the following: accomplished IPCAP membership Form, your PRC license xeroxed front and back copy (hope you have paid your PTRs already), 1x1 or 2x2 ID picture to be placed in the ID, and their signature. Please have them scanned and emailed to me: so I can prepare them for ID printing which will begin on April 12, 2010. Remember to look for your Official Receipts for Convention participation, IPCAP membership and ID fee in your kit when you come on the 14th of April, the 1st day of the 2nd National Convention. Non-RGCs pay P3,000. Since the IPCAP membership is reserved for RGCs, we cannot charge ID fee nor give the certificate of membership to non RGCs.

We very much understand that there were those who waited for the IPCAP to be accredited as a CPE Provider before they decided to act on the invitation. I know of those who called or texted me so they could reach today's 1st early bird deadline. There were those who availed of the modified Pre-Registration, allowing them to pre-register via fax or email (to me or to any of the other ones mentioned in the invitation letter: Dr. Julian Montano, Mr. Cesar Cong, or Ms. Nila Urrea) due to the fact that there is no BDO branch in their place. Still others mentioned their difficulty at their fund's release, hence their paying onsite. Hence, we decided to provide as much benefit to the RGCs in particular. I'm sorry though if I failed to input this information earlier. I got so entangled with other matters in my present placement.

In view of the increasing number of pre-registrants, we have prepared more than the present number of workshops so every one gets to attend for their growth as well as their CPE credit units.

Pre-Registration is highly encouraged for this event because we will have to ready so many documents in time for the Convention. Besides, please realize that there is only ONE HOUR for the Registration Period. The Keynote Speaker will be going somewhere and thus we need to start on time. Besides, the counting of credit units is based on the actual Convention itself. Hence, for the good of all, Pre-register! You have until April 7 to avail of the 2nd Early Bird rates mentioned above.

As regards the CPE Provider Certificate of Accreditation, we shall be showing it on the Convention Opening Day. Plus, we have added one hour for a presentation and discussion of the CPE Policy of the PRC and the requirements for renewal. This may not be done again. Many have been inquiring about this matter, and I think as a CPE Provider, we will disseminate information to those who attend this ground-breaking CPE Program. Dr. Rosales, the former 2nd Chair of the Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance Counseling (the first was the late Dr. Rhodora L. Gabriel, and the third is Dr. Luz Guzman, who just newly took her oath taking last March 26) strongly agreed to this new feature of the Convention. Let's do this for the good of the Guidance and Counseling profession and its practitioners.

God bless and take care

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