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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

INQUIRY: Where will the 1st Board Exam in GC take place?

Just a few minutes ago, I received a text message which reads: "Halo, cod u nform me of d exact skul whre d exam for gc will take place am frm baguio kac so i wil have tme 2 lok 4 a place to sty drng d exams."

I was amused because s/he didn't give me his/her name, and I have no information about her question's response either. Anyway, I hope to blog here whatever reliable information I can get so people can be prepared.

Then I texted her my prayer which runs this way:

I: Lord, magbobord exam ung nagtxt 2lungan mo naman.
Lord: Cno?
I: d nagsabi taga basta sabi taga bagyo daw cya
Lord: pano yan madami cla don.

I really hope the texter will do his/her/their best, take the exam in toto, i.e., everything and not skip the other exams because I believe that God works no more magic. There are many credible magicians already, and it's not His line nowadays. Hehe. All the best. God bless