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Monday, June 12, 2006

PACERS Midyear Workshops 2006 in Tagbilaran, Bohol

PACERS will be holding its midyear workshops this year 2006 in Tagbilaran, Bohol on Sept. 14-15, Thursday & Friday. The Board has unanimously chosen the Metrocentre Hotel and Convention Center which is located right at the heart of the city of Tagbilaran. The Midyear takes on the theme of the 2006 Annual Convention "PACERS @30: Leading Counseling Psychologists Toward Generativity in Society." This year's midyear workshops shall include the following: "Supervising Counselors and Trainees" to be handled by Susan Almeda-Estanislao, Ph.D. & Ma. Socorro M. Eala, Ph.D. "Crisis Care & Counseling Interventions: Its Human and Spiritual-Pastoral Dimensions" will be facilitated by Benny Lascano, Ed.D. &
Fr. Francisco Rojas Bustamante, SJ, Ph.D. "Counseling Interview and Observation Towards Case Conceptualization" will be run by Julian R. Montano, Ph.D. & Barbara Wong-Fernandez, Ph.D. "Helping Families in Crisis: A School-Based Intervention" will be presented by Fr. Bernardo R. Collera, SVD, Ph.D. (Cand.) & Ma. Liza D. Suarez, Ph.D. (Cand.).

PACERS as professional organization of practicing counselors (educators, researchers and supervisors) usually holds two major events annually. The annual convention is usually held in Manila around February. The second is usually set towards the last quarter and held either in the Visayas and Mindanao areas, primarily targeting those counselors who may not have been able to attend the annual convention.

The current Members of the Board for the year 2006 include:
Julian Montano, Ph.D. - Chair
Susan A. Estanislao, Ph.D. - Vice-Chair
Susie Eala, Ph.D. - Corporate Secretary

The Members of the Executive Council include the following:
Fr. Bernardo R. Collera, SVD, Ph.D. (Candidate) - President
Benita Lascano, Ed.D. - Vice-President
Cheryl Juliano, M.A.G.C., Ph.D. student - Secretary
Liza D. Suarez, Ph.D. (Candidate) - Treasurer
Fr. Francisco Bustamante, S.J., Ph.D. - Auditor
Rufino Ramos III, Ph.D. - Member

For more information, your may email the President at this address: