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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Re: Psychological Debriefing in Baguio

All set we are for the Psychological Debriefing event in Baguio. We leave at 530AM tomorrow Oct. 29, and hope to be back Saturday evening October 31. We will be housed in the SVD Retreat House, Sunnyside Baguio during this event.

This is the set program, in coordination with the group there in Baguio:

Group 1. Debriefing for the Debriefers( October 29) - The SLU group of psychologists and counselors are the debriefers who prefer to be debriefed by the IPCAP team. Debriefers from PMHA Baguio, UP Baguio, Baguio Gen Hospital, BSU might also be there.

Majority of the debriefers are working. With the suspension of work the past weeks, it is difficult for them to be absent for the debriefing. Proposed time to conduct the debriefing/training of counselors, psychologists in the afternoon (5:15p.m) till evening of October 29th. That will give time to rest after a long trip.

Group 2. Debriefing for the Service providers (firemen, social workers and volunteer rescuers). Approximate number is 120. October 30 – 8 a.m.

Group 3. Debriefing for the Victims. Approximate number is 50. October 30 – 1p.m

Group 4. Graduate School Students and Counselors who want to be trained in debriefing. (Tentative schedule is Oct 31 a.m)

This will be quite a schedule, and thanks to the organizers in Baguio. IPCAP will be giving out Certificates of Active Participation to those who have come to give service to our people at this time of great need.

God bless us all, especially the RGCs who have signified their intention to come and serve.

An IPCAP member has forwarded a text from a very important person in the profession: M happy to hear that RGCs r very much needed at the time 2 appease d feelings of those who r victims of the recent calamity. Nice project of IPCAP! Regards n good luck to all! Tca.

You're welcome po. God bless

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