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Thursday, August 09, 2007

New PRC Commissioners Appointed!!!

This is very fresh news and has very important implications for Counseling in the Philippines. Dr. Rosa Ma. Llanes, current President of PGCA (Philippine Guidance & Counseling Association) as well as IPCAP (Integrated Professional Counselors Association of the Philippines)President has just texted me that the President (GMA) has appointed two Commissioners for the Professional Regulation Commission or PRC. The two are: Drs. Ruth Rana-Padilla, and Nilo Rosas. The name of the second appointee sounds familiar - wasn't he with DepEd?

This news has important implications to our profession of Counseling in the Philippines. Right now, the Rules & Regulations of RA9258 are already in the PRC Chair's (Dr. Rosero) table for signing. This RR needs the signature of the new Commissioners, after which it will see print in the Gazette and newspaper of national circulation. As soon as this RR gets signed, I shall be announcing it here because 15 days after publication, this RR will be implemented. The first implication is the Grandfather's Clause. Definitely, it will be implemented immediately. Hence those who are applying for the licensure sans the licensure exams as stipulated in RA9258 Article III Section 14 should ready their requirements. These shall be mentioned in the published RR. Please read it when it gets published for proper guidance. I shall announce it here when it sees print, especially in the newspapers.

PGCA will then start issuing certificates of active membership, as well as good moral character which are required in our application to the PRBGC or Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance and Counseling. I hope those who apply for the Grandfather's Clause will be granted so that we can practice Counseling sans legal hindrances. Also, I hope that those who will be taking the first Board exams in Guidance & Counseling will be prepared and pass the exams too. When it will be scheduled should also be mentioned in the published RR.

Wow! Wasn't this what we have been waiting for? All the best. May the Good Lord, our Counselor be with us in these days of frenzy. We've been into it last summer, so I bet we all know how to be more calm this time. Take care. God bless