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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UNANG HIRIT Guesting Experience

About two hours ago, I was guest at the GMA Studio Unang Hirit Show. I was asked to help discuss the current phenomenon of "house husbands" today. The interviewers were Lyn Ching-Pascual and Suzi Entrata-Abrera. It lasted about four minutes.

Yesterday before lunch, I received a call from the segment researcher who wanted referral to talk about the topic. I gave the number of IPCAP President Dr. Rose Llanes whom the researcher Aubrey immediately contacted. By siesta time, the call came again and Aubrey mentioned that Dr. Llanes was then busy. By then, Aubrey must have been feeling jittery since it would be for today's morning show. We then talked about the phenomenon.

Before I slept last night, she texted me about the driver's arrival time to fetch me here, and sure enough he was on time. I was rather slow as the heater I bought was the slow heating type for ground water. However, we were in fact early for the 530AM appointment. It was a long wait that made me see the hosts of the show arrive one after the other, starting with Arnold Clavio, then Rhea Santos. I saw Suzi running towards the show's booth as she took a second look at me. The one who wrote the script, Nanath or Lala, oriented me; we talked about the topic. The script by the way was culled from the afternoon phone talk with Aubrey. And then the long wait at the Conference Hall where I was given three newspapers to pass the time. Two trips to the Comfort Room indicated to me that I was nervous. Aubrey was kind enough to offer first water, and by 630AM a sandwich and coffee from 7-11.

While waiting at the Conference Hall, Unang Hirit's Fashion segment Host Olen Juarez-Lim came with two other persons. When Aubrey came back with the munchables, a conversation ensued. I was impressed by how natural and friendly the atmosphere was. While Olen had Guidance and Counseling degree, she works as an image consultant for companies. Counseling thus becomes part of her role. I asked her if she needed a license. It appears that there may be no need for a license for that kind of job.

After the news segment came "the moment." I was ushered into the booth, and there I saw Jolina Magdangal seated with her two feet tucked by her back as she sat on the sala seat. Another male host was on the other seat. Both were working with their mobile phones. The second trip to the CR showed my need to compose myself for "the moment." I was brought in closer to the set, with a mini wireless microphone hooked on the lapel of my overcoat. About ten minutes more had passed and then the show.

No "lights, camera, action" word were said. I was just told to put down the mobile phone. Aw, yes, Suzi and Lyn started a conversation with me. Lyn looks like my twin-friends Boni and Belinda Ting. How I wish one day the three would meet. They'd look like a triplet when they meet each other.

And then, Suzi spoke, reading from the "idiot board" flashed on a screen gradually moving up on its small screen. I took a deep breath, as a video was being shown on the topic. And then the greetings by Lyn Ching. I looked at the tv screen in front of us, and just focused on the hosts who interviewed me, barraging me with questions. I was told to speak straight to the point, and as much as possible in Tagalog. Thank God I did.

Really, today's husbands need to be realistic about the possibility of "manning the house" while his wife works. We mentioned about what effect this has on the couple, the man, his children, and yes, the in-laws and the neighborhood. For me, what is important is that the couple talks about the situation, support each other and do things in partnership. If they are clear in their respect for what the other can bring to make the family survive life's trials (such as the husband's job loss, or the wife's OFW stint), those around them, the children, in-laws, friends and neighbors will only find a good model of family life. It should thus become an adaptive way of coping in our world that is currently being tried with financial crises.

All the best to house husbands. Go on a date with your wife (read: communicate as often to each other about your situation). Respect one another and take care of each other. In that way, the house husband's self-esteem will remain healthy, his functioning appropriate, the children happy and healthy, the in-laws more respectful of your couple's way of handling your particular situations, and of course, the friends and neighbors feeling less anxious about taking your way to maintain the family health, and gradually wealth. God bless

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