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Sunday, December 03, 2006

1st member of the PRB in Guidance & Counseling

It is with great joy to announce that Malacanang has appointed the first member of the Professional Regulatory Board in Guidance & Counseling in the person on Dr. Luz Guzman. Dr. Guzman has taken her oath last Nov. 16, 2006, and is currently doing her orientation as she takes on the job so crucial for professionalization of Counseling in the Philippines. Congratulations, Dr. Guzman.

There obviously are implications to this, including her being the first to be given the license as Counselor, hence becoming the first professional Counselor in the country. The next in line would be of course the appointment of two more members to complete the Board. Maybe it's time for us Counselors to read again RA 9258 and see for ourselves the implications of this appointment. Let's hope that the next members be appointed and the next steps be done so that the professionalization of Guidance & Counseling go its full swing as intended by the law. ALL THE BEST, DR. GUZMAN. May God be with you as you serve the country, especially the Guidance & Counseling/Counseling Psychology field which needs to bloom more healthily in the Philippines so that we can be of help in the development of mental health.

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