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Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Business HAHA

This morning, my cat Sim was borrowed by one of my neighbors here. He wanted to reduce the number of little rats in his room. Knowing i had two cats in my room, he requested if I could lend him one of the two. So, there went Sim for her first attempt at self-support!

This made me realize that in times like we have, an economic recession, any possibility of earning a living would be a ready solution. Hence, some of my companions here have suggested making an ad which runs:

When you have rats in your house: RENT A CAT!

Indeed a new career? Or a new business venture. But should this be registered with the SEC? If the income becomes good enough to pay for the proforma SEC sells, and if the prospects were good enough why not? Haha

Hope Sim survives her first exposure to real rats or mouse after having stayed most of her daily life inside my rat-less, roach-less and lizard-less room. Whenever I drove home, I'd usually bring her and her daughter along inside the car. At home, both have been credited for reducing our rat population that went into our piano, palay stock room, and the kitchen! Now, my nephew and nieces have their own cats that have further diminished the reality of "in-house" rats. That is why when I go home with SIm and Merlin, both have to be inside my room and, sometimes in the spirit of Philippine hospitality, the cats in the house are asked to sleep outside while Sim and Merlin are home. Haha

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