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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

PACERS Board 2006: Oath Taking at the Garden

From left: Dr. Montano (Chair); Dr. Estanislao (Vice-Chair),
Dr. Eala (Corporate Secretary; Fr. Collera (President),
Dr. Lascano (Vice-Pres.), Ms. Juliano (Secretary),
Mrs. Suarez (Treasurer), Fr. Bustamante (Auditor), Dr. Ramos (Member)

Yes, here is the photo of the actual "thing" we did at the garden. Yes, we did our oath-taking at the garden in the rest house of the De La Salle (Christian) Brothers in Tagaytay City last April 25, 2006.

Why in the garden? Actually, there was not much thought about it, except that we wanted to do our planning as an "official act." What happened in the previous years that I was in the Board - we usually did certain things and the oath-taking was scheduled later somewhere so we could have a "lighter atmosphere." Now, Tagaytay is the lightest place one could ever be. (Besides, if you look at the faces of the Board, you might notice that we're really young [some, ONCE], hehe.)

As an afterthought, I realized that Counseling Psychologists may actually develop a realization that our service is really for the Garden of Life where we used to be. Helping our clients means making them conscious once again of whatever they have to overcome whatever seems to overcome them. Life is like a garden. Everything in there is unique, beautiful, and free, the way we were created to be. Indeed, counseling psychologists help everyone realize that life is beautiful.