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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Free 1st Day Participation for ONLY ONE

I got an email from a colleague who can only attend the workshops of the 2nd National Convention. That leaves the 1st day free for anyone to attend the day the colleague can "transfer" participation to.

What do I mean by this? Remember that the fees for the Convention are "NONREFUNDABLE BUT TRANSFERRABLE," meaning once you pay the prescribed fees, IPCAP cannot refund anymore. However, in cases like this one cited, with the participant's permission, someone may use the day that the colleague failed to attend. TRANSFERRABLE may also mean that if you fail to attend the event you have paid for, those fees can be used for the next program or event of IPCAP (as long as the fees are the same, or just add the balance for the fees of the next event!) IPCAP is not interested in your money. We care about your professional development. I remember having participants in our 1st National Convention who had paid another organization but was not allowed anymore - were those participants late in coming, despite paying the bank already?

Here is the message of the payee (I cannot reveal the name unless I get permission [lest the reward in heaven be forfeited] hehe). "Father. Actually, i am not yet desperate for points as my license is good for another two years. If you know of anyone who can benefit from the first day that I will miss, you may just give the first day's points to whoever that will be."

There you are. If anyone is interested, just email or text any of the following numbers - 09196236605 (SMART) / 09273842739 (GLOBE) / 09324459810 (SUN).

This has implications however to the credit units earned. The colleague above knows her CPE talaga. Only those who really attend gain the credit units of the day. Even if one has paid but one did not attend, no credit units will be given or gained. Hence, the person who gets to attend this free first day of the Convention gets the credit units of the day. The person who paid but gave away free the first day will then gain the credit units of the later days attended. I hope this is clear?

So hurry! Text or email me now as soon as you read this.

Nakakatuwa ito kasi may isa namang participant who said that s/he can only participate for the 1st day. If that person pays, there will be two workshop days free "to transfer". Anyway, either that participant pays or gets this 1st day free offer. God really knows how to match us in our conditions.

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