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Sunday, February 24, 2008

New PACERS Board

On February 21, 2008, elections for the new PACERS Board were held starting at 12 noon during the Convention. After four members have been elected, the old (outgoing) Board together with the newly elected ones came together and elected among themselves those who were to serve the positions in the new Board. Election among themselves took place before supper of the second night at the Bayview Park Hotel, site of the Annual Convention.

Herein is the list of the Board for this year 2008-2009:

Chair - Dr. Julian Montano
Vice-Chair - Dr. Susan Estanislao
Corporate Secretary - Dr. Susie Eala
Executive Council:
President - Dr. Leo Capeding
Vice-President - Dr. Christine Saldivar
Secretary - Dr. Benny Lascano
Treasurer - Ms. Liza Suarez
Auditor - Dr. Ruffy Ramos III
Member - Fr. Francisco Bustamante, SJ

The outgoing President Fr. Bernardo R. Collera, SVD served as Chair of the COMELEC. You are sure it was done transparently, even if the culture around the country seems different. He has served out the term limits set by the PACERS Constitutions, which is "two years per term but not more than two terms." He has served as Board Member while on the 1st year of his 1st term. On the 2nd year of the 1st term, he was elected Vice-President. Then, after he was reelected for another term of two years, he served all of these two years as President.

Here are some of the pictures during the election process:

Serious huh? Of course we do. It's our commitment and passion for the organization, and the profession at large. PACERS has been known for this in the past 32 years of its life.

The Chair is not talking about who next to elect. We keep our candidates to ourselves, and release them when the time for writing the names of our candidates comes. It was indeed fun.

We talk about other things as well but not the next person for which position. The votes on the ballots say it all. My back shows I wrote all the proceedings.

Dr. Ramos watches with controlled excitement at the voting process. He has cast his vote already while everyone was still discerning and writing the name of the next candidate.

Absent during the elections were Drs. Susie Eala and Leo Capeding. Dr. Eala had another meeting to attend to while Dr. Capeding had classes in DLSU. Their votes were consulted though, and contributed to the ones submitted during this process.

Thank God there's a new Board. Now I can rest in peace. God bless all their efforts. But if I get new data from the new Board, it would be my pleasure to post them here. In the first place, it was my membership in the PACERS Board that became the inspiration for me to open this Blog, so that I could share the "goings on" of the Board. My gratitude to everyone. I shall surely miss you. But who knows? I might be back. God bless