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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Indomitable cat's passion: PICS here

I found it difficult to post the pictures of my cats in the previous entry. Hence I am venturing into this page to show you my indomitably passionate cats.

Here is Boxer, the King: (See the first pic above; I wanted it placed here in this spot, but this spot has not given me that freedom.) Isn't he old? That's my one and only picture of the king cat that ruled the seminary grounds for a decade. He got his monicker because of his boxing ways whenever I played with him in his youth. When he was still in his younger days and his father was still alive (that cat was really big and fierce! all white burly bully!), I pitied Boxer being bullied away when he went close to his father. But when Boxer reached his age, I saw him once bullying back his father, and despite my pleadings to leave the old cat, Boxer chased him until that old king cat never came back.

I have also a picture of a cat at home who looked like Nikki. It's my niece who's handling Moning. I heard from my mother that Moning has not returned for about two months now.

Then I have in succeeding fashion: Merlin (the white photogenic cat), Sim & Merlin and Merlin's cute last brood. I think this last batch has sapped all my energies and made me resolve to stop the birth of more by either Sim or Merlin. Of course am posting a picture where I am carrying Merlin on my lap.