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Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog's New Features: EINSTEIN, AQUARIUM, bigger fonts

Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish - Albert Einstein

That's the Albert Einstein quote of the day which I decided to put in so that such a wise man's words can be a good guide for the day.

It's followed by an aquarium, a virtual pet - fish - in order to relax you before you read the contents. Besides, I remember the story of CORY and Erap entitled Logic:

Cory: Erap, alam mo ba ang tungkol sa logic?
Erap: Sorry po, Madam, mahina po tayo sa academics, pero sa tingin ko, kung may example masasakyan ko din.
Cory: Ok. Mahilig ka ba sa aquarium?
Erap: Opo Madam. Enjoy nga po ako sa mga isda.
Cory: Tama. Pag mahilig ka sa aquarium, mahilig ka nga sa isda. At kung mahilig ka sa isda, mahilig ka sa beach.
Erap: Hehe, kaya nga po nagpagawa ako ng Boracay mansion (biro lang po Madam)
Cory: Oh? So ibig sabihin mahilig ka rin sa mga magaganda, like sexy bodies?
Erap: Madam naman, halata kaya.
Cory: Ibig sabihin, macho ka!
Erap: Salamat po, Madam.
Cory: Yan ang logic.

After the conversation, Erap meets John O.
Erap: John, mahilig ka ba sa aquarium?
John: Sorry pare, pero wala sa vocabulayo ko yan.
Erap. Bading ka nga. Logic e.

Just a naughty thought: when I read that SO THAT ALL MAY KNOW document about which I was alerted via text, I felt funny on the following "logical" connections. The stationery used was that of the PRC, hence in the website where it was posted, it was identified as PRC memo. Actually, Dr. Rosales was the signatory of that document, identifying herself as Chairman. It was an audit of the oath-taking that the Board of Guidance and Counseling had done since the 1st in February 2008. I was just thinking aloud: is there a new Chairman of the PRC? Is the Chairman of the PRBGC also the Chairman of the PRC? Does the Board of Guidance and Counseling not have its own stationery? If my understanding is right (I really hope I can be mistaken here), the PRC is not the PRBGC, and vice-versa. The R.A. 9258 clearly delineates their functions. The PRBGC is under the supervision of the PRC. And it may also be possible that the PRC gave her the paper to put that note for public viewing. Yes, we received our copy of this internet-published material, about which we will meet on June 24, 2009. I myself think there are loopholes in the process and the documentation we were furnished. I believe that it is best to clear things out rather than make people think otherwise. The integrity of the Guidance and Counseling profession is at stake here, something which we at IPCAP, and I believe everyone of us with our sane minds and hearts, want to uphold and protect at all times.

I also had enlarged the fonts because I got feedback that there are sexagenarians and septagenarians who read this blog. So for them, I thought of enlarging the fonts. Hope this will serve the purpose.

If you have comments, do please feel free to email me or write them in the appropriate space after every blog.

Hace a great day then. God bless


JT said...

hi! we can try to align po siguro the virtual fish sa center ng entry space. asa gilid po kasi sya (im using firefox).

BRC said...

Hi JT,
Di ko alam paano e. Any tips?
Thanks a lot. God bless