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Friday, February 22, 2008

Some Pictures at the Annual Convention 2008

These are Drs. Julian Montano, current PACERS Chair (seated) and Ruffy Ramos III (standing) in all smiles. The turnout of this Convention was simply good, about 170+ attended! Thanks God!

That's yours truly delivering my prepared Welcome Address (you can read its full text in the next blog). I am wearing my 5-gallon Texas cowboy hat!
Pa-effect ba!

These are the Mavericks 2007-2008 PACERS Board. From the left: Dr. Julian Montano (Chair), Dr. Susana Estanislao (Vice-Chair), Dr. Susie Eala(Corporate Secretary), myself (President, Executive Council), Fr. Eku Bustamante, SJ (Vice-President), Dr. Leo Capeding (Executive Secretary), Liza Suarez (Treasurer), Dr. Ruffy Ramos (Auditor), and Dr. Benny Lascano (Member). Aren't they wonderful! Thanks, dear colleagues!

The room was packed! Coffee overflowing, the panels were intellectually stimulating, the presentations interesting, all challenging us to be active researchers as we practice Counseling in our respective fields.

h the rites of gratitude! This is me thanking our dear colleague Dr. Barbie Wong-Fernandez after the 1st panel discussion with the 10th volume of the Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology and some other token. Thanks indeed, dear colleagues! Seated are Drs. (all Emy's coincidentally) Liwag of Ateneo, and Villar of St. Scholastica! Scientist-practitioners all!!! Muchas gracias. Dr. Liwag opened her presentation with the statement: Adam and Eve were the first scientist-practitioners! Later Dr. Villar said that our clients are to be aforded through our Counseling the freedom of choice and improvement of well-being! Dr. Barbie gave a nicely laid-out Q&A format of her presentation which proved to be very enlightening.