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Monday, February 09, 2009

More Comments Re: Lifting of Requirements for jan. 26, 2009

Eto pa:

nakakainis itong memo. last january 24 (saturday) we received a text message that they are allowing without pgca doc and some lacking requirements to beat the january deadline. i did not pay attention to it since text announcement is very unreliable plus the fact that its saturday so how can you comply with some other requirements like clearances etc. i am a graduate of MS psychology with 5 yrs of experience in counseling and they said before i am not qualified since i need to be graduate of ma guidance & counseling first and should have finished my masters before 2004. what the heck that lowered these standards and did just announce it through text? this memo should have been published at least a week before jan. 26. my goodness what is happening??? really.

My comments:

I received the text message from Dr. Guzman on Saturday morning, and I blogged about my reply already, saying that the more responsible thing to do would be to have this matter published in newspapers, or announced on tv or radio. This is a classic case of AGE. I hope nothing else. The Board definitely had sufficient time to anticipate things. And I would not like to suspect that there were other considerations like allowing certain people to enter sans the required documents, particularly those with court cases and explicit opposition - you know the condo case which was announced as "solved" but yet remains unresolved, the collectibles, the bank transactions, the non-reporting of accounts...I believe the Board is very much cognizant of all these and would not want to face the probe when it comes. I was told that there would a press release - BUT UNTIL NOW, there is NO PUBLISHED MATERIAL ON THAT! For all we know they have a squabble in the Board right now!!! Even the supposed APO has said NOTHING about this matter kasi buking na sila na wala na silang K! Ang solusyon diyan? Review the Rules and REVISE! Or else, don't ever dare to fool the Counselors again! Show a resolution from the Board of Guidance & Counseling authorizing such activities under the name of APO because that has lapsed already! Nov. 16, 2008 pa ang huling araw na yan.

I asked the matter directly last June 2008 to Dr. Llanes and the new president: kaya ba ng APO na makuha ang certificate of accreditation from PRC (hindi po ito resolution lang na binabandera nila) from June 2008 up to the time of effectivity lapses - Nov. 16, 2008? Ayan, lumampas ang nakatakdang panahon at wala ngang nakuha kasi madami nga di nasolve na problema. Kung ayos na ang condo, bakit hindi mag-opisina sa condo ang organisasyon na yan? Sa ngayon, nagbabayad pa tayo sa isang opisina sa PSSC at nagbabayad ng buwis sa isang condo na di nagagamit! Ibebenta na lang? Babalikan lang ng bagong bumili ang organisasyon kung mabuking ang problema. Sana mali ako, talaga! Para naman sa kabutihan ng lahat itong bagay na ito. Pero mukhang di ata talaga gustong harapin itong problemang ito kasi baka matulad sila ke Rosa na nagkasakit dahil sa tigas ng ulo ng kung sinong gumawa ng kalokohang ito!!! Mali sana ako na madaling maloko ang mga Guidance Counselors. Are we a gullible group? Or did we simply want our jobs secured through the license?


Anonymous said...

let them take the board exam. they did not meet the qualification according to the law, so why exempt. kya nga may board eh. grabeng blunder naman to.

Anonymous said...

How unprofessional can sometimes people be. Imagine? announcing important matters such as this through SMS message?

Sometimes its ironic to think that some of the people who needed professional counseling are the people in the counseling profession themselves :)


Anonymous said...

I have to say na makakapal din ang mukha ng mga counselors na tumanggap ng lisensiya nila na di naman sila i heard some of them lunch out lang with PRB and konting himas himas may license na...tama kayo this is because of AGE... or aids (acquired immunity to disgrace the society)...sabi nila ikaw daw ang nangugulo...pero for me...sila ang magulo...