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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I have not been writing anything here for a long time, and for those who've been following this bog, my apologies. My present mission work has been quite heavy, but thanks be to God for this opportunity which should facilitate the process. A letter has been emailed requesting for clinical counselors in the provinces (meaning outside Metro Manila) if only to assist its client company. The provinces need psychological expertise apparently abundant here in Metro Manila. I believe we have people out there who can also do what we do here in Manila. In fact, in my vacation last Christmas, I had to attend to a client whom I could only see during vacation. Otherwise, it appears there wasn't a person they knew there who could do what I could do. I hope you may refer to this person directly, and if it's alright, do let me know so we can construct that list here as well. That's possible to do with the COMMENTS facility of this blog. Or better yet, if you don't want immediate publication, just PM me in my FB Bernie Gu. God bless and take care Here is the email: Hello, I saw your blogsites and was wondering if you could help me. I am looking for clinical counselors in various provinces, to form a network of on-call counselors for a client company. I hope you can help me get in touch with any people you know in the ff places: -Bacoor Cavite - San Fernando Pampanga - Lipa Batangas - Sta Rosa Laguna - Dumaguete - Cebu - Bacolod - Iloilo I prefer counselors who practice CBT or brief therapy, and who have their own clinics or offices. But I am willing to consider others if there are not too many candidates :) Thank you and God bless! Jean Lim POWERVISION COUNSELING SERVICES Tel. 584-1856; (0915) 3252575 email: Here is my response to the writer: Jean, Peace! I hope this will help you in your goal for the good of those served by the Counselors. God bless and take care

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Sorry for this mess. I haven't been writing lately and the change has been quite overwhelming - just look at this output - a whole paragraph! I find this a little nonesense, but let's just try it - I'll sit down again and check how this magic works: making it the way you want it. Thanks for your patience