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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

IPCAP Updates 2008

Some people have been asking me about what's up with the IPCAP, i.e., the Integrated Professional Counselors' Association of the Philippines, and why we've not been meeting lately. Truth is, we met only once since the Christmas 2007 holidays, and the next weeks caught us bitten by the BUSY bug and other "skirmishes." But right now, the application papers of IPCAP are at the SEC. Rest assured, IPCAP shall meet as soon as the SEC Registration is ready. Let's pray that we can be registered sooner to serve out the role IPCAP is given under RA9258.

IPCAP does pose a crisis for most counseling-related organizations. For one, most of the licensed counselors (Grandfathered and board exam passers) may only want to join IPCAP as this is stipulated in the Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004, thereby effectively reducing the membership in these counseling-related organizations. These organizations however may still serve out its purpose as it gets accreditation in its specialty field. Hence, it is a challenge for PGCA, PACERS, PACC, CDAP, GCP, PAPSHP, and newly-organized FPCAP and other organizations to look inwards and find its specialty to offer our Counselors. While IPCAP can itself hold its own activities within the purview of its role, other counseling-related organizations may still hold their events as well. With IPCAP granting them accreditation, these organizations shall then promote Counseling specializations, in the way the medical practitioners have their own.

Indeed, a crisis can be both a threat and an opportunity. All the best then. God bless