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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

PRBGC Complete!

For those among you who are following this matter, PRBGC is now complete! PRBGC stands for Professional Regulatory Board for Guidance and Counseling. As stipulated in RA (Republic Act) No. 9258 otherwise known as the Counseling Act of 2004, PRBGC has to be organized so that the professionalization of Counseling in the Philippines will materialize and keep it rolling, so to say.

Yes, the PRBGC is now composed of the following: Dr. Rhodelia Gabriel who chairs the Board, and Dr. Lily Rosales joining the first appointed Dr. Luz Guzman. (Don't you notice they're all women?) Now, what's up next?

If I am not mistaken, the next step is for the Grandfather's Clause to take effect. The three in PRBGC will then be the first to be given the license as Guidance Counselors, followed by those who qualify for the Grandfather's Clause. Then, comes the annual Board Exams for Guidance Counselors. I shall be writing more about who qualifies for the Grandfather's Clause, and the Board Exams, and when it shall take place. As of now, let's content ourselves with the excitement and the challenge. Counseling shall now be a profession in the Philippines, and hopefully we can make a difference in the mental health and development of our Filipino citizenry.

In the meantime, it should help for our professionalization to come and attend the PACERS Annual Convention for 2007 which will be on Feb. 21-23, 2007 at the Bayview Park Hotel in front of the US Embassy along Roxas Boulevard, Manila. I have posted earlier the invitation letter and other details like the registration fees, schedule of activities and worshops. The CHED and DepEd memos are on their way. Please let us know about your needs so we can fax them as soon as we can before the Convention. See you there.