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Saturday, November 25, 2006

ANNOUNCING: PACERS 2007 Annual Convention

It is with joy that I announce here the 2007 PACERS Annual Convention! The PACERS Board for 2006-2007 has decided to hold it on FEB. 21-23, 2007 at the Bayview Park Hotel, Roxas Boulevard, Manila City, Philippines. If you are familiar with the US Embassy, Bayview is just across it.

We have set the theme: “Relationships at Risk: Issues and Interventions.” As counselors, we realize that as persons, we cannot but be related. In fact, when our clients come for counseling, they carry with them matters that have import to their relationships: either as cause for counseling (hence they come for counseling - perhaps!), mediating or moderating (which the counselor may use during the counseling process), and possibly an indicator of counseling outcome - hopefully and intentionally positive! It is thus important that we look at relationships as counselors and learn from them. At the outset, I have set for myself the following questions: How are relationships related to counseling? What are there in relationships that we counselors need to "watch out" in our counseling practice? How can we as counselors enhance the aspect of relationships in our clients? If I remember right, the counselors' code of ethics disallows inappropriate relationships with one's client, particularly sexual in nature.

This two-day-&-a-half PACERS convention will highlight two plenary sessions (first afternoon and first morning) on relationship contexts, paper and poster presentations, and three workshops in order to share some intervention strategies for counselors. We have set up something rather innovative this year: our workshops will be for 4 hours, one in the morning and another in the afternoon so that participants can attend two workshops rather than one as has previously been done. We also intend to have the handouts ready as have successfully done during our midyear in Bohol, something we really treasured as the participants went home satiated and secure with materials they could always look back for review and continued development. I have also set my own email list so that materials can be easily sent.

I shall be posting some more as the days go by. You may email me at or